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Ice cream around Wicker park

I plan on going to black dog gelato, and finding snookelfritz at the green market on saturday. Shawn Michele ice cream looked interesting too. I was wondering if rainbow cone was any different than your usual soft serve place?

Jun 16, 2011
lolared in Chicago Area

Ice cream around Wicker park

Thanks everyone! I found just what I was looking for

Jun 15, 2011
lolared in Chicago Area

Ice cream around Wicker park

I would love some recommendations for any delicious ice cream/gelato in/around Wicker park. Or anywhere in the city. We can drive to wherever is great. I am looking for not your average ice cream sundae. Different flavor combos are what I'm after. Thanks!

Jun 15, 2011
lolared in Chicago Area

London Trip Report May 26- 31

I scoured the Chow boards to put together 5 days worth of eating the best food. I was not disappointed with any of my choices. Here they are:

Harwood Arms- Pork belly with quails eggs, crispy pig ears. The lovely people at the Harwood have the best bread in London. It was an irish soda bread with the most divine butter. Great start to the trip.

Mooli- They specialize in Indian street food. Not sure if was authentic, but it was damn good. I had a chickpea wrap with a superfood salad. Mint lemonade. Perfect lunch

Spuntino- This was the most fun meal of the trip. We ordered way too much food for 2 people. Started off with a cup of free chili spiked popcorn. Nice touch. Ground beef and bone marrow slider, pulled pork and pickled apple slider, Mac and cheese (omg), asparagus pizzetta, calamari chickpeas and ink, and shoestring fries. The dessert was the best of the trip, ( and this includes Paris as well), Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. IT was peanut butter ice cream shaped to look like toast, with jam mixture in the middle. Soooo good!

Borough Market- Chorizo sandwich, and other yummy items. I could eat at a different place for 2 months and not repeat

Bocca di Lupo- Loved this place. Radish, pecorino, pomegranate salad, Orecchiette with salame. For dessert we walked across the street to Gelupo (owned by the same people), i had the best gelato I have ever had

Ottolenghi- Perfect lunch spot after a day of shopping. Had a mix of salads.

Barrafina- Cute diner style tapas. Jambon fritatta, garlic shrimp, tomato toast, toast with aioli, chickpeas and spinach

Dean Street Townhouse- Afternoon tea service. Sandwiches were ok, scones and cakes were amazing. Service was so great. The atmosphere was the best part. Relaxed
The Thomas Cubitt- Pimm's cocktail, chili salt squid, awesome chicken dish. Service was great

54 Frith St, London, Greater London W1D 3, GB

Thomas Cubitt
44 Elizabeth Street, London SW1W 9PA, GB

Bocca di Lupo
12 Archer St, London, England W1D 7, GB

Jun 13, 2011
lolared in U.K./Ireland

Paris Trip Report June 1-6

Planning this trip, I scoured the chow boards to devise an eating itinerary to equal the best meals of my life. Here you go:

Angelina- Hot chocolate and strawberry tart. The chocolate was divine, the tart not so much

Les Cocettes- First course special of the day, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. Main- Pigs feet caramelized in potatoes. I can't even begin to tell how delicious this was. Service was awesome

Poilane- Do I need to say anything about this? chocolate croissant/apple tart. Spoiled for life

Cuisine de Bar- Breakfast here twice. Poilane bread and croissants/jams. The lovely girl that works in the morning was so cute and nice!

Le Comptoir creperie- Jambon/gruyere crepe- not as good as the breizh cafe

Spring- 6 courses with wine pairings, one of the best meals ever. Service was great. They seated us downstairs, which was ok, but I wish we could have been upstairs

Context travel chocolate walking tour with Barbara Austin- We walked around the St. Germain area for a tour of 8 odd chocolate/bakeries
Pierre marcolini- The single origin chocolate was awesome
Pierre Herme- Ipsahan chocolate with lychee, raspberry, rose blew my mind. Macaroons better than Laduree
Patrick Roger- The most creative chocolates I have ever seen. The cocoa dusted/caramelized almonds were the best

Rose Bakery- I loved evey inch of this place. I had oan fried mackerel w/ dijon potato salad. The best fried fish i have ever had. Our waiter was so lovely. Apricot crumb cake for dessert.

Pozzetto- Chocolate and pistachio gelato. Best Gelato all trip (I know I am throwing that "the best I ever ate" thing around, but believe me when I say it is completely true)

Les Papilles- This place was one of the favorites of the trip. Picked a bottle of wine, didn't have to decide on what to eat....So relaxing.

Willi's Wine Bar- I had the best salmon here. Service was awesome, wine was great

Berthillion- I liked this ok, but Pozzetto was waaay better

Breizh Cafe- I could eat here everyday of my life. We had a traditional crepe with gruyere and egg. The crepe looked like lace and was awesome. The next one blew my mind. Sweet crepe with salted caramel inside, rhubarb sauce, strawberry, and a tiny scoop of ice cream. omg

Candelaria- When you go in, it is confusing about what to do. Sit, or order at the counter? If there is seat, grab it quickly. Order off of the blackboard menu. Had 2 carnita tacos, 2 vegetarian, guacamole, tostada. Really good for mexican in paris. The best thing there was a black bean brownie. It was probably the best brownie i have ever had. I did it again with the "best ever" claim. That is what happens when you go to Paris I guess

There are also numerous other snack places we went. Eric Kayser was delicious, as was Denise Acabo

Pierre Herme
72 Rue Bonaparte, Paris, Île-de-France 75006, FR

75 Champs-Élysées, Paris, Île-de-France 75008, FR

Jun 13, 2011
lolared in France

Lunch or dinner?

Lunch sounds perfect. Thanks!

Mar 24, 2011
lolared in France

Lunch or dinner?

I am going to be in Paris at the end of May and was wondering if Spring would be better for lunch or for dinner? Same with Les Cocettes, lunch or dinner?

Mar 24, 2011
lolared in France

3 dinners in baltimore

we were planning on using public transport

3 dinners in baltimore

My friend and I are going to be in town for a class by the airport. We are staying at the hilton by the airport, so i know we will have to travel for food, which is more than fine by me. I would love some recommendations for 3 different style dinners. Cheap to medium prices would be great. The cuisines that we would like to have are american, mexican, italian, asian. I am just looking for really great food unique to baltimore.

2 1/2 days in chicago

I will be staying at Hotel 71 near Mccormick place in a couple of weeks.
I wanted some breakfast/lunch ideas near that area.
Dinner can be anywhere, something fun and nicer than breakfast and lunch.
Italian, Mexican, seafood for dinner
Hot doug's is already on the list for lunch

Mar 16, 2009
lolared in Chicago Area

veg and carnivore friendly around hyde

Looking for veg and carnivore friendly dinner spots around hyde. Nothing to trendy/expensive. Just well cooked food for a good price. No sushi please. thanks

Cincinnati Korean

I'm not sure if it is korean, but Song Long in Avondale is awesome

Portland restaurants around ace

thanks for all the help so far. To elaborate more, i'm looking for cheap to moderate food. Local, fun, cuisine of all types. My boyfriend isn't very adventurous, so keep thai and vietnamese out of it. thanks!

Apr 24, 2008
lolared in Pacific Northwest

Portland restaurants around ace

My boyfriend and I are going to be in Portland in June, and we are staying at the Ace Hotel. We won't have a car , so I was just wondering if it was going to be a problem going places around town. Also, if you know of some good places around our hotel and throughout the city. We love food carts too!

Apr 24, 2008
lolared in Pacific Northwest