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Special dinner in etobicoke - merlot vs. vibo?

Merlot is overrated , to busy for there own good. Anything but Merlot.

help finding Hengstenberg pickles


Best brunch in Roncesvalles/Ossington/High Park area?

Brads is great for Brunch and Lunch.

French bistro ideas!

Merlot on Bloor west and Royal York is Tops. alittle bit out of the way.
Bon Appetite

Bloor West restaurant recommendation please....

IMHO Merlot is great,noise yes Food very good.

Where to find weisswurst (white sausage) in TO?

IMHO Denningers in Oakville sells very good ones.

Zees or Stone Road Grille

IMO StoneRoad Grill is miles better,Zees overrated ,overpriced and poor service.

JK Wine Bar

IMO poor service,average food,high Prices = waist of time

Kingston, ON - Lunch?

IMO Le Chien Noir is tops, Brock street.

Food at Arts & Letters Club

Have eaten there once , It whas great food and service,very nice room. would go again.

Best pizza in Toronto?

Yes,great pie. The rest overpriced and very poor service.
Never again.

Niagara Falls,canada side -Resturant thats not a tourist trap

Carpaccio would my first choice.

South Street Burger Co

The better Burger in To.

Good French Bistro style places

You should try Merlot, Bloor west & Royal york.

Old School in Mississagua

Micheals Back Foor awesome food and service.Barbison is great aswell.Never disapointed.

Looking for Best Italian Fine Dining in Toronto

Biaggo,Via A. great Food lousy service & High prices,Romaga Mia.

NOTL option other than Stone Road

Epicurean is a nice laid back place in the evening and not overpriced like many other places in that village.

Espresso Machine?

Try Saeco Store on Steeles west.
Great selection and service.

Best French Food in Chinatown! @ Batifole

Wow not expected in this neighboorhood.
Food outstanding,Winelist great,nice Room and very prompt service. Dessertlist needs work.
Consider going back

Food and Wine Show: Is it worthwhile?

No I agree totaly with TexSquared.
I made the mistake last year.

Via Allegro?

Right, Save your gas,cash and your ears you can better places closer to home.The food is good rest needs a lot of work.

Niagara Region

Forget Nig.Culinary bunch of amateurs.
Try Epicurian in NotL. or the River Side Inn.

Espresso Machine?

Try Seaco-store on Steeles,great machines,prices and good service.

Elliott House

Any comments about this Restaurant ??

Niagara-On-The-Lake / NOTL Suggestions?

Forget Vineland the dispossed of there Chef and are only
middle of the road and very expensive.

Niagara on the Lake --- Zees

Niagara Culinary Institute Is joke, Longwait poor service,Food well there is a TH down the road. stay away.