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Eating out in downtown Atlanta

haven’t been back to atlanta for a while but off the top of my head the first places that come to mind were the ones i walked by every day. i practically lived at Bridgetown bar & grill across the street from the north ave station but never really ate there because im not a fan of Caribbean food. However, they got busy as hell everyday and people seemed to love the food. if you like Caribbean food you should check it out. Also on the other side of the street is Baronda's (italian) which stays packed. I ate there a few times and food is good, but expensive. Personally i always preferred Sol's pizzeria next door (don’t remember name) but unfortunately Baronda's put him out of business

[DFW] looking for best Lao food

Title pretty much sums it up. Looking for best lao spot in DFW. A thai restaurant with lao food works for me to an extent. However, as you probably know there is typically a distinguishable difference between lao style and thai style on mutual dishes (i.e., tam mak hoong, larb, etc...) and looking for lao food not thai food. On the flip side I know some lao people that own thai resturants (not in dallas) and by default stuff comes out thai style but if i order my food lao style, ill get it lao style. that totally works for me.

thanks guys