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Help!!! Cake needs potato starch, can I substitute something?

Potato starch tolerates higher cooking temperatures than corn starch. That would be an advantage for stove-top cooking, but I don't see how it would matter when using it in baking.

Jan 08, 2013
mm7232 in Home Cooking

Fire-Charred Green Beans with Cajun Dipping Sauce

My guess is that your fire was not hot enough, and simply cooked the beans from the inside-out, taking so long that most of the moisture was removed from them. (I haven't tried the recipe, but all foods will cook similarly. If the temperature is too high, the outside will crisp and brown without cooking the food through; the reverse is also true, as in the case of, I believe, your beans.)

Jul 29, 2009
mm7232 in Recipes