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Your favorite place for steak in the Bay Area?

I am a lover of really good steak, rib eye being my favorite.

If you could only get one steak from one place in the Bay Area, where would it be?

Atmosphere is not important as long as the beef is tender, tasty and not covered with a bunch of "stuff". I am a purist at heart.


A Crash Course in San Francisco Dining...?

I like the funkiness of Liverpool Lil's. It is a little pub style place on Lyon with really good food. It is one of those "out of the way" places that many people don't know about. It is worth consideration.

Crushing Bones with Alton Brown

My 11 yo grand daughter watches Alton Brown with me every chance she gets.
We talk about how he does things differently and why.
She is a very good cook and, I hope, will become a great chef one day.
Keep up the good work AB.

Apr 23, 2008
ronmcnaughton in Features