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Horseradish; the other Cash Crop? [DTW]

A couple years ago that Foodie guy with the bald head filmed at Sordek s in Hamtramck having the Jellied Pigs Feet with what he calls the very best Horseradish he ever eaten,,, yes I do agree, you have to store it upside down as in the store, ,, just ask they'll tell you why.

Jun 25, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Why Yelp Sucks!

Sorry to say Urbanspoon is going away, Zomato is eliminating the brand with in the next couple weeks.

Mar 20, 2015
ALPOE in Food Media & News

Why Yelp Sucks!

New changes in the game folks,,,, Urbanspoon was sold to Zomato which main goal is taking on Yelp and then me favorite the New Google Local just revamped last month is me review site today,,, you gotta check them out.

Mar 19, 2015
ALPOE in Food Media & News

Dinner near Cinema Detroit

Just a few blocks up Cass is Byblo's Cafe which be Middle Eastern we've been a dozen times always fantastic. The whole Chicken is our favorite which is all marinated grill white breast. really nice eating spot, easy in and out. Here's there link

Mar 18, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Quick! Lunch recommendations in Detroit near henry ford hospital downtown

St. Cece's corner of Trumbull n Bagley in Corktown easy access to freeway's just a couple miles from Henry Ford. Take a look they both a Facebook Page and Website,,, here's lunch menu for your enjoyment.

St. Cece's-Corktown-Detroit, MI-Food & Spirits







House Corned Beef Brisket, Coyote Kraut, Spicy Mustard, Havarti

Roasted Pork Shoulder, Carolina Glaxed Ham, Pickles, Spicy Mustard, Chihuahua Cheese

Roasted Turkey Breast, Havarti, Aioli, Dipped in French Toast Batter, Fried and Served W/House Made Jam

​House Ground MI. Angus, Chihuahua Cheese, Caper Aioli, Tomato, Greens

Cucumber, Carrot, Sunflower Sprouts, Kim Chi, Cilantro,

french Shitake & gruyere
Pulled Pork


Mixed Greens, Tri-color carrots, Avocado, Tomato, Mango, Basil, Cilantro, Tri-Citrusette Dressing

Mixed Greens, Goat Cheese, Pine Nuts & Port Balsamic Vinaigrette

Fresh Local Garden vegetables Stir Fried W/Quinoa

Red Potatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes, Haricot Vert, Peppers, Boiled Eggs, Olives, Anchovies


Lettuce & Tomato

Add & Mix & Match
Spinach, Tomato, Grilled Onion, Mixed Veggies
Bacon, Ham, Sloppy Joe, Pulled Pork,


Fish Tacos

Sloppy Joe

Corridor Sausage Hoagie

Turkey Wrap

Roasted Red Pepper Wrap

Shitake Noodle Bowl

Mar 18, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Fifty Years - DTW

Just ate there last week since 1954 Matador Mexican

Mar 11, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Fifty Years - DTW

Since 1952 Franks in Wyandotte,,, see me Blog post ENJOY

Mar 08, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Wisconsin "Pizza Fries"?

The only style Pizza Fries I've had at Chesley's in Lincoln Park Mi. had them for decades.

Feb 15, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

ammoglio . . . and Detroit?

On a mission today to my Favorite Sicilian eating spot, took a print out of this conversation and to my surprise it's on the menu and sold to go also. The place Sammy's Cucina in Brownstown Michigan corner of West and Telegraph the flavor was a explosion of flavor lots O Garlic me so LOVE. They spell it Ammogghio from there grand mothers recipe. Thanks for helping me find this Super Garlicky treat. here's my Instagram photo and find them on Facebook.

Feb 03, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Michigan Spanish purveyors of food

Yes me thought is if you dine in a Spanish restaurant and talk with the owners they will lead to Spanish Food Purveyors,,,, this be the reason of me post.

Jan 17, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Michigan Spanish purveyors of food

La Feria logoour STORY
How it all began…

On a cold, gray Michigan day in 1997 a group of friends reminisce about April in Seville, Spain over a couple of bottles of Rioja wine… Ahhh, the sun, warmth, friends and family, and the unmistakable excitement as the city prepares for its annual spring bash– la Feria de abril: a week long party of frolic, food, and fun. The sounds of Flamenco, the colors of beautiful dresses, the fragrances of orange blossoms, the heat of the Andalucían sun, and the enticing aromas from the simple yet powerful kitchens as they churn out tortilla, paella, and pescaito frito. Oh, to be back in Sevilla…

Yet since these friends knew Michigan would be their home for years to come, they embarked on a mission to recreate la Feria in their own backyards. And so began a yearly tradition of cooking, dancing, and celebrating in an attempt to bring a little bit of the joy of Spain to Southeastern Michigan. Each year these friends invited others to join them at their “feria,” and the party grew in numbers and popularity. Soon, murmurings began that la Feria–with all of its goodness–should be more than a once a year affair; somehow it should be held in a permanent gathering place for all to enjoy year round. And the seeds of what would come were planted…

Fast forward 16 years and that talk of sharing a little bit of Spain with others became a reality when these friends–Pilar Baron-Hidalgo, Naomi Khalil, and Elias Khalil submitted their idea to the 2012 Hatch Detroit contest and won with overwhelming support. Detroit was ready to share the magic of la Feria, and now with our doors open, we are so excited to bring it to you!

Jan 16, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Detroit Yea a Ramen House da Johnny Noodle King

Ramen Rookie I Be Pho,Miso,Shoyu,Shio n Red Curry BACON Rice

As a Rookie Ramen eater I be getting a lesson in Japanese meals a big bowl of explosive flavorful broth, veggie n noodle with many more add on's. Instant Ramen was invented 1958 and came to America in 1971 yes I've eating thousands of packs and bowls not really having the pleasure of the real deal until now. In Tokyo alone had over 4000 Ramen shops with many unique regional styles I'm proud to have DETROIT Style Ramen.

The hottest dish talked about be the Bacon Rice yep Pork Belly n goodies on top of white rice it works well as a side dish you truly must try. Tried 3 big bowls to date with the Red Curry as the hit that has be addicted to the most crafted broth ever eaten,,,a whole lotta Love goes into brewing this concoction I assure you.
Ramen – Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup that consists of wheat noodles served with pork of other types of meat. The broth is usually tonkotsu (pork bone broth), miso (soy bean) or soy sauce. Ramen is of Chinese origin and it is unclear when ramen was introduced to Japan. The noodle soup is always served with various toppings from seaweed, corn, boiled egg, garlic and many others.

Finally made the trip for quality bursting with flavor dishes n bowls made with Detroit Love, I truly can see why so busy, easy in fast service this evening, Super Service by Victoria Martin , had the delightful Red Curry WOWED beyond expectations with a explosion of spices. One Japanese Beer very good along the the already Famous Bacon Rice Bowl a unique dish not to be missed. THANKS Jaques n Les for your creative genius on this place, , be back soon to work me way into more menu goodies. — at Johnny Noodle King.

Johnny Noodle King on Urbanspoon

Jan 10, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

ZAPIEKANKI the Famous Polish Sandwich,Nalaniski stuffed with Farmers Cheese [Sabina's, Melvindale MI]

Jan 10, 2015
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Private dining room for 30 in DTW

Would Like to recommend a few place's, really need to know the area your looking for in Metro Detroit area

Dec 29, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

DTW- new Venezuelan restaurant-El Rey de las Arepas

Oh yea went today for a treat of exciting new flavors, me taste buds be exploding. We are half the menu n going back next week for mucho more. See there Facebook page for me review and a photo of me with the owner /chef, yep they called me by my name GRINGO see link for me photo's and also find them on Instagram for more photo's

Dec 26, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Best Middle Eastern in Dearborn area?

And the true winner often over looked is Malek Al Kabob just a town south of you visit in Taylor Michigan, the reviews are off the chart great. We;ve eaten there dozens of times and taken friends n family who are now regulars, please read my BLOG post and Google the reviews from around the web

Dec 22, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

ZAPIEKANKI the Famous Polish Sandwich,Nalaniski stuffed with Farmers Cheese [Sabina's, Melvindale MI]

How can you not LOVE a place that keeps it real and I do mean the real deal as the family came here from Warsaw Poland in the late 90's cooking you the very best authentic Polish meals in and around our great state. Now you can get these super Polish outside Ham Town right in downtown Melvindale just a few hundred yards off I-94 which is easy to access from anywhere

Polish soups made fresh along with the breads everyday,,,Dill Pickle be my favorite and the super loaded Farmer's cheese Perogi's along with Stuffed Cabbage and City Chicken will always keep you coming back for more I tell you. The Polish combo plate is over loaded with fresh Kielbasa, Pierogi's, Stuffed Cabbage, Meatball's, mashed Potato's and Corn along with fresh daily baked rolls and bread from there very own kitchen.
Two great items on the menu are the unique Polish sandwich called the Zapiekani serve open face loaded with ham,kielbasa,sauteed onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese, to me one of the very best sandwiches I've ever had. The other super delicious goodies in the Farmers Cheese Nalesniki's which I have topped with with applesauce and sour cream and dusted with Powered Sugar,,,can you just say out of this world YUMMY

The most spotless clean eating spot in the area along with fast friendly service always with a smile will make this a most enjoyable eating experience. The reviews on many site off the chart at 100 percent satisfaction and they don't place ads or have a Facebook all word of mouth with keeps this place packed with customers most of the time. Now get on down or across town to try this well known eating spot which will put a smile on yo face and in your tummy.

3840 Oakwood Melvindale, MI 48122

Sabina's Restaurant
(313) 388-5171

Dec 03, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Cooking with BLOOD down in Taylor Michigan,,,, get yours today

I've only had Duck Blood Soup the Polish folks offer,,,now I find this hidden gem back of the small market plating up Blood N Guts named Philmart corner of Northline n Pardee,,, I'm kinda like WTF when eating there the other day,,, you can purchase meals already Blood Made or frozen to go along with Bile n Intestines. Here's Facebook site you can see me photo's there. Any BLOOD Lover's out there.

Oct 31, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Detroit in November

I'm sure they will be open here's link ENJOY

Oct 21, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Dinner at El Asador, drinks at Sugar House (SW Detroit)

Maybe you seen my Photo story for August on El Asador,,,, take a look great Foodie photo's I took ENJOY

Oct 20, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Detroit in November

The Majestic Cafe hosts a Thanksgiving Breakfast Buffet from 7 AM to Noon so that you have a nice, warm place to watch the parade. The menu items are typically breakfast and the price is $20 an adult/$15 a child.

Detroit -- The Whitney is hosting both a Thanksgiving Brunch with VIP Parade Seating at 7:30 AM on Thanksgiving Day ($59 an adult/$39 a child) and Thanksgiving Dinner from Noon to 6 PM ($49 an adult/$29 a child).

Downtown Detroit is happening all day with the Parade n Detroit Lions football with many great things to do and places to eat at. The parade is a must view as one of the oldest n largest nation wide. My choice for downtown is Sweet Water Tavern named the Best Wings in the state along with super ribs, craft beers and the game will be on tv,,,yes open all day Thanksgiving

Oct 20, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Vince's Ristorante Italiano since 1960 Hand Crafted Pasta n Pizza Detroit Mi
Italian food as close to homemade as you can get when dining out in Detroit
Paintings of Rome and Venice, and the owner's hometown of Frosinone, brighten the cheery dining room. With a menu of oh-so-familiar pastas, veal, and chicken dishes from the Italian-American repertoire,The food is unrivaled outside of Italy! The Chicken Marsala is to die for! The pasta is fresh and perfect every time, as is the pizza. Family friendly and warm, friendly, genuine people!

Since a small child my whole family has only eaten Vince's pizza along with many pasta items, along with a thing called pizza bread beef burger the best sandwich I've ever eaten.My favorite Italian restaurant of all time. What is Italian cooking, I say meals prepared with a whole lot of love, where can you get a mother and daughter team creating the most perfect dishes with homemade pastas and sauces. I say bring any in our nations Italian chefs who only supervise a kitchen and the try the magnificent foods at Vince's. They started in there house just behind the current building and expanded in the 50 years of this true homemade foods place. I'd like to get chef Aldo from that chain to throw-down with Maria on who makes the best pasta and sauces,, she's hands on everyday. Forget about any negative reviews these people haven't eaten there for 40 years like me. This family continues to commit to the freshest homemade foods by a mother and daughter team that can not be found in this world today for 50 years, so spend a couple hours and meet them, they don't hide in the kitchen. They welcome you to be apart of there family and yes it takes a little time to prepared the homemade food when not a chain restaurant.

No wonder Mohammed Ali, Sinatra and Donald Sutherland sought it out! It's one of Detroit's FINEST "semi-secrets"...for over 50 years with the same family!Maria, Lydia, Frank and the staff provide excellent food and service with a smile. treasured memories over many years. The food hails from Sicily (Spicy and robust) and is the best money can by locally. Well worth the visit with safe and secure parking around back. We have never been disappointed. Reservations recommended on the weekends at night.

Sep 13, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Michigan Food Tour Musts?

A long time favorite of ours is Pinconning Cheese since 1948 a great stop on your tour,,,here's link see history.

Aug 16, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes


The very Best in Mexicantown on W. Vernor is La Terranza since they specialize in Seafood they offer several Mexican Ceviche dishes to enjoy. Here's there Facebook site.

Aug 15, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Moo Shu, Thai Taco, Curry Dishes & Bubble Tea YIPPEE [Yum Yum Express. Lincoln Park, MI]

Yes Lincoln Park Michigan and these are all my photo's taken on several visits all photos are from this eating spot only.

Aug 13, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Moo Shu, Thai Taco, Curry Dishes & Bubble Tea YIPPEE [Yum Yum Express. Lincoln Park, MI]

Aug 12, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Addictive Eclectic Ribeye with Poblano Pepper La Crema Sauce, MONEY [El Asador Steakhouse, Detroit]


Aug 12, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes


Here's Menu El Asador,,,

Aug 12, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Detroit near Hilton Garden Inn Downtown

Super choice for breakfast the Ham Shop Cafe a decades old Detroit favorite, Just when you think you've seen it all The Ham Shoppe which has been plating up great jumbo ham breakfast and sandwich's has now added great Soul foods. I had the Chicken and Waffles along with the Catfish and Eggs with Grits and let me say it was super good and I'll be back for more really soon. Not just a Ham Spot in Greek Town plating up really good Soul Foods. This place is must try.

Aug 12, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes

Addictive Eclectic Ribeye with Poblano Pepper La Crema Sauce, MONEY [El Asador Steakhouse, Detroit]

Yes I left that out and included the name in 3 photo's so folks would seek it out,,,Thanks you must read the yelp reviews from folks coming from all around to enjoy,,,here's link ENJOY

Jul 28, 2014
ALPOE in Great Lakes