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Cluck Grunt and Low - closed!?

She has a point. I know that feeling. There was a place called Avalon. My foodie friends highly recommended it. I went twice. It was worse than bad. Then I was invited to dinner there with some of the people who recommended it, including a couple of TO chefs. It was just as bad. (They agreed.) But that just happens sometimes. I believe them when they say it was consistently great. I think Chiado has consistently excellent service. But I know two people who went a couple times on my recommendation and it wasn't. (Very rare but case in point.)

As I said, the place is always busy and my CGL experiences have been been very good. (I didn't like the rice either but I don't think it's been on the menu since last year.) I read one of your experiences and, unlike a few posters who look like they have ulterior motives for hating the place (few other posts, always piling on the hate wagon etc.) your review was well detailed and balanced. I would tell you to go back but, Murphy's law etc., they'll probably dump a drink on you or something! Sometimes it's tough being a client.

I'll post something in detail next time I go.

Cluck Grunt and Low - closed!?

More than enough to get what it's about. I am comparing CGL to larger operations as opposed to small shacks. And the numerous times I've been there, it's been very good. (With few exceptions.) I admit though, that I don't get as excited about BBQ (either way) as some people do here. Do you have any local places you like. I've been to most of them a few times and they weren't any better.

On the topic of smoker location, all the BBQ places I've been to smoke their stuff for hours and store it. It is impractical to time the stuff to be ready in nearly exactly predictible quantities for service. As well, different meats are smoked at different temperatures. So it must be stored and reheated. That being the case, what difference does it make if it's smoked somewhere else?

Scaramouche --portion size

I've been dining there for 30 years. Get a good table (with a view) and you almost can't go wrong. I'm surprised that they mainatin such consistency. But they do and it's always a safe bet for one of the best this city has to offer.

Cluck Grunt and Low - closed!?

Is that supposed to be relevant to eating there? Sheesh! I've been a few times. Good to great. And I've also been to other BBQ places here and in the US and it's as good or better. And the service has been great. The only problem I have with the place is that I just can't eat that stuff more than a dozen times a year. Probably best for me...

Toronto Life: Best New Restaurants- pick one

None would be anyone's safe pick for the two top places. Your link says trad Italian. Try Terroni for cheap and huge or Noce or Giancarlo for more upscale. Noce, in particular, makes great southern Italian pasta. Not cheap though. As with most places here, call first and act like you're special. Doesn't cost more and it works. For pasta and romance, Joso's. Again, call first. How's Beckta?

Eigensinn Farm - Details for Planning a Trip

Been a few times. One of a very few expensive places where the odds of true total satisfaction are very high.It's both genius and quirk. The soups are the best I've ever had. Sometimes the seeming use of every part of everything eaten seems a stretch.But it's done with so much real love that I can't deny that I'm better for the experience of eating something I wouldn't have ordered from someone who is a true believer in both culinary and eco philosophy. And they're very happy to talk about it.after the meal. Where else does that happen every night for every customer?

Chiado's - Only Eat Things A Head Still On

Worth investigating. Had it several times and the full deal many times. The service is consistently stellar and the wine selection (virtually all Portuguese and mostly unavailable anywhere else) is one of the most enjoyable in the city. It's one of the only places where I never BMOB. Funny thing though, if you've been for dinner at the restaurant, you know that you get absolutely stuffed. In comparison, the Tapas selection seems almost tiny. But, fact is, it's more than adequate. The prosciutto is excellent but I really miss the Pata Negra. They should have kept mum about it. Oops!

Suggestions for girls' night out

Hear hear! There is a bartender there who consistently wows me and company with some of the most drinkable original concoctions. She really seems to know her stuff and I'm pretty sure they use fresh juices from the same supplier as Amaya on Bayview where they also make some truly notable martini-like things. (Try the cucumber martini at Amaya.) Haven't eaten there but intend to soon.

delux on ossington

I quite enjoy this place as well. The service varies significantly depending on whom you get. (And I'm hoping to hear that the person wose reservation was botched got a real apology. Unfortunately, that sort of oversight is too common in TO so I'm not hoping too hard...) Only one person's mentioned it but the prices are quite reasonable. I don't know how people make a living with so few seats but it's to our benefit! With the exception of the Confit (which should be EASY to get right) pretty much everything else is good to very very good.

That stretch of Ossington has improved immeasurably as well. The last few times I've been there I've had a pleasant stroll between Dundas and Queen. There's a weird little Soho-like shop / installation just north of queen. Lots of cool antique places to gaze into and wish. (I know that's sort of OT for a food board but it's part of the experience.) There's a great little shop that's similar to Commute living. Start's with a C but can't remember the name. All in all a good place for some nosh in a cool neighbourhood. Seems like every time I go I sleep better than I have since the early 90's!