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Hadley asian market

That Asian market has not reopened, but Tran's World Market is just down the street and is great as well.

50 Russell St. in Hadley

Beautiful meal at MRKT in South Deerfield, MA

My husband and I loved our dinner at MRKT last week and I've been doing my best to spread the word ever since!

Appetizer: Blue point oysters with salmon roe and sherry mignonette. Our server said they would give us half a dozen, but there were seven plump beautiful oysters. I forget what was else was in the mignonette, but it was great.

My entree:
Seared scallops with a tomato vinaigrette served over potato and broccoli rabe mash. Delicious.. the mash had the perfect horseradish kick and the acid from the vinaigrette was lovely with the sweet scallops.

My husband's entree:
Strip steak with dino kale, roasted carrots and herbed butter. This was very simply prepared. Not too saucy, just simple to let the meat the vegetables shine.

Dessert was the chef's brilliant take on a creme brulee- it was more of a creme brulee flavored foam topped with crisped crepe shavings with a lemon gelee on the bottom. Such a light, refreshing and creative dessert.

Our server was wonderful and let my husband taste 3 wines since he was being indecisive. And his Mid Century Manhattan was made just right.

It was that rare meal where *every* component was done so well.... More people need to know about this place.

Wildwood BBQ now open in Hadley

Has anyone been yet?
I will report once I do.

Their website isn't fully functioning yet, but they have a menu on FB:

Fried Clams at Amy's in Easthampton

Good to know! Also, Captain Jack's in Easthampton has delicious fried seafood.. Not sure if they have strips, but they have the whole clam bellies which I love!

Good Lobster dinner in Western MA?

I'm curious if anyone has had lobster recently at Zoe's Fish & Chop House in Hadley. I heard a radio ad about how they are getting tons of Maine lobster in 4 times a week and I'm tempted to give them a try!

What to order at Mac's Shack?

I love the broiled Oysters absinthe at Mac's Shack...Also, concur that Blackfish is a must!

Review: Arise Farm to Table Pizzeria and Pub in Amherst, MA (Formerly known as Tabella's)

Agreed. I loved both of the pizzas I had here and thought the topping proportions were just right. I shared 2 pizzas with 3 people and and gladly paid $13 for my portion.

Tabella's Closed in a farm to table pizzeria?!

I went to Arise last week and loved it.
We shared the maple habanero wings with a creme fraiche dipping sauce. The wings marinade was absolutely some of the best I've ever had- perfectly sweet and hot.

We then had 2 of the special pizzas of the day- a vegetarian pie with lemony olives, fresh mozzarella and a meat pie with house made fennel sausage. Both were delicious- thin, but not too thin crust and it's obvious they put a lot of care into the toppings.

And yes, they still have their great cocktails and outdoor seating.
I think they made a great change. I liked Tabella's but often felt like the portions didn't quite match the price point.

New Vietnamese in Hadley, MA -- Saigon Banh Mi

I went here for the first time last night and really enjoyed it.. Fresh pork and shrimp summer rolls were delicious and the hoisin sauce was perfect. The rolls were a bit cold but just leave them to room temp. and they become pretty perfect.

I had the cold cuts banh mi.. could have used a bit more pate, but that is my only complaint. My husband's bbq pork was really tasty. The owners were very friendly. Just so you know, cash only at this point, but check them out!

Northampton Dinner Recs for a Pescetarian

Chez Albert is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. Excellent bistro style food and wine selection. I love their Basque seafood stew and the beef tartine.

Mission Cantina South Amherst anyone been?

I love Mission Cantina- have been numerous times. I especially like their mole and the Al pastor and fish tacos.
Great salsas, margaritas, and their spicy tequila drink with St. Germain is pretty unique.
My only complaint is the guacamole could be a lot better...

Just plan on a wait, because yes, it is very tiny and very popular.

Hinge, Northampton

I've been once and it seemed promising to me.

Extensive beer list, good selection of wines and nothing on the menu is over $13.
My side salad was fresh, tasty and more than enough to share.
I had a fancy grilled cheese (w. robusto and cheddar) which was also very good.

I think it will do well and benefit from when the Dirty Truth's is mobbed.
And apart from the weirdly bright sign that blinds you when you enter, I liked the atmosphere.

Pho Vietnam opening tonight in Northampton!

Hoping this is a great new addition to town!

If I make it tonight I will be sure to give a full report..
Its where Taipei and Tokyo used to be on Main Street.

Looking for a flexible, offbeat caterer in or near Northampton, MA?

I used Pengyew Chin for my wedding and he was great and very flexible. We brought in outside appetizers for example. I really loved working with him.

I would also look into the Electric Cocktail Party. I've been to events where they've catered and loved their Vindaloo hummus. And Captain Jack's is delicious!

Smithsonian Chowder House in Hatfield, MA

Would love a report from anyone who has tried the new chowder house in Hatfield.
From their website:

Why not take the best possible ingredients,( New England Seafood and the finest Native Vegetables) and create great soups that can be enjoyed in our quaint Cape Cod style cafe’ setting or taken to go in individual or family sized containers. We will offer fresh salad to be eaten as an accompaniment and oh yeah, fresh hot Popovers. We will be baking popovers throughout the day and are confident that you will enjoy them so much that they will become a favorite with you and your family. Besides the Seafood Chowder, we will offer many of our favorites like Bessie’s Lobster Bisque, Stoney’s Traditional Clam Chowder, 2 soups which have deep family tradition and recipes to back them up, Native Tomato Bisque, Cream of Hatfield Asparagus, Nantucket Red Seafood Chowder, Native Sweet Corn Chowder, and Classic Chicken Noodle just to name a few. We will also offer gluten free soups as well as vegetarian and vegan soups daily in the hopes that everyone will find something to enjoy here.

Lumberyard, Amherst

I went for the first time over the weekend and loved most everything we ordered. We ate at the bar and started off with a great extra dirty martini. I ordered the frisee scotch egg salad which was a great combination. The chef sent over a complimentary order of mussels which were basic but fantastic- pernod, sausage, white wine, and cream.

My friend had the roast chicken with gnocchi and said it was amazing. The only thing that was off was the braised fennel which was tasty, but overdone. And yes, the brown bread was great. I love the atmosphere and will definitely be back.

Dining Changes in Amherst, MA

I would encourage you to give Chez another try. I haven't been to the new location, but I've been to the old one 4 or 5 times and loved it every time. The Basque Seafood stew is incredible and the owner is one of the friendliest I've encountered. I can't wait to check out their new space.

cocktails Amherst/Northampton?

Tabella's in Amherst does creative cocktails really well. They are pricey but I still remember a fine pickled fennel martini that I had there a few years ago:

Amherst Coffee next door is also very good:

Amherst Coffee
28 Amity Pl, Amherst, MA 01002

Tabella Restaurant
28 Amity St Ste 1G, Amherst, MA 01002

Coco's in Easthampton MA

I've heard it will be Mediterranean, but their Facebook page doesn't confirm.
Regardless, I know it will be a great addition to the Valley food scene!

Anniversary dinner in the Pioneer Valley

I would consider Chez Albert and Tabellas as well.

Chez Albert
27 S Pleasant St, Amherst, MA 01002

Tabella Restaurant
28 Amity St Ste 1G, Amherst, MA 01002

Williamsburg Snack Shack re-opening for season tomorrow

Here is a quick list, Berkshire T!
Chinese- Amherst Chinese, Great Wall (Florence), Butterfly (Hadley)
Japanese- Moshi Moshi, Osaka (both in Northampton)
Mexican- Mi Tierra in Hadley

Moshi Moshi
4 Main St, Northampton, MA 01060

Mi Tierra
206 Russell St, Hadley, MA 01035

Thai Place (South Hadley, MA)- my new favorite Thai in the Valley!

I've recently discovered my favorite Thai restaurant in the valley. Don't let the boring name fool you:

Thai Place
480 Granby Road
South Hadley MA 01075

The curries are perfectly balanced and I love their drunken noodles. I feel like people don't really know about this place even though its not very far from Mt. Holyoke College. Service is very friendly and they have a pretty good wine list and great mixed drinks which is usually not a focus at Thai places. Highly recommended!

(Also posted this in another thread....)

Greenfield MA. new restaurant

I've recently discovered my favorite Thai restaurant in the valley. Don't let the boring name fool you:

Thai Place
480 Granby Road
South Hadley MA 01075

The curries are perfectly balanced. You won't have to worry about too much sugar here. I feel like people don't really know about this place even though its not very far from Mt. Holyoke College. Service is very friendly and they have a pretty good wine list and great mixed drinks which is usually not a focus at Thai places. Highly recommended!

Reliable oyster bar in Hadley/Amherst/ Springfield area?

The East Side Grill would be my first choice:

Mi Tierra. Still muy muy bueno!!

I'm seconding how great the mole is.... Sometimes the chicken is drier than other times so I get the cheese enchiladas instead.

Saturday Lunch in Northampton

I would recommend Green Street for a lovely lunch:


It's served from 12-2 on Saturdays....

Green Street Cafe
62 Green St, Northampton, MA 01060

Northampton/Amherst Area Dining . . . a Retrospective

You ordered precisely what P&E's does best- salads, soups, and pie! I find their entrees to be hit or miss, but they do serve excellent salads. I especially love their honey miso dressing.

Thoughts on the Pioneer Valley

I will always love Joe's. I was just there last night and had a Little Joe pizza with caramelized red onions, kalamata onions and artichokes. It was great as always. If you get a really meaty pie then it can be too greasy, but I never have any problem with their veggie pizzas.

You also cannot go wrong with the Spanish mussels or clams, Joe's House salad, blackened scallop salad, nor the homemade fried mozzarella- it's all comfort food at its finest. And, yes the old school atmosphere and regulars are the best!

Free tapas TODAY at Ibiza Tapas & Wine Bar- Northampton

Free tapas today until 10 PM... Then they open this Friday for dinner service.
If anyone goes please report!

Ibiza Tapas & Wine Bar
7 Strong Ave., Northampton, MA 01060

Pioneer Valley catering recommendations

Pengyew Chen catered my wedding a few years ago. I can't recommend
him enough. His focus is Asian, but he can also do some Western classics: