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suggestions for an Italian restaurant in Richmond Hill for a group of 10

Went to Sarpa for the third time a couple of weeks ago. It is in Oak Ridges which is at the north end of Richmond Hill. First time there I had the risotto which was one of the best I have ever tasted at a restaurant. Not inexpensive but recommended nonetheless.

Need a North York Restaurant Recommendation

Totally agree. Went there once and was thoroughly unimpressed. Too bad as it is a physically attractive place in a really good location.

Family style Italian

Had dinner in Enoteca Sociale's wine cellar last week in a group of 9. The room is excellent with a wooden table. Of course the wine racks. It was 5 courses all served family style with charcuterie and cheese, appetizers, pastas, cooked meats and a dessert. Food was very tasty. The server was exceptional, making sure he explained everything being served and then disappearing only to reappear when needed. Definitely recommended. Not sure how many people are needed to book this room but the table seats 10.

Barcelona Restaurants Open Sunday (and Monday)

Hello everyone, we will be in Barcelona for the first time from Aug. 2-6 so we have 4 dinners and 4 lunches. It seems that many restaurants are closed on Sunday and lots closed on Monday. Can anyone suggest a "Chowworthy" restaurant which is open on Sunday? I see that Tapas 24 is open Mondays so that would be a good option on that day. Thanks.

Jul 25, 2013
Attknee in Spain/Portugal

Goulash House Newmarket

The Mexican restaurant is moving this weekend. I believe opening on the 26th. Nice people and excellent food. Heading over to the deli for lunch today for my first visit. I think Chicken Schnitzel. Will report back. Looking forward to trying the restaurant too.

Moderatly Priced Organic Meat In GTA

Try The Butcher Shop at Markham Road and Kingston Road for very reasonably priced whole organic chickens which are delicious. There may be other organic meat there too.

Whole Roasted Chicken Takeout (NOT Portuguese!) in Toronto

Right. Try The Butcher Shop at Kingston Road and Markham Road. They have amazing organic chickens at really fair prices as well as so much more delicious food.

Breakstone Cottage Cheese

Try Sobey's on Clark in Thornhill. Huge Kosher section.

Best all inclusive resort in Punta Cana for foodies?

Stayed at Excellence a few years ago, in 2008, so I might be a bit outdated. It was, at that time, not close to any other resorts so did not eat locally. As with most all inclusives, the food starts to taste the same as the week goes on, no matter which restaurant you eat in. I think that is because they use a common kitchen for many restaurants. However, based on my research at the time, you have picked the best resort in the area and I am sure you will have a great time.

Does This Exist: A Cruise ANYWHERE with Good Food?

Went on my first cruise earlier this year on the Silver Spirit, on of the Silverseas ships. Several different options for food and since it is a relatively small cruise ship it was possible to try different restaurants. While I have no other cruise lines to compare it to I found the food to be excellent, changing nightly in the main restaurant and with several different choice. There were some options that were an extra cost.

Good Breakfast place / cafe around 401 and DVP or Don Mills area?

Another vote for the Sunshine Spot. Cora's = YUCK!

Oliver and Bonacini at Bayview Village -- the village idiot could have cooked a better meal

Totally agree. Since I live in the area which is pretty barren for anything other than Chinese I was really happy when I found out it was opening several years ago. Despite several attempts over the years I still find the whole thing totally disappointing. On my last visit I ordered a Margarita to start. I'm not sure who they had behind the bar but they had no idea how to make a Margarita. It was disgusting. To be fair, the mushroom soup is not bad, but the die was cast when I ordered a turkey sandwich and asked them not to include one of the toppings listed. I was told that the sandwiches were premade and so it could not be excluded. A premade sandwich in that restaurant!!! That was it for me. Way better off buying some of the ready made food at Pusateri's and eating at one of the tables outside that store.

Humbug Candy?

There is a candy at Bulk Barn they call Humbugs. I buy them and put them in a dish at my office for my clients (and couriers, it seems). Since I don't know what a "real" Humbug is supposed to be like these do for me.

Brined turkey -- using the drippings for gravy and the carcass for soup. Too salty or not?

Being Canadian we have already had our Thanksgiving. Once again the brined turkey was a spectacular success....moist and cooked very quickly. I made gravy out of the drippings without rinsing and it was delicious. I only use brown sugar and kosher salt in my brine so there is no citrus taste. While I did not make soup this year I have in the past and while it does taste a bit salty, not overly so. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our neighbours to the south.

Nov 14, 2012
Attknee in Home Cooking

Soupstock - October 21, 2012 at Woodbine Park

Hmmm. That onion soup from One99 was the best soup I tasted. Yes, it was a bit sweet but that just made it all the more tasty for me. Wasn't as impressed with Statdlander's. There was a really good chick pea puree but I forget who did it.

Doppio Zero - Eglinton and Avenue

OK. Was there about a month ago. It was a Wednesday night. The place was busy but we were greeted right away and seated at a large table with another party at the other end of the table. No problem there. I had a pizza which was advertised as having mushrooms. Where were they? There were a few sprinked on the pizza but certainly not enough when mushrooms were the main topping. Since that was the only dish I had I can't really comment on any of the other food. So, if you go, and especially if you have the mushroom pizza, ask them to put a few mushrooms on it.

Fine Dining uptown

Here's hoping!!!! If you are not into Chinese it is a pretty major culinary wasteland.

Fine Dining uptown

Richmond Grill I don't think is too casual. However, had a reservation to go at 7 on a Friday night in September. Called to extend to 7:30 and was told it was so slow they were closing the kitchen at 8:30. Decided to opt out and went to Scorpion in Aurora instead. Have to unfortunately agree about the Miller. Had high hopes when it opened and find the food to be overpriced and not so great. Nice patio though.....won't help much now. I used to take my staff to The School each year for Christmas. Haven't been for a few years but definitely liked it in the past.

Dinner near Dufferin and Lawrence

Agree that Camarra's prices are high. Can't agree that it is past its prime. Their original crust pizza is still the best I have tasted and I have being going there since the 1960's. Agree that Paese is very good.

Tomato bushels in GTA

Not sure of the price but 19th Avenue Farmer's Market just south of Stouffville Road and west of Woodbine has lots of tomatoes and peppers as well as lots of other really good fresh foods. Great selection. Worth the trip.

One Weekend In Buffalo with a "Wing Nut"

Hmmm, no ideas, eh?

One Weekend In Buffalo with a "Wing Nut"

Hello, I will be spending a Friday and Saturday night in Buffalo with my girlfriend whose favourite food is wings. I have taken her to the Anchor Bar before and, to be honest, she was not all that impressed. In reading other posts it looks like there are several good wing places to try. The kicker is that we are staying downtown and I would prefer not to drive, if possible.

So, the question is whether there are any excellent wing places within walking distance of the downtown area?

If there is a place that will knock her socks off and I do have to drive I am prepared to do it.

And now...in case I would like to go to a place with a more general menu, are there any really good places again within walking distance of downtown? All types of food are possible.


Natrel Dark Chocolate Milk

Yes, I had the same sample at Galati and yes they do sell it. Find it tough to beat the Harmony Organic though. 3.8% mf and 230 calories per cup. Whoa! Almost have to use a spoon to eat it.

Fat Phil's Marlee no more-R.I.P

Lived right around the corner on Romar when the original opened. At times it was just Phil and me in the place at the beginning but the reputation deservedly grew and it became very popular. And now....it's BAAAACCCK! And so will I be. Haven't lived in the neighbourhood since 1994 but still go back to hit Camarra's, City Fish Market and Lady York. Now I have another reason.

ISO Kosher Meat Restaurant

Hence my disclaimer.

ISO Kosher Meat Restaurant

Marky's at Wilson and Bathurst. Have no idea how good it is but it certainly serves meat.

The best chocolate chip cookie in Toronto?

I like the ones at Yitz's at Eglinton and Avenue Road. Soft and chewy with lots of chips.

Old-fashioned and generous service @ Harbord Bakery

Try the gingerbread person. If you can, get it without the candy face on it. The best!

Big Bone BBQ in Vaughan fantastic smoked ribs and wings

If they are the same owners as Big Bone BBQ in Newmarket then also try the brisket. They also used to have beef ribs one day of the week but not sure if they still do.

Fishbone - It's Worth the Drive to Stouffville

Went for dinner to Fishbone on Main Street, Stouffville, on Friday night. In a world of bistros this one stands out for a number of reasons.

First, the ambiance. It is very understated but very European. The tables are far enough away from each other to allow a diners to converse with each other without having to shout over the voices from adjoining tables. The room is very attractive. An excellent first impression.

The staff is small but very knowledgeable and helpful. Pedro, the owner, has worked at Zucca, Quince and Joia and has picked and trained his staff properly. He also is the creator and former owner of the Chicken Place on Wellington in Aurora. It is very different but gave him the experience of starting a successful business and it shows.

The menu is not large but is diverse enough to satisfy all tastes. Pedro gives his chef and sous-chef, both with experience in some of the more well-known Toronto restaurants, the ability to create their own dishes. I had a salmon fillet which was smoked and then crisped. The taste was quite unique and the texture very pleasing to the palate. There is duck and steak and a whole fish etc. so enough variety for all. I noticed from the adjoining table that the frites were served in a mini fry basket...a nice touch. Mains are about $25.

The wine list is all Portuguese. Pedro is very knowledgeable and also has good connections in the Portuguese wine industry and so the prices are fair.

A thoroughly enjoyable dinner. They are not open for lunch right now and I know of no plans in that regard. It is a small restaurant and so they like to do a couple of sittings on Friday and Saturday nights as they are apparently very busy. They also have wine dinners, cooking classes etc.