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Anniversary restaurant on Cape (please help choose)

The Wicked Oyster! The Wequasset is good, but it's too far to drive, especially if you want to have some drinks or wine.

where to eat in Provincetown and around the Cape?

I love The Wicked Oyster as well. And Blackfish in Truro Center.

New England Food Festivals

Every year I go to the Wellfleet Oyster Festival (Cape Cod), which is held the weekend after Columbus Day Weekend, in October.
It's a great food festival with other seafood, live music, and a world-class shucking contest as well. Beautiful time of the year to be on the Cape, too.

Places around SE MA

How about Back Eddy in Westport, MA? It's a Chris Schlesinger restaurant (started East Coast Grille in Cambridge). It has BBQ, seafood, and griled stuff. Great place.

Food textures -- do they ick you out?

Cooked raisins. Love them out of the box. But if they are baked into muffins or carrot cake....foul. Why? I guess because they are a dried fruit, and when they are put into a batter and cooked they plump up, and that just ain't right. I can deal with them in cookies because cookie dough is prety stiff, and cookies bake in less than 10 minutes, and they raisins maintain their integrity as a dried fruit. I know... I am a freak.

Jun 01, 2008
la ciclista in Not About Food

Foods you love at Trader Joe's that got discontinued? [OLD]

I mourn the loss of Ultimate Burgers (stuffed with blue cheese and bacon!!). At least we don't have them in MA any more.

May 30, 2008
la ciclista in Chains

Bank St Grille Harwich Massachusetts

Is this the former Casa di Babbo spot? I think it's's what they built to house Thompson's Clam Bar when they yanked it out of Wychmere Harbor, and it tanked. Of course it would! You didn't go to Thompson's for the food! You went for the beautiful atmosphere and the food was (very) secondary.

555 Portland: Slam Dunk

I love 555! And I can't rave enough about Cinque Terre. Two of my favorite restaurants, hands down. Mainemal brought up Hugo's, so I'll just say I was underwhelmed. Pretty, arty, TINY portions. I haven't been there in a few years, but I do remember the chairs at Hugo's: those bad, stackable chairs you see at wedding halls/convention centers. Very strange , considering all of the thought that went into the food.

P-town Scavenger Hunt... help?

Romantic Dinner: Red Inn (bring your wallet, but worth it)
Funky fish restaurant: Clem & Ursie's (P-town) or Mac's Shack (Wellfleet)
Not-Metioned-Must-Try: Blackfish (Truro Center)

New England wedding restaurant

We had my parents' 50th wedding anniversary at Circadia a few years ago and it was great. Good food, sunny room.

Boat accessible restaurants/bars on cape cod

Baxter's Boathouse in Hyannis (touristy, but I still go once a summer), maybe you can pull up to a dock at Sesuit Harbor in East Dennis, and there's a great breakfast/lunch spot there. The name escapes me...phelana will remember. It is super-casual, picnic tables and paper plates, but good food and the view is stunning. Too bad Thompson's Clam Bar in Harwichport is no longer. That was a great place to pull up your boat and eat.

New England wedding restaurant

Debbie- I know you said you don't want it atached to a hotel. But if you have a small hotel, then your 40 guests can stay there. Yes, Wequasset is an inn as well. This place is also an inn (small), but it is so gorgeous it will knock your socks off: Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport Maine.

What to bring back from Spain?

Saffron, turron, marzipan, membrillo, cryovac-ed jamon Serrano or jamon iberico (not a whole leg!!), chocolate from a hip chocolate store like Xocoa (Barcelona), canned berberechos. It's now pretty easy to find Manchego and other artesanal Spanish cheeses in the US, so you don't need to drag those back unless you don't live near any place that sells them.

May 26, 2008
la ciclista in Spain/Portugal

Heading Back to Ellsworth

It's not Ellsworth, but if you are in the Kents Hill area, you must go to Slate's in Hallowell! It's on the main drag, along the river. Oh, and don't miss Liberal Cup either.

Lunch in PTown on a Monday?

I agree on Ross' Grill: excellent food, and fantastic view. Cape Cod Guy, what's your favorite lunch spot mid-Cape?

Williamstown MA - Berkshires - High End?

Definitely, go to Mezze!! Check them out at .

First time on the Cape.

Yeah, as purple bot said, what part of the Cape? It IS big! And varied in "personality".

Pls help -- Mother's Day brunch on Nantucket

I highly recommend Le Languedoc on Broad St.

Hip restaurant on Nantucket?

The food is just ok at Lola41, but people don't really go there for the food, if you catch my drift. I guess it's "hip", but it's mainly the Botox-boob job crowd...but they do a brisk business, so they have their formula figured out. I think the food and drinks are better at The Pearl, but the bar is very small. Depends on what you are looking for. Prepare to pay top dollar at Lola.

Rushed out of Ten Tables

PJ, I can't tell you the number of times I have had to enact scenario B. You are right, it's all in the delivery. 9 times out of 10 the guests take it well and understand. We are running a business, and must have turn over to make enough money to stay in business. Usually 1.5-2 hours is ok in our place, but factors arise: the party straggles in over the course of a half hour, or the party wants to relax over some drinks before even cracking open the menu, etc. It's awkward, and I hate to do it, but sometimes you have to. Ann, how do you feel it would have been better handled?

May 04, 2008
la ciclista in Not About Food

Best ice cream in Maine

I remember going to Cote's when I was at Bates. Is it not there anymore?

Overheard... and outraged!

I concur on the Wellfleet Oysters...the best! I know it's not "fish", but I live on Nantucket, so I must say: Nantucket Bay Scallops! Also mussels, fluke, sole, flounder, sea bass, bluefish,tuna, the aforementioned striped bass all come from local waters. I worked at Legal Seafoods in the 80s, and they used to say that scrod was baby cod, and schrod was baby haddock. But that sounds like a cute story to tell the conventioneers and tourists.

May 03, 2008
la ciclista in General Topics

Minnesotan Moving to Truro

Yes! Definitely stop at Trader Joe's in Hyannis and stock up (once) as you probably won't get back there unless you are a glutton for punishment (Hyannis in the summer). Truro is gorgeous! You'll love it. I really like Blackfish (restaurant) in Truro Center. And I must concur with some of the other posters: Wicked Oyster (Wellfleet), Mac's Shack, Clem & Ursie's (P-town), Ross' Grill (P-town), Bubala's (P-town). For groceries, again...Super Stop & Shop @ Orleans Rotary, or Grand Union in P-town.

Worst of the Cape?

Ah yes! It was called Deacon's Perch, and Ken Manzer was on the piano! Never set foot in the place though...