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L'Auberge, Marinus, or Pacific's Edge? Help...

I think that's a fantastic idea... I know the sun sets a little after 6 so cocktails would be perfect.

So, now it's between Citronelle and L'Auberge.

Sep 23, 2008
sassyseattle in California

L'Auberge, Marinus, or Pacific's Edge? Help...

I'm in Carmel for one night and would like to enjoy a fabulous dinner. After researching the boards. I have wound up more confused than ever...

What I'm looking for is outstanding food and wine in a not-too-stuffy atmosphere. Something special and romantic... I don't mind spending the money, but in return I really want a memorable experience.

Has anyone dined at any of these places in the last month or so? I would love a fellow foodies opinion. Where would you go?


Sep 22, 2008
sassyseattle in California

Breakfast in Beverly Hills

I will be in Beverly Hills this Friday and Saturday, and would love to have a couple of great breakfast options. I am staying at the Beverly Hilton and won't have a car, but can walk or cab.

I'm not really looking for the diner or bakery experience, and I'm not looking for breakfast at the Peninsula either. Where do the locals go?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Aug 25, 2008
sassyseattle in Los Angeles Area

St. Paul restaurants... best kept secrets?

Drew and Anne -

I know what you mean about ethnic... It's a fav of mine, and living in Seattle, I have so much to choose from.

I really like all of your suggestions, but I think I might give Heartland a try - I loved the menu!

Do you know anything about the restaurant in the St. Paul hotel? I have heard good drinks, but so-so food.

Thanks so much!!

St. Paul restaurants... best kept secrets?


I am traveling to St. Paul on business next week and I am looking for a few great restaurants - the best of the best in the area. I am staying in the St. Paul Hotel and will not be renting a car this trip. I'm fine grabbing a cab but would prefer to stay within 15 minutes of the hotel... Price isn't an object, but with that said, I do really want tasty food. What I'm not looking for is Thai, BBQ, Pub Grub, etc.

Your recommendations would be much appreciated.


Visiting Paso Robles - Dining Suggestions?

Thank you all so much... I hope to try all your suggestions.

I really appreciate the wine tip...There are so many new spots, but it's hard to tell whats good and what's just ok. Tablas is my all time favorite!


Jul 02, 2008
sassyseattle in California

Visiting Paso Robles - Dining Suggestions?

I will be in Paso Robles over the holiday weekend. Any suggestions on dining out? I have heard great things about The Range, but I am hoping for a few more options.

Any new boutique wineries worth checking out?

Many thanks!

Jul 01, 2008
sassyseattle in California

Creative cooking & good service- need ideas

If your celebration falls on a weekend, I would make a reservation at Art of the Table in Fremont. They have a Weekend Supper Club, offering a customized four-course, prix fixe menu.The food is fabulous and the atmosphere is low-key. Ask for plant-based menu options.... I'm sure they can accommodate.

DT Seattle Birthday Cakes

Simply Desserts in Fremont is just a hop, skip and a jump away from DT, and the cake trumps anything Macrina or Dahila offers. The Strawberry white chocolate and chocolate caramel cakes are to die for!

Business Lunch in Santa Clara

Looking for a relatively quiet spot for a business lunch this Thursday in or near Santa Clara... All three diners are foodies...American would be first choice. Any suggestions?

Dinner for 6 in Seattle

Thanks so much for your help with this...If I could get the group to Elemental by 4:45 on a Saturday it would be my first choice, but no-can-do!

Veil is going to take care of us at the communal table with a special menu. Great tip!!!

Dinner for 6 in Seattle

I am hosting a celebration dinner for 6 girlfriends on a Saturday evening in May. Elemental@Gasworks was at the top of our list, but we would have to be there at 5pm to secure a table.

Any suggestions for a fun dining experience for 6 foodies?