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Buddha's Delight (Jai)

Many of us ethnic Chinese might need this recipe (being American-born and culturally American) and also might have or recognize most of the the ingredients from parents' or grandparents' cooking. There's no need to sneer. How many 3rd and 4th generation Italians are good at making Panettone or cooking salted cod for Christmas?

Nov 29, 2013
lihsiawang in Recipes

California Organic Keitt Mangos are Back!

How do I tell if this very green-colored mango is not green (that is, ripe)?

CHOW Reviews: GreenPan Paris 10-Inch Hard Anodized Open Fry Pan

We have had a Green stir-fry pan for about 4 years. After about 2 yrs of frequent use it became significantly less non-stick. However, it is just the right size for almost all our cooking, cleans like a non-stick pan (everything comes out with a nylon sponge and running water), loosens food better than our seasoned cast iron skillets, and is a better shape than a flat-bottomed skillet for cooking anything that needs stirring. I love it and use it almost every day for sauteing and boiling. However, I do not use it for very-high-temperature searing.

Jul 29, 2013
lihsiawang in Cookware

Weird/Bad Food Related Dates

My Chinese mother came here in 1939, and one of her specialties when we had guests was shrimp on toast--chopped seasoned shrimp spread on a little square of bread and the whole thing deep-fried. I think it might even have been genuinely S China cooking (she also made Guo-tieh and Jiao-tze as well as she could with the ingredients available in Minneapolis in 1945--eg Mu-Shu pork made with slivered cabbage and Aunt Jemima pancakes...).
As for Crab Rangoon, it's on all the Chinese buffet tables in West Virginia...

Sep 20, 2011
lihsiawang in Not About Food

take out/order in suggestions

Any recommendations for good take out or order in near 26th st and 7th Ave, weeknights?

Sep 20, 2011
lihsiawang in Manhattan

lunch near Ashby BART

Try the Vault. The hamburgers there are very good, especially if you like them underdone. They're on Adeline/MLK 2 blocks N of Alcatraz
(There is an old bank vault at the back of the restaurant)

Buttariga (Bottarga) and other Sardinian ingredients in Bay Area?

A related question:any source for the tuna heart that Incanto uses in its pasta?

Annual birthday dinner dilemma

How about Chapeau in SF? Friendly chef, nuage de noix for dessert--a traditional bistro, so almost 70 yr olds like me are pretty happy there.

Brunch in downtown Berkeley

Where can I take a college friend (from 50 yrs ago!) on a Monday at 11:30?

Besides the obvious pies, what will you serve for Thanksgiving dessert?

Our family favorite for years has been an old Better Homes and Gardens (or maybe Women's Day!) recipe for Cranberry Torte. Egg whites and cranberry relish (cranberries ground with oranges, including rind) with a little extra sugar beaten until stiff, mixed with whipped cream, and frozen on a crumbcrust in a springform pan. Never any leftovers.

Nov 01, 2010
lihsiawang in Home Cooking

Picking Pineapples

to 4Snisi--pineapples don't grow on trees. They grow out of the top of the tuft of leaves at the top. But you're otherwise right about how to judge them

Sep 17, 2010
lihsiawang in General Topics

Bacon fat

My father would fry the bacon first, then use it in the waffle batter. Every Sunday. So my mom could sleep in. Such memories!

Aug 24, 2010
lihsiawang in General Topics

source for duck confit, east bay?

Costco!! Thanks. I'm trying to make garbure...

the best SANDWICH in (San Francisco) period.

I second the recommendation of Vietnamese sandwiches on Larkin. Lee's and Baguette Express--tasty, good bread, generous meat AND generous vegetable, and very inexpensive.

source for duck confit, east bay?

Trader Joes used to carry it, but it's gone. Anywhere else?

Has the KK Cafe really never been mentioned here?

For a humble hamburger, try the Vault in Berkeley (MLK or Adeline, one block N of Alcatraz. Really good--juicy and tasty if you don't get it well-done.

Fresh herring

I like that too, but it's sweet.

Fresh herring

Anyone know where to get fresh/or salted herring that's not sweet?

Where to find fresh Turmeric Roots in Bay Area?

99 ranch has turmeric

Berkeley Bowl: Fresh ume, green almonds, sour plums

how do you eat green almonds?

Help with proposed itinerary--looking for casual restos.

For Saturday you might try Firefly or Chenery Park, since you have a car.

new slow cooker

what's the best thing you've ever made in your slow-cooker?

Mar 25, 2009
lihsiawang in Home Cooking

Best quiet, pretty reasonable place

Chenery Park in Glen Park is very nice for actually talking with friends. They have family nights, good food, and theyr'e near the A=BART

Filipino food - best around the bay?

Please, please, anything in Oakland/Berkeley?

Berkeley cafes - are any of them chow-worthy?

not near the UC campus, but very good: Sweet Adeline's at Adeline just south of Alcatraz. Foccacia makes wonderful breakfast. Sunny and friendly.

Chinese Restaurant in Rockridge?

Jasmine, I agree that Chna Village on Solano is the best around. What do you think of the soup with a hundred red chilis floating on the top?

Dungeness crab $/lb at your local stores?

6.99/lb at lucky seafood, 8th st in Chinatown Oakland, lively and fat.


Your mom's weird cooking ... and other stories? (recipes encouraged)

When I was a child in Minnesota 100 years ago my mother struggled to cook Chinese food in Norwegian country. Her version of mu-shi pork used pork and cabbage on buttermilk pancakes. And it was very tasty!

Nov 19, 2008
lihsiawang in Home Cooking