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Osgoode Hall Restaurant

Thanks so much for the great info. If you are interested and available to come along for lunch, please drop me an email. I'm looking forward to going there for the first time. -- Susan

Osgoode Hall Restaurant

Now I'm REALLY looking forward to going there. Please drop me a line with your contact info and we can set something up. -- Susan

Osgoode Hall Restaurant

I would love to try the Osgoode Hall Restaurant. It is only open for lunch between noon and 2 p.m. Fixed price menu and heard it's great. If anyone who works downtown (Queen West) or is willing to meet me there for lunch one day, please respond to, and we will arrange a lunch.

Authentic Amish Home Cooking

I am interested in possibly taking a trip to Lancaster, Pa in 2013 to tour Amish Country for a few days. They have many food tours and I'm told the relaxing slow pace, fresh air and Pennsylvania-Dutch country restaurants are great. Am looking for others who may be interested in joining me. This trip is only in the discussion phase for now. No dates have been set. If interested, drop me a line at

Invite: Chowhounders interested in Sunday Brunch Buffet or Afternoon Tea


I'm a gal, early 50's. Would like to ask other chowhounders, both male & female, who would like to splurge a bit this August if they would be interested in meeting at the Westin Prince Hotel (located at Don Mills and York Mills), for either their lavish Sunday Brunch or Afternoon Tea. Sunday Brunch is $44 plus tax & tip... around $60 total and includes a roast beef carving station, lobster, oysters, crab claws, shrimp, a variety of hot entrees, cold dishes, salads and imported cheese. Coffee, Tea & Juices are included. Do not have a date yet, but want to go one Sunday in August... We will meet there at around 11:15.

Also looking for ladies and/or gentleman who are interested in trying afternoon tea at same hotel. Includes finger sandwiches, scones, pastries, tea... for $20 p.p. + tax & tip. Please drop a line to me at


Hi to all,

I have been going through a rough time lately and want to unwind with a high-end hotel buffet brunch in Toronto in mid or late May. I've been to the King Eddy, which is great. Can anyone recommend any other good hotel buffet brunches? Also looking for a few people to join me, if you'd like to dine at a brunch in a small group, please drop me a line at:

NEW Brunch Group for Mature Chowhounders

Thanks for your suggestion! If you (and others reading this) are somewhat out of the age group, but don't mind handing out with a "more mature crowd", drop me a line at chowhound@email and I'll keep you posted on our outings.

NEW Brunch Group for Mature Chowhounders

Any "Middle-Aged" Chowhounders - ages 45 - 65 who'd like to start a Toronto Brunch
club for occasional get togethers exploring this city's best brunches, please
drop me a line at


FAncy Hotel Buffet Brunches

Hi Red Dragon,

It is very elegant, but you don't have to overdress. I'd say the dress code is casual chic. I may be mistaken, but I think there might be free valet parking for brunch guests... call the hotel to confirm this. Otherwise, I guess just at a local parking lot or meter. Sunday mornings the meters are free until 1 p.m. Hope this helps

FAncy Hotel Buffet Brunches


I just went to the King Edward Sunday Buffet Brunch. It was fabulous. Has anyone been to any of Toronto's other Hotel Sunday Brunch Buffets? Which one is the best in your opinion?

Sea Hi Famous Chinese Restaurant

I was just there a few weeks ago. Food is okay, but very American-Style...definitely not authetic Chinese. It is absolutely NOT kosher...they have a wide array of pork dishes. ... And you all are of a few weeks ago, the place was still empty. It's huge inside, but you'll rarely find more that three or four tables occupied.

Dinner Gathering for Chowhounders over 40

My intention is not to exclude anyone, however, there are Chowhound members in their 40's, 50's and beyond who might feel more comfortable with people in their own age group. I used to go to a few chowhound google group meetings. While the members were very nice, I felt out of place being a couple of decades older than the average person -- many were university students.

From the responses I've received so far, people seem to like the idea of a 40 plus Chowhound group. Can't hurt to try!


Dinner Gathering for Chowhounders over 40

Hello all,

I know there is a "google" chowhound group for Toronto members that gets a fairly young crowd (mostly in their late teens and 20's). I'd like to suggest a new Toronto group for Chowhound site fans over 40 to occasionally gather to try new local restaurants. We will report our reviews on the board.

Any suggestions for our first meeting? Please drop a line to:

Look forward to hearing from you,

Suzie Q

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