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ice cream in northern virginia

Any ideas on where to get a banana split or hot fudge sundae (no hersheys, DQ or frozen custard) in northern VA on a Sunday afternoon?

Anyone got a line on sausage casings?

I buy casings from and get them within 3 days. About $30.00 for 100 yards, any size both hog and sheep. Always fresh and salted. Last for months in the fridge.

kerrygold garlic & herb butter -- where can i buy it in nova?

Fairfax Wegman's has it, in fact, it's in their recipe for steamed clams. A bag of steamers, add a stick of Kerrygold garlic/herb...

Fairground food - the Big E

My last visit to the fair was 1950. I have pleasant memories of VT maple sugar candies, italian sausage grinders with fried peppers and onions, Joey Chitwoods Hell Drivers, the draft horse pulling contest, and earthy odors of the animal barns. Appears that the maple sugar goodies have survived.

Lunch in Centreville

Two of my favorite spots are the Little Italy Deli in the I-Hop shopping center
(Old Centreville Crossing) and Charlie Chang's next to Giant.

Feta Cheese

Mediteranean Market in rear of the small shopping center next to Amphora Restaurant in downtown Vienna. Usually has 3 or 4 types of bulk feta. Inexpensive also.

Why are there so few good bakeries

Wegmans (Fairfax or Ashburn) beats Whole Foods. They have many varieties of artisan loafs as well as pasteries and other goodies. Try their Marco Polo. Beautifully textured with a rice flour crust. That and a 1/2 lb of Kerrygold butter makes for a great breakfast.

Crab Cake Detour On The Drive Bet NY & MD

Try Woody's in North East, MD about 10 minutes east of I 95 a few miles south of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Open in the evening. Easy access.

Dining Near Rowan

Thanks for the info. Hope you enjoy the website. Don's bagels is still there.
Duffields Farm Market makes pretty good subs. Glassboro was pretty much shut down after 8 pm on the weekend. Next time I will venture further out. Tried Geets Diner and was pretty marginal.Our trip back to VA was highlighted by a stop at Chap's Pit Beef in Baltimore (featured on Food Ntwk's DDD).Tough place to find when heading south on 95. Between Adult Videos and the Gentlemen's Club. Beef on white bread slathered with tiger sauce..great stuff. Nice folks. Sparse seating.

Jul 30, 2008
soilman in Mid-Atlantic

Dining Near Rowan

I'll be spending time in the Glassboro area the next few days. Any suggestions. I'm a diner, doughnut, bbq and seafood nut. No franchises.

Jul 24, 2008
soilman in Mid-Atlantic


Williards in Chantilly VA near the Expo Center. Excellent. I rate it over Famous Dave's also nearby and Red Hot and Blue. More authentic and has all the sides you expect at a local bbq joint. Fast, large servings and inexpensive.

Looking for some help, softshell Clams

All of Wegman's grocery stores in VA have ME soft shell's. I steam my own. They have a store in Cherry Hill NJ. Fried whole bellies, head to CT/RI shoreline. A long 2 hours away. I travel from VA to Atlantic City quite often and would be interested in knowing where I could stop for a few of these great summer delicacies.

Jun 10, 2008
soilman in Mid-Atlantic

The Monstrosity at Rts. 28 & 29 (Centerville)

check out Tom Setsima's review in the W. Post magazine, first time I have ever seen a no star review...

Pete's Apizza: New Haven Pizza in Columbia Heights

JRW is correct, new haven style is thin, charred and definitly crisp compared to local stuff and also baked in a wood-fired brick oven, Tried Sally's last year, supposedly Sinatra's favorite..stood in line for 1 hour..great sauce, great pie..

Crabs for Mothers Day

Any ideas on the cost of bushel of live #1 males at Maine Avenue in D.C. A family tradition but may not be worth the trip this year due to projected high prices.