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Good Bar Food Near Orpheum

Silvertone is my Orpheum area eatery of choice

Bachelorette Party Dinner

We went to Ivy in Downtown Crossing for my cousin's bachelorette party last spring. It was great for a large group because they do small plates that can be shared and the wine list is very reasonable.

Boston Noodle Joints

Maybe that Betty's Wok place on Huntington and Mass Ave? Not the same vibe as a Wagamama, but I've had relatively good experiences the few times I've been.

Pops going in the Perdix space

I saw the signs for Pops in the former Perdix space, but have not heard anything about it--anyone have any info? The signs just say that they are currently hiring for all positions.

Also, any updates on Mela? When's that supposed to open?

cool scene w/ great food/wine on Thursday night

Maybe Les Zygomates?

Live music, good wine and food

Boston Organics, lately?

We used to get Boston Organics last year. Initially, we loved it, then we cooled to it after several so-so boxes in a row and canceled, as it was getting to be farmers market season anyway.

Now we are considering starting it back up again and are just wondering how people's experiences with it have been recently?

Thanks in advance.

best bagel in boston?

Not in Boston, but there is a place in Gloucester called, I think Jim's Bagel, that has great bagels (in my opinion, can't claim to be a bagel purist). Kind of far to go for a fix, but if you ever find yourself on the North Shore...

Cheap and cheerful in the South End?

Giacomo's, Anchovies, Columbus Cafe, Joe V's, The Dish, Thai Village, House of Siam

Mac n' Cheese

I think Aquitaine does great mac & cheese. Though extremely rich--I can't imagine eating an entire portion myself.