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Disappointing meal at Grange, Ann Arbor

Recently ate at Grange, a new restaurant in Ann Arbor which claims to feature locally sourced ingredients and house-made charcuterie. My partner and I had a disappointing meal. What have been others' experiences?

I thought that the mistakes went beyond the usual working-out-of-kinks that we'd expect from a restaurant that has been open for a only few weeks. We ordered a house-made country terrine and pickled vegetables. It arrived to our table.... without the terrine. In hindsight, this might have been for the best. The terrine was very fatty and completely lacking in flavor.

For entrees, my partner ordered the pork loin with sausage and buckwheat dumplings, but was served what appeared to be a mangled pork steak, raw inside to boot. Farm to table is one thing, but please, a stop by the kitchen on the way to the table is recommended! I I had the halibut served with a seafood stew with house made chorizo that came highly recommended. The halibut was a dry square of fish, the broth inedibly salty. The chorizo in my dish, like the sausage in my partner's, had a dry, sawdust quality to it.

Was the kitchen having an off night or is this a typical experience at Grange? I was excited about the concept but disappointed by the execution on the night we ate there.

bad meal at gratzi ann arbor

Took an out of town guest to Gratzi in Ann Arbor at her request last night.I haven't eaten there in many years, having found the food to be mediocre in the past. But even I was surprised at the poor quality of our meals. My guest ordered a gnocchi with shrimp, bacon and tomato that was inedible - tough gnocchi, flavorless watery shrimp, but worst of all, the dish tasted like it was doused in liquid smoke. I got the risotto special and not only did it arrive looking like a plate of mush with a few scallops on top, it was too salty to eat. My partner ordered the chingale stew -sauced pasta and what arrived was a ground pork - sauced pasta with very little meat.

Has anyone gotten a decent meal here lately or is this a common experience? And while we are on the subject of Italian in AA, is there anywhere to get a really good Itaiian meal in this town or should one stick to the northwest suburbs (Cafe Cortina, Il Posto etc)? Thanks.

Detroit restaurant scene

I'm sorry to report that Five Lakes Grill has gone downhill. We'd been loyal fans for many years, but have had enough bad meals here in the past few months to put us off of Five Lakes for a while. Not only is the food disappointing, the service ranges from inconsistent to downright rude these days. I hope that Polcyn can turn things around, for this place was once a real gem.