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Fat Burger in columbia

In-N-Out is great - but no one's brought it out here yet, which is a great shame!!

Fat Burger in columbia

Does anyone know when the Fat Burger is going to open in Columbia. When I lived in CA, they were AWESOME!! Now, if only someone would bring Tommy Burgers here from CA, then we'd be set!!

Bagels in MD

It's not close to Rockville or Bethesda, but the Bagel Bin in Columbia is very good.

Milkshakes around Bmore

I like Maggie Moo's shakes ... there is one in the Columbia Mall, but not sure if there are any near you. Ben & Jerry's is also yummy. There is a Ben & Jerry's in Arundel Mills Mall. There is (or was - not sure if it is still in business) a small place on RT 40 in Ellicott City near the Forrest Diner. Not sure if it is tied to the diner, but they have are usually open during the summer. It was a delicious treat on hot summer nights.