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Favorite restos in Bethesda

I'll second the recommendations of Passage to India, Mia's, and Faryab--all within a few yards of each other on Cordell Ave. Haandi on Fairmont is also good Indian--they have a very good lunch buffet with several vegetarian choices. The vegetarian choices at Passage to India are unique--the chef has three or four choices from four different regions of India.

1222 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046

Passage to India
4931 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Good Delivery Pizza in Silver Spring/Wheaton

I really like Pizza Stop....much better than Flippin'/ZPizza and other SS options. Don't know if they deliver, but the prices are reasonable and the pizza is very good.

best pizza that's not Two Amys

Happy to see Mia's getting so much love. It was our go-to for good pizza before we moved away from the area. Coming up next week and you can bet I'll go to Mia's....the first time we tried MIa's was the last time we went to Two Amys. Mia's was closer to home and, IMO, was at least as good.

Moving from NYC to Silver Spring

Other recommendations...

--Ghar-e-Kabab, on Wayne Ave. across from the parking garage, serves excellent Indian/Nepali food.
--Pacci's Neopolitan Pizza, on Georgia Ave. I had a pizza there last time I was in town and it was quite promising...easily the best pizza in SS.
--La Bamba (Georgia Ave.) One of my favorite lunch places. Not really a foodie joint, but I always found their Guatemalan fare satisfying.
--Tucked in behind the Hung Phat Asian market in Wheaton is a Vietnamese noodle house that is quite good....Mi La Cay does good pho, excellent spring and summer rolls, as well as a very good Vietnamese pancake.

Urban BBQ in Olney/Sandy Spring: Is it me?

Does the Olney branch have a smoker? I love the ribs from UBQ in Rockville, mainly due to the smoker. I've never had "fall off the bone" ribs from Urban--not sure fall of the bone is a good thing in the rib world--but since they got their smoker, I've found the ribs and brisket to be far tastier than their New Hampshire Ave. equivalent.

Pizza in Silver Spring

I'll second your recommendation for Flippin' Pizza. We got an 18" mushroom pie at the SS location for just over $11 with a coupon we clipped from a magazine. It was very good, to these taste buds just a cut above Mama Lucia's. We've also had two pies from the Bethesda location and they were just as good.

Best Pizza in DC Metro Area

Joe H is probably right. We've had three pizzas from Flippin' this week--two plain cheese (I love plain cheese with no add-ons) from Bethesda and one mushroom from the Silver Spring location. All three were surprisingly good pies, about as good as we've had outside of the more expensive boutique pizzas at Two Amys and Mia's. With a coupon, we paid about $11 for an 18" w/mushrooms tonight.

Favorite restaurants in Wheaton

Ruan Thai (green curry)
Nava Thai (floating market noodle soup, panang curry, pad thai, son tum)
Woomi Garden (Korean lunch buffet)
Irene's Pupusas III (pupusas)


Same here. I've been to Urban maybe twenty times and have never had a single problem with service--they are unfailingly friendly and prompt.

Good Indian buffet in DC??

Yes, the lunch buffet is every day. It's more crowded on weekends because so many families go. Not sure about the hours, but we usually try to go early, closer to noon.

Good Indian buffet in DC??

I'll second Dean's recommendation. The selections are limited, but the quality is top-notch.

Good Indian buffet in DC??

For a vegetarian, it really doesn't get any better than the Woodlands buffet. I highly recommend the one in Langley Park, near the intersection of University and New Hampshire.

good places to eat in Rockville?

The buffet at Spice X-ing is pretty good, but the glory of the place is on the menu. Hope you got a chance to order individual items. Shrimp Balchao (sp?) is a real good place to are the tandoori wings.

good places to eat in Rockville?

I agree. The last couple meals I had at Amalfi's were very disappointing. If I was looking for good Italian in Rockville, Il Pizzico would be my first choice.

Cheap, quiet ethnic restaurants in Montgomery County?

El Patio on Twinbrook also has terrific empanadas. A former colleague owns the restaurant and when I retired, he brought me a bag of them. So good....

Nice to see them get a mention here...they've been turning out quality Argentinian food for several years.

Kabob 'n' Karahi -- Better than Ravi Kabob?

I had the chicken Kahari a few nights ago and it was superb. Because Geri doesn't like dark meat, i ate the entire thing myself. No problem....

Himalayan Heritage vs Heritage India, a Chowhound Report

I'll second that....and add that their Indian dishes--and lunch buffet--are also excellent. Try their tomato soup. I don't usually rave about tomato soup, but theirs is out of this world, easily the best I've had.

Best All You Can Eat in DC/Nova/MD?

Besides Ghar-e-Kabab, which was mentioned in another post, the other three Indian buffets I like are Haandi (Bethesda), Spice x-ing (Rockville Town Center), and Woodlands (Langley Park). Spice x-ing is a steal--$7.95 on weekdays/$9.95 weekends--for food prepared by perhaps the best Indian chef in metro DC (Sudhir Seth). Haandi has a huge number of choices and the food is always well-prepared. Their always good butter chicken is a staple of the buffet. Woodlands has, IMO, the best South Indian veg in the area and their skills are well-represented in the buffet.

Best All You Can Eat in DC/Nova/MD?

I'll second deangold's opinion. Fewer items than the typical Indian buffet, but the quality is top notch and the dishes go beyond the usual fare.

Indian food catering

Ghar-e-Kabab--Indian/Nepali-- in Silver Spring caters. Their food is very good.

Bethesda brunch and cheap eats

A good wine shop is hard to find in Bethesda because of the ridiculous Montgomery County liquor laws, but just down Wisconsin in DC--a few blocks south of Western Ave.--you can get some excellent wines at Paul's. I've found their prices to competitive and they have tastings every Friday night.

Best little ethnic restaurants in Montgomery County?

Next time you're in Wheaton, give Ruan Thai a try. IMO, as good as Nava Thai, for different reasons....and the cooking is much more consistent. In downtown Silver Spring, check out Ghar-e-Kabab, a very good Indian/Nepali place on Wayne Ave. There a new Greek place on Georgia Ave.--can't think of the name--where Pinto Thai used to be. I haven't tried it yet, but they are doing a HUGE lunch business. If you like Udupi Palace, you might like Woodlands, on the other side of University in the big shopping area at the intersection of New Hampshire Ave.

Bethesda brunch and cheap eats

Lots of good choices....on Cordell alone there's Passage to India, Mia's, and Faryab (excellent Afghan). Haandi on Fairmont is also very good and reliable Indian--and they have a very good lunch buffet. In Silver Spring, Ghar-e-Kabab on Wayne Ave. is a terrific little Indian/Nepali place. If you like Thai, Wheaton has two great Thai choices--Nava Thai and Ruan Thai.

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

Nava Thai
Passage to India
Spice X-ing
Ruan Thai
Bobby's Crabcakes
Mia's (pizza)
Two Amys

Silver Spring Indian - Bombay Gaylord or Ghar e kabab (or somewhere else)?

Ghar-e-kabab, hands down. Ghar-e-kabab is VERY good--the lunch buffet is excellent. There are buffets that offer more choices, but there are few around that offer the quality. They usually have three or four veggie selections, a curry, tandoori chicken, salads, dressing and chutneys, and a very good pickle. Also included is fresh nan and a dessert.

The biryanis are quite good and the standards, like butter chicken and lamb dishes, are quite tasty. And there are also Nepali dishes that you can order from the menu....and that occasionally turn up on the buffet.

I don't want to criticize Bombay Gaylord, but there really is no comparison.

Silver Spring recs

Ghar-e-Kabab on Wayne Ave. is very good Indian/Nepali. It's probably just around the corner from your motel, just across the street from the Wayne Ave. garage. The lunch buffet is excellent--not a lot of items, but each one is well-prepared and fresh. I

Pizza in Silver Spring

I had a pizza at Roscoe's a few days after they opened--I was so hoping to like it, as Takoma Park needs good restaurants. It wasn't good at I've decided to give them some time to get things together. All is not lost--if people are honest in their initial assessments, maybe they will make some adjustments--especially with the crust--and produce a good pie. This is a place I really want to like.

Pizza in Silver Spring

We also live within walking distance of the General Store--I'm addicted to the chicken and the lemon chess pie, but that's for another thread....

Mia's in Bethesda has excellent pizza and it's only a 10-15 minute drive from our house. When we want something really good and don't want to fight the drive into DC and the parking situation around Two Amy's, that's our choice.

Pizza in Silver Spring

It really is pretty good pizza. Whenever we take one of the dogs to the vet--Norbeck Animal Clinic--we stop and pick up a pie on the way home. It's much better than anything else Silver Spring has to offer and the prices are good.

General Store in Silver Spring - Report

That hasn't been my experience.

I live nearby and have eaten in and carried out many times. Robin is invariably friendly and I've also had a couple of nice exchanges with Chef when she isn't busy. Chef is mostly back by the stoves, keeping the chicken coming, making sandwiches, etc. I am a huge fan of the buttermilk-brined fried chicken and the collards. I agree with Steve about the fish tacos, but I'm a guacamole-phobe. I'd prefer some kind of lime-based salsa and/or slaw. The lemon chess pie is terrific, as are the cupcakes.

I am very happy to have them in the neighborhood and am very much looking forward to the waffle brunch that starts in about an hour. Yum....