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How to Peel a Lot of Onions Fast(er)

skytop111, the link is in the highlighted blue text "tricks to speed things up" or here, for your anti-scrolling convenience -

You'll find this is common practice on this, and many other sites on the internet.

Sep 20, 2013
LaCheshireChat in Features

Slow-Cooked Carne Adovada

Rhete: That's what you need to use. Carne Adovada takes a LOT of chiles. The prep is soooo worth it, if you've never had this, you just don't know. I used to live in ABQ and this is a favourite dish. And, to be authentic, use Hatch chiles. :)

May 09, 2011
LaCheshireChat in Recipes

Going to France, What to Buy??

Chateau Laguiole knives really are pretty naff, honestly. And screwpull makes a much better corkscrew, just my two centimes. WHILE you are here, please indulge in the lovely raw milk cheese, just pick 5 different cheeses and go for it with a baguette à l'Ancienne, just heavenly. I'll second the Knorr and Maggi stock cubes, there's a huge variety here. Plus Fond de Veau, makes spectacular gravy and is a lush, subtle ingredient in many different meat dishes or as a slight thickener. If you go to an Emmaüs, which is a countrywide charity, rather like Goodwill, with centres in all the largest cities. You can pick up terrine pans, linens, etc, for next to nothing. You'll be shocked. Check the Pages Jaunes for your nearest one, they're usually only open a couple days a week, but so worth the trip!

Sep 01, 2010
LaCheshireChat in Cookware

Culturally Insensitive Takeout

@chochotte You have a Pakistani grocers across from your flat... I for one, knew you were in the UK. ;)

Sep 01, 2010
LaCheshireChat in Features

Avoid Farmers' Market Faux Pas

@cafesimile "Why do people act as if European behavior and choices are the yardstick by which everything should be judged? "

Because there *can* be such a vast and marked difference between rude and respectful, for starters?

Sep 01, 2010
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Easy Pancetta

Really interesting and informative comments, however, no one has addressed the subject of "tiny flying/crawling varments". What does one do about flies? We don't have fly screens (yes, I know, shudder) so flies are common indoors, like it or not. Just as bad outside, if not worse. I do see hams hanging up around here, usually in a neighbour's kitchen, wrapped in a lightweight muslin. However, these are air-cure hams, so, possibly different process. Any ideas, folks?

Jun 28, 2010
LaCheshireChat in Recipes

Spiced Caramel Apple Upside-Down Cake

Pioneer Woman's version is pure yummy indeed. However, I think joannabar might have missed the point of this recipe. It is supposed to be kosher, for a dessert, which means (if the dinner had meat) it can't have dairy. Hence the margarine and the soy milk. Also, thousands of people cannot eat dairy, so for them, this would be a welcome addition to a dessert line-up!

Mar 29, 2010
LaCheshireChat in Recipes

Columbian Peaberries - sweet!

Yes, HLing! More about that stone grinder, please!

Mar 27, 2010
LaCheshireChat in General Topics

Yeah, Sure, "Let's Have Coffee"

I think social politeness dictates you don't <i>make</i> the other person lose face. But neither should you lie, that's just not on and defeats the whole Golden Rule idea: I don't want someone lying to me therefore, why would I do it to someone else?

However, some people really DID just fall off the Social Graces turnip truck yesterday. I had a neighbour, in Albuquerque, who would show up to a small party, have a drink, and another and then still be there drinking at 2AM. Subtle clues (like looking at the clock, yawning, standing up and walking to the door with their coat - seriously) did nothing. I finally got cocktail napkins that read: "<i>Have you noticed you're the last one left?</i>" He then knew that if he saw those come out, it was his *hint* to leave.

If I am ever asked for an unwanted date nowadays, I will give them my sweetest smile, say something like, "No thank you, but, it is highly flattering that you asked me." Then change the subject to something neutral.
(I have to say that I agree with the other's about honesty. Especially what Vorpal wrote. Plus just saying that "if you go there, to let me know how it was, thanks." is a mature and direct way out of a difficult moment.
But Glowworm's 're-evaluating' comment still has me chuckling... ow.)

Mar 26, 2010
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Pumpkin Pie with Spiced Crust

CUCURBITA MOSCHATA Common name. Pumpkin, winter squash, calabaza, West Indian pumpkin, zapallo,labu manis, butternut squash, Cuban pumpkin, seiyou, auyama...etc. Close enough... geez.
Or Sarah Gilbert goes more in-depth:

Nov 02, 2009
LaCheshireChat in Recipes

Why Does the First Pancake Always Turn Out the Worst?

LadyInTheKitchen: Don't be nervous, just try it! After all, if it messes up, you can just eat it...
When I was young, I worked at a place that used pancake batter for their stupidly-popular French Toast... and cooked said French Toast swimming in a pool of clarified butter. The edges were super crispy and I (very occasionally) use this technique today with my pancakes. Different result, but artery-clogging delicious.

Jan 29, 2009
LaCheshireChat in Features

frangipane in galette des rois---raw ground almonds or cooked before grinding?

We tend to just use either ground raw almonds or use blanched raw almonds and grind them with sugar. I never toast mine before grinding but, that might be a nice and different taste. Don't forget the fève! You can either use a small porcelain figure or a (well-washed) silver coin, wrapped in foil.
Bonne Année!

Jan 02, 2009
LaCheshireChat in Home Cooking

Mulled wine advice needed

Well, with MY recipe, yes... you can use the wine, port and sherry.

I use a gutsy red, like a Merlot or Shiraz for the bulk of the wine.
I measure 1/4 of the volume of the finished wine as orange juice. (So for this illustration, I am using 1 litre of orange juice to 4 bottles of wine.) I simmer this orange juice with slices of fresh ginger root, zest of an orange, zest of a lemon and the juice of both citrus fruits, a few whole cloves, several cinnamon sticks, one star anise, and a quantity of light brown or raw sugar. When it is syrupy after 10-20 minutes, and my house smells divine, I dump all this into a coffee urn with the wine, a 500 ml bottle of cherry juice, any dribs and drabs of extra wine and a good slosh of brandy. You can also use a crock pot, but remember not to let it get TOO hot! Mix well and adjust the sweetness.

Dec 30, 2008
LaCheshireChat in Home Cooking

A Question for Food Lovers: Big Night and Babette's Feast

Any of the New England Culinary Institute restaurants in Vermont.
(OK, I AM biased, since I used to work for them)
The students take great pride in their work and I think you can have some simply fabulous meals... I know I have!

anyone know where i can get a "SHANDY"?

No... seriously... English or French 'lemonade' is nothing like Sprite or 7-up.

OK, yes, it is clear, it is fizzy, it is sweet, but the taste is completely different. Honest.

Lemon juice, water, ice and simple syrup or sugar isn't lemonade here in France, no, that's called Citron Pressé.. surprise!

Which is why a Pimms tastes vile in the USA unless you use the aforementioned French or English R Whites (from Myers of Keswick) lemonades. Same with a Shandy. The lager used is strong here in Europe, like 5.5-6.8% on draft, normally. Adding a lemonade topper to that makes a Shandy still a lot stronger than an American Budweiser.
We can buy a Shandy in a bottle here in France called Panache (PAN-ah-shay) or you can order the same in a bar made from draft lager and lemonade. Maybe try asking for that? Good luck!

Nov 12, 2008
LaCheshireChat in Manhattan