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best low-cost fresh seafood in bergen county

To Curlz, Sixelagogo, Fourunder, & Oceans,

Many thanks for all your replies! I'm new to chowhound and didn't know what to expect in terms of responses. I will be investigating all the great options you have each posted - can't wait! (But I'll have to wait, actually, because now I've got to be away for a week or so. I'll let you know the outcome soon thereafter.) Thanks much again - hope this is the best way to respond to all at the same time.

best low-cost fresh seafood in bergen county

The regular grocery stores never seem to have seafood sales on par with all their meat and poultry sales. Often meat and poultry go on sale at half price or well under but, again, this never seems to happen for seafood. I don't know the reason for this - but I would like to know where better fresh seafood prices may be found in Bergen County. (I'd look outside the county if someone recommended a terrific option.) I heard that various asian food markets may provide fresh seafood at reasonable, or significantly lower, prices. If anyone knows where these markets are located - not to mention their names - I would be greatly appreciative to hear from you. Of course, please do provide any other info if relevant - certainly doesn't have to be asian! Again, suggestions for outside the county are fine too.