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Uniquely Georgia Cuisine?

thank for all the suggestions! we'll go try watershed, and it sounds like we should just go and fish some shrimps ourselves.

are there any good "bring your own alcohol" places?

Apr 25, 2008
jning in General South Archive

Uniquely Georgia Cuisine?

Hey all,

I'm here in Georgia for about another week, and am just wondering if there is anything we can find here that is unique and authentic to just Georgia, or the the general southeast. We're in the Lawrenceville area, and don't mind travelling to downtown Atlanta.
My husband and I live in Montreal, so we generally can enjoy any kind of cuisine, so suggestions for Italian or French isn't exactly what we're looking for, unless you are sure that they are extremely special or great.

Thanks in advance!

Apr 24, 2008
jning in General South Archive