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Dinner in Cleveland tonight, suggestions welcome

Arriving in Cleveland this evening for a wedding tomorrow. Any suggestions for a late dinner around 9PM? We're staying at the Hilton Garden Inn on Carnegie Ave. I was thinking Chinato or the Greenhouse Tavern. Of those two, which one is better? Also to add, my wife is vegetarian (milk, dairy OK). No dietary restrictions for me. Thanks for any advice.

The Greenhouse Tavern
2038 E 4th Street, Cleveland, OH 44115

E 4th St, Cleveland, OH

Jun 24, 2011
RolandParkGuy in Great Lakes

Near Hotel Palomar

Update...for starters, thanks again for all the recommendations. Just got back from a great weekend in Philly. On Saturday wound up going to Amis for brunch. Sat at an outside table on a beautiful day. Service was competent if not particularly warm. Food was very well prepared. Ingredients top notch. Portions kind of small (and I never complain about small portions...until now). The meal was perfectly fine, but as is often the case the most memorable meals happen when you least expect them. That afternoon I really enjoyed petit fours and a plastic glassful of champagne at the Le Bec Fin booth outside of Le Bec Fin at the Rittenhouse Row street festival. Stumbled upon this booth while walking back to the hotel. That whole experience was totally unexpected and fun.

Saturday night after the wedding made it to Frankiln Mortgage and Investment for a cocktail. Had the "Spinning Leslie" which was very, very good. Last call happened shortly after that, but I hope someday to return.

This morning had some great pastries and a cafe Americano from Miel Patisserie before heading out of town and back to reality. I was very impressed with Philadelphia and it's restaurant scene. I can't wait to get back there (still need to get to Zahav - maybe this fall)...

May 22, 2011
RolandParkGuy in Philadelphia

Near Hotel Palomar

This is why I love Chowhound! So much "food" for thought. My plan will be to try to get to Village Whiskey midafternoon Friday before the dinner crowd. Perhaps a post Rehearsal Dinner nightcap at Franklin Mortgage. Saturday brunch at Amis. Possible Sunday brunch at Parc.

Osteria, Vetri, Lacroix, (and Zahav!) will have to await some future visit(s). A proper cheesesteak would be nice, but something tells me a sub roll with grilled onions and cheese whiz would probably not be too appetizing for my wife!

Thanks to all for your suggestions.

May 14, 2011
RolandParkGuy in Philadelphia

Near Hotel Palomar

Amis or PARC Brasserie? Which one is better? Also thinking about a drink (or two) at Village Whiskey. Is that place any good?

May 13, 2011
RolandParkGuy in Philadelphia

Near Hotel Palomar

Amis looks quite nice. My wife does not eat fish, but eggs and dairy are OK...

May 12, 2011
RolandParkGuy in Philadelphia

Near Hotel Palomar

Also, to add, we love great food and impeccable service in a casual setting that can accomodate a vegetarian (even though I'm not) without batting an eye. Something along the lines of Gramercy Tavern in NYC - that place is pitch perfect for me. This is our one meal in Philly (other than the wedding reception) so it's gotta be a memorable one...

May 12, 2011
RolandParkGuy in Philadelphia

Near Hotel Palomar

In town for a wedding next weekend. Looking for a nice lunch (Saturday) within walking distance of Hotel Palomar. Wife is vegetarian - so veg options are a must. Thanks!

May 12, 2011
RolandParkGuy in Philadelphia

Quick dinner near the Navy Memorial

Any suggestions for a quick early dinner near the Navy Memorial at 701 Pennsylvania Ave (at 5:30PM)? Would prefer a place with a take out option...Thanks!

The Inn at Little Washington, Blue Duck Tavern, Tabard Inn, Elsewhere?

Um...for me a no-brainer. The IALW gift certificate - for a wedding present, that is about as gracious and elegant as it gets!

Driving to Ocean City tomorrow: Where should we eat on the way?

I've always liked The Crab Deck at Kent Narrows. The place is right on the water. On nice days they have these garage door walls that they open up and there is a nice breeze through the restaurant. Very kid friendly.

Lunch in HarborEast Baltimore

Looking for a good place for lunch near the HarborEast movie theater in Baltimore. Any ideas?

Elegant weekday lunch in Baltimore?

Looking for a special occasion place for lunch in Baltimore on Friday. Vegetarian options would be a prerequisite as my wife doesn't eat meat or fish (she's not vegan, though, so dairy, eggs, cheese are OK)

Babbos and Commerce, or Gotham and Gramercy

Was at Gramercy Tavern earlier this year with my wife and 11 year old daughter in the "formal" dining Room and had a wonderful time. Our server was gracious and welcoming and our daughter had a great time. Had the tasting menu at EMP in June with our 14 year old son and had a similar positive experience.

Jul 29, 2009
RolandParkGuy in Manhattan

Family Dinner in Baltimore

Woodberry Kitchen satisfies the oysters on the half shell prerequisite and it would give the vegetarians/non-seafood/non-steak eaters some nice options.

Inn at Little Washington - Concern

My wife and I have been there on 4 overnight visits over the past 15 years. Twice we stayed at a nearby B and B, twice at the Inn. The 2 times we stayed nearby our tables were very close to other diners, which made having a private conversation next to impossible. The 2 times we stayed at the Inn our tables were much nicer and we did not have privacy issues. That may have been a coincidence, but my guess is they probably save the nicer tables for the overnight guests. It might be something to consider when everything has to be "perfect".

Our last visit was about 3 years ago where we stayed overnight at the Inn. We had the extended tasting menu (I don't know if this is offered any more), and they prepared a separate vegetarian tasting menu for my wife (I was in contact with the Inn a couple of weeks beforehand to make these advance arrangements). We each had our own wine pairings with our dishes. I do remember our room being small (and pricey), but what I remember most about that trip was the wonderful dinner, at a great table, with the "perfect" companion.

Visiting Baltimore--recs?

Petit Louis with your grandad
Woodberry Kitchen (with your grandad if he is up for something hip and trendy)
Eddie's of Roland Park has nice sandwiches for lunch (the key here is to go to their website, check out their take out menu, and call ahead with your order; you can then swoop in, pick up your order on the deli counter, and avoid the hungry lunchtime crowd that will be thinking to themselves "why didn't I do that?")
Hope you have a great visit

En Route to Inn at Little Washington

How about lunch at Foti's Restaurant in Warrenton? It's South of Little Washington, but not that far. Proprietors there are alumni of the staff at IALW. Hope you have a great dinner.

One of the advantages of staying at the Inn itself is that you seem to get the better tables with better spacing between diners (and the men get carnations to wear on their lapels). You also have the option of a great breakfast in the main dining room the next day. The disadvantage is that it is numbingly expensive.

Regardless of where you stay it's a wonderful place for a getaway celebration. I'm looking forward to a time when I'll have enough disposable income to take my wife there again (and stay there!)

popping the question, just need a setting

I agree with the onsite visit beforehand - to both places. That way you can get a sense of how helpful each restaurant will be (or not)
I was just at EMP this past weekend and the food and service were top-notch. I had the feeling that everyone there was bringing their "A-game"
Main room is not very romantic, but there is that back, upper corner room that seems to be a much more intimate space

Jun 17, 2009
RolandParkGuy in Manhattan

Lunch in Park Slope

Will be visiting Brooklyn later this month. Arriving on a Saturday around 11AM. Would like suggestions for a nice place for lunch. The main event of the weekend is dinner at Eleven Madison Park later that day, so I'm looking for a Chowhound worthy lunch destination as a prelude to that. (For me, a slice at DiFara's would fit the bill, but I want something without the hassle factor and in Park Slope). Another wrinkle to throw in here is that my wife is vegetarian (not vegan, so eggs and dairy are OK), but I am comfortable in my "flexitarian" skin. High end place, low end place, no matter - YOU help me decide. Thanks!

Jun 01, 2009
RolandParkGuy in Outer Boroughs

1st anniversary dinner - Jean-Georges or Gramercy Tavern?

I agree completely with this review
Gramercy Tavern to me is such a welcoming place with great food and great service
A wonderful place for an anniversary celebration!

Jan 21, 2009
RolandParkGuy in Manhattan

Best Lunch takeout along this route?....

Travelling from Columbia to Baltimore during lunch today
29 North, 70 East, 695 East, 83 South
Where would be a good place along this route to get lunch to go?
(And I don't mean Subway or McDonald's)

Best place for lunch in Ellicott City is...

Well, now that you mention it, that's exactly what we did. Got there when it opened at 11:30. Nice warm crusty bread, with great butter for the table. I had an omelet; my wife had a vegetarian plate with veggies that, the waitress informed us, "chef had just gotten from the market that morning". They are always so gracious and accomodating there.

Great service, great meal, $32, before tip

Best place for lunch in Ellicott City is...

Will be in Ellicott City around 11AM for an early lunch
I was thinking about Tersiguel's, but they don't open until 11:30AM
Any other suggestions?

Fresh seafood - Rehoboth/Dewey

Looking to grill some fresh tuna steaks after a long, strenuous day on the beach
Where's the best place for fresh seafood in the Rehoboth/Dewey area?

Aug 15, 2007
RolandParkGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

Is there a Chef Paolino's in Catonsville? The only one I know about is the one downtown and I have always wanted to go in there since they closed in the Columbia Mall. Used to go that one there a lot for lunch and I really liked the pizza.
In NYC you should try DiFara in Brooklyn
True "pizza snobs" will refer you to Sally or Pepe's in New Haven, CT, but DiFara is just as good, without the attitude (quality control is also better at DiFara because it is just one 80-something year old guy making the pizza at a leisurely pace)
But hey, Chef Paolino's ain't that bad...

Dinner near 12th and 6th

This board is awesome and so helpful!
I think the choice is between Cafe Loup and Crispo; both a short distance away (any closer and we'd be dining at Joe Jr.'s - which I love for breakfast by the way). Kind of leaning toward an early dinner at Cafe Loup (6PM). It sounds a little more quiet than Crispo.
In my heart of hearts I really want to hop in a cab and take my wife to Gramercy Tavern for the new vegetarian tasting menu (with wine pairings, of course); but I'm gonna have to save up for that one...

Jun 29, 2007
RolandParkGuy in Manhattan

Dinner near 12th and 6th

OK, thanks for all the suggestions. After perusing this list and a couple of other threads I am thinking Gusto, Crispo or Da Andrea.
Part of the reason this list is Italian-centric is that these places seemed to have more vegetarian options (pasta dishes, etc) which is important as my wife is a vegetarian (me, not so much).
We also enjoy a well-mixed vodka martini (dirty, up) to begin the meal.
Have already been to Otto - not really interested in going back.

Which place would be best?

Jun 28, 2007
RolandParkGuy in Manhattan

Dinner near 12th and 6th

Staying in NYC at 12th and 6th at the end of July. My wife and I always enjoy eating out in Manhattan. Looking for a nice neighborhood restaurant within walking distance. A comfortable place that does not require me to hit the speed dial button 28 days before to snag a reservation. I guess a place like Babbo without all the hype and hassle...
Any suggestions?

Jun 28, 2007
RolandParkGuy in Manhattan

Rehoboth Beach on a budget

Thanks for the breakfast tip. I agree that the service was great at Louie's. I ordered 4 slices to go to eat down on the beach - the guy offered to box the slices rather than just using the usual flimsy paper plates. I know, not really a big deal, but a small courtesy that told me this was a friendly place. I will definitely return. My wife is not a big Grotto's fan either, so I need these Rehoboth pizza alternatives...

May 07, 2007
RolandParkGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Rehoboth Beach on a budget

Thanks for all the recommendations. Friday night my wife and I wound up going to Stoney Lonen which was really nice. I had the fish and chips special - $7.95. My wife had the vegetarian pasta entree. We had baked brie for an appetizer.
Saturday breakfast was Sammy's Kitchen across from the Avenue hotel - basic diner food. Not the best, but adequate for 9 in the morning.
Saturday lunch on the beach with a couple of slices of Louie's Pizza. I am trying to branch out from Grotto's Pizza, but I didn't tkink Louie's was quite as good. But at the beach - it's all good.
Saturday dinner was at Dos Locos - dinner for 2 with 2 frozen maragaritas came in at $39.99. We had a good time here and the staff was very friendly. Food was good too.
Sunday breakfast at Royal Treat. I had the pancakes and bacon and my wife had the Frenck Toast. All this and I great view of the boardwalk from the porch - just $12.95.

It's nice to know there are some good places to eat in downtown Rehoboth that don't break the bank and that we were able to avoid all that Route 1 sprawl.

I am already plotting our return visit...

Apr 30, 2007
RolandParkGuy in Mid-Atlantic