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Bulk food?

I am making a wedding cake for the second time, and I was wondering if there is somewhere to buy stuff like : butter, icing sugar, flours, In Bulk,
to save some money like at the grocery store.


Best Indian restaurants in Montreal?

Ive been told several times,
maison indian curry. Cheap, small, great. On jean talon.

Kam Shing any good?

Kam Shing is amazing!
I think your talking about on the places cote des neiges.
There was Kam Shing,a little place with a red logo next to harveys, AND there was also Maison Kam with those big round tables and dragon decor on the walls.
Kam Shing in now a big hit and moved across the street into the cote-des-neiges mall, and sadly, Maison Kam closed and is now Kim Phat (asian grocery store).
hope that helps!
Kam Shing: best for general tao chicken, cantonese fired noodles, house fried rice, and won ton soup is great too.

Finding Key Limes

Does anyone know where to find actual Key limes in Montreal?
do they have them in any of the markets?

Gluten free in montreal?


Portuguese Cornbread?

Anyone have good tips on ingredients, or even better, a recipe on Portuguese cornbread?
I had it for the first time and it was amazing! A nice very dark non hard crust with light white wonderfulness inside.

Jun 18, 2008
monicaC in Home Cooking

Gluten free in montreal?

Are there any bakeries or restaurants in montreal that are only or have a large variety of gluten free products?

Healthiest tea?

I am a huge tea drinker, but I am wondering what is the healthiest to have? What is the best green tea?
I sometimes drink loose oolong tea that I get under 10$ in china town and gunpowder green tea. I like to have teas that help digest big meals.

Any suggestions/tips/advice?

May 17, 2008
monicaC in General Topics

restaurant for a day time bachelorette party?

well, it looks like it might be a group of around 10-15 max. It would be during the day time and it will be in june. I would say 20$ a person would be reasonable.
One girl is kosher.. so if there are kosher places, thats awesome, but if you have some great non-kosher suggestions, do tell! We dont care for it being fancy, just somewhere comfortable for a bunch of girls to be girly.

restaurant for a day time bachelorette party?

I want to throw a bachlorette party for the bride to be during the afternoon somewhere not to far from or in downtown.
nothing too expensive... and even some kosher suggestions would be awesome!