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Baltimore snack shacks Obrikis?

I will be in Baltimore for 2 1/2 days with my husband. We love to try new places and drinks new things when we visit. We currently love Blue Moon for breakfast, but have been reading more and more about Miss Shirley. Will hit both up and make a decision.

Any recommendations for other meals and snacks? We really want to try a place that has steamed crabs that you whack with a mallet. Does this exist?

We are staying in the inner harbor but are familiar with the water taxi.

Thank you in advance!

Good Eats in Fells Point/Little Italy??

I will be in Baltimore for my second time this summer. I fell in love with Fells Point and Little Italy! Unfortunatly, I was not familiar with the area when I went. So, I stuck around the inner harbor....LAME I know. Can you give me some suggestions of places to eat all 3 meals....and maybe some snacks? Thanx!