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restaurant recommendation

Hi, all

I am looking for a good restaurant in North York for dinner tonight! ( south of steels/ north of eglinton )

budget is around $20 - $25.

we will take anything that tastes good with a nice ambience :)

thank you!

Jun 27, 2007
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pig snout or pig tails?

I had pigtail at Albert's real jerk(bathurst/st clair west). not bad. don't remember if there were peas.
btw, i think Albert's is bit of expensive for what you get. with a small potion of rice,pig tails, it costs $9 or $10. maybe i am just used to how much i pay in a chinese resto. :-)

Dec 22, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Repulsion at Dangerous Dan's

where exactly is this 'the real jerk' place on eglinton? the only one i found on the internet is the one on queen st. and that one has gone downhill...

Dec 15, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Wrong Date?

Allstonian, good detective work :)

Nov 28, 2006
perl in Site Talk

date display bug


it seems that on every topic index page such as

the date just above all the topics is shown as Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the same for the subsequence pages.

Nov 28, 2006
perl in Site Talk

Ghanaian Restaurant in woodbridge

My friend recommended me a ghanaian restaurant around woodbridge/maple area, but he doesn't remember the name or location. i am turning to you and hopefully find it here. please help. thanks!


Nov 24, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

restaurants between bathurst and yonge on steels

just came back from the dim sum place - "lao lee beef noodle seafood restaurant". still there and they are serving cart style dim sum in lunch.

we got there around 12 and the place quickly filled up. half of them are not-chinese.

had lots food. particular like the various dumplings (shrimp & vege, pork & vege). one of my friend is bit of vegetarian so we ordered a mix vege fried noodle. it looks little bit of burn, and tastes bit of bland, lots vege though. but i would not order this kind of noodle in a chinese restaurant. the table besides us ordered the 'beef noodle soup' which i would recommend otherwise, my friends whoa it when they saw it. big bowl full of beef and noodle with redish soup. that's why this restaurant called 'beef noodle' :-)

the two dishes "bean shoots" and fried noodle we ordered off the dim sum costed $20 which i regreted. overall the dim sum are good. i have visited this place 4 times and i will go back again.

total bill $57 for 4.

they have another place at 4271 sheppard ave east, just 2 blocks east of kennedy. and i had been there for dinner. not sure if they have dimsum though.

Lao Lee beef noodle restaurant
100 Steeles ave west ( 3 doors left of 'north' in the plaza )

Oct 18, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

restaurants between bathurst and yonge on steels

hm. i am not sure if we are talking about the same dim sum place. I was there two months ago.

i have heard of Sababa but i thought it is more like a take-out place than a dine-in place. no?

Oct 18, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

restaurants between bathurst and yonge on steels

hi, all

i am looking for a good lunch place for tomorrow. my workplace is around keele/steels, so i am looking for a place that is about 10min drive.

been to 'me va me' around bathurst and steels. but want to try something new.

i have been to this dimsum place in the plaza across street from the canadian tire yonge/steeles. good dimsum. i would love to go back but don't know their name and what they are serving for lunch. anyone know about this place?

don't know anything about the west side of keele on steels.. anything good?

Oct 17, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Ottawa restaurants near Elgin & Somerset

was reluntant to go to chinese restaurant but dragged into this little one called "royal treasure restaurant", 774 somerset st west, just the SW corner of somerset and rue lebreton nord. i have to say this is the best food i have had in ottawa so far! tasty cantonese food and big portion. reasonable price as well. $42 for two without tax ( 3 dishes , 1 tsing tao beer )

had three dishes. deep fried shrimp, Szechuan Kong Pao Chicken and my favoriate chinese dish: Stir-fried bean leaves, was called "chinese green" in the restaurant. the kong pao chicken was OKAY and i had much better ones (read authentic) in china, i should have picked something else knowing that this is a cantonese restaurant.

a local recommended "Yangtze" but i didn't get to try it.

anyway, just came back toronto tonight and thanks for all the suggestions. over all, during the 5 days stay, i enjoyed 'royal treasure' and 'east indian company'. also the "D'Arcy McGee's" beers.

had takeout (green beef curry with coconut milk) on wednesday night from "green papaya". i don't know much about thai food. but this one is too much coconut milk and feel like a soup instead. also not spicy at all despite marked with 3 pepers.

i will give "Ceylonta" and "green papaya" another try if i ever get the chance.

Oct 10, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Ottawa restaurants near Elgin & Somerset

had dinner buffet at east india company. bit surprised that they served buffet during dinner. many selections and tasty. nice decor as well. the indian cheetah beer is OK though, didn't find it differ from the regular beer.
after the dinner, me and another guy ended up on the patio of this 'irish pub' ( sparks and elgin if i remember correctly ). they have a good selections of beer. i would imagine it would be a great patio for summer.

hm. on monday night visisted Geiji, it is actully just one block next to the building where the training taking place. stared the menu for good few mintues and didn't know what to order :) so me and my friend chose the set dinner. food is good but not great. then we tried to go to the Manx pub. but it was full (pretty small pub, i think) and live music was on..

a local recommended "Green Papaya" thai resto. tried go there during lunch and it was packed, apparently reservation is needed ;-0 i will check out this place tomorrow.

so far good food and good beer except the weather. rain ;/

Oct 04, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Ottawa restaurants near Elgin & Somerset

thanks for the replies.

indeed, everything is not too far away in downtown. i had the chicken "something" Rotti at Ceylonta tonight. although i request something spicy, this one is nothing but spicy. i forgot to ask what kind food it is so i got this one plate with some kind of scramble chicken, egg and rotti i guess. not tasty and i didn't find much chicken either. the vege soup is tasty and litle spicy, i like it. total bill $18.

maybe i am ordering the wrong food. btw, the front desk at lord elgin recommened 'east indian company'.

had a beer in the hotel bar which i regreted afterwards, not much choice and expensive.. arh, i should know..
next try will be Genji Japanese Restaurant and Manx Pub.

now i need to find some lunch spots nearby (maybe "memories") during the 1 hr break.

Oct 02, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Ottawa restaurants near Elgin & Somerset

Hi, all

coming to ottawa for traing this week. stay in Lord Elgin Hotel from monday to friday. i won't have access to car. can you suggest some restaurants in walking distance ( inexpensive to mid-rand price)? i love spicy food and beers.

thank you all.

Sep 30, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Anyone know the restaurants on Wilson west of Dufferin?

what is this Maya place ? can you give a little review on it?
I am thinking of going back to Los Arrieros again this weekend with few co-workers. but i would like to try something different if it is good.

Sep 15, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Anyone know the restaurants on Wilson west of Dufferin?

what is this jamaican place called ? ambience and price ?

Sep 15, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Colombian Food In the GTA?

one correction: they do serve alcohol. they just don't have colombian alcohol which i mistakenly assume they don't serve at all.

Sep 06, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Colombian Food In the GTA?

my frist review kind of post :)

I just went there tonight and really enjoyed it. one of us (6 total) is colombian and she recommened this place. She also mentioned that she tried the one in St clair and didn't like it. This place is real colombian food.

the decor is interesting with different kind of colombian things hanging on the wall. the table and chair, however, give a bit of fast-food resto impression.

for drinks we had Lulo, Mora (these two are bit sour and not my liking), natual juice, soda(not so special). my colombian friend had the Guanabana (Soursop in english and no it is not sour). i tried it and ordered one more. the natual juice, according to my friend is real natual. she liked it.

as for food, we started with the patty. very tasty, we would have ordered another round of it if not for the purpose of tasting different kind of dishes.

had the fried pork, meat platter ($16 i think),chicken, seafood (Red snapper), shrimp (bit small potion and not that special). most of the dishes are big potion.

the fries are surprising good and i can't resist eating it :)

we skipped the international section in the menu as we were there for the colombian.

coffee to end the meal. bill comes total $129(w/o tips). overall, very good meal and decent price.

although the owner and waitress don't speak much english, the service is very friendly.

the only gripe i have is that they don't serve alcohol.

oh, the menu is on their website

Sep 01, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

best cuisine / dish that toronto offers


i am doing a bit of research on the diversity of toronto. and i chose the topic on food and wondering if some of you can shed some light. what food makes toronto so unique that you would tell the visitor "You gotta try this !! " ?

as chinese, i know that toronto probably got the most authentic chinese cuisines in NA.

we got the greek town but i have yet to find a REALLY great greek restaurant. I would go to Montreal for Milos.

we got the korean town and i consider it very good.

decent english pubs, vietnamese, indian, middle-easten and west indian restaurants but i don't know how it compare with other cities.

forget about mexican. so-so japanese and thai food. not so sure about italian..

what do you think?

Aug 21, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

how is toast on queen ( hello toast ) ?


has anybody been to the "toast on queen" ( think used to be Hello Toast), I saw a picture of this restaurnt and it looks very nice. I am thinking of taking my gf there if the food is good too. but googled and couldn't find much info on it.

i guess it is a brunch (only) type of restaurant ??

Aug 17, 2006
perl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)