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Mochi (just mochi, not ice cream) in DC

Where can I find mochi (not in the form of ice cream or as a topping for ice cream, just mochi) in DC? Preferably Metro accessible.


Sep 22, 2009
charmcityblues in Washington DC & Baltimore

Cheap, Good Frozen Lasagne

I actually just used the Stouffer's Easy Express lasagna as an emergency substitute for the real thing- my oven broke the day I was hosting a study session at my apartment, and I had promised lasagna.

It worked out very well, was absolutely easy, and tasted pretty amazing, especially for something that came from a box. Overall, thumbs up!

I wouldn't touch the Swirlz, though.

Oct 19, 2008
charmcityblues in Features

Favorite Local Farmer's Market?

Newbie question, but where exactly is the H Street Market? On H, of course... but which cross street?

May 17, 2008
charmcityblues in Washington DC & Baltimore

JFX Farmers Market

Eddie's CV has it to, or did last time I was there (maybe 3 weeks ago?)

May 17, 2008
charmcityblues in Washington DC & Baltimore

Lunch Near Farragut West

I am a Baltimore student about to join the horde of interns descending on DC this summer.

I will be working long (unpaid!) hours, and, though I plan to pack lunch as often as possible, I know that I'll end up eating out quite a bit.

I'm looking for fast, cheap, and healthy options in the area near Farragut West, preferably slightly more interesting than Au Bon Pain and its ilk.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Apr 24, 2008
charmcityblues in Washington DC & Baltimore