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Lunch recommendations for Saturday (near DeYoung Museum)

There are many good restaurants at 9th: Marnee Thai, Ebisu (sushi) and Hotei (noodles) across the street, Park Chow with a great upstairs dining area, Pacific Catch, Arizmendi bakery, and Cafe Gratitude for a special raw food experience.
On Irving there is also: Yumma's with a little back porch for great middle eastern wraps, etc., Crepevine, Pluto's for salads, Hahn's Hibachi, and a whole smattering of other spots that I haven't tried yet. Yum have fun!

Mool yut (Korean barley malt syrup)?

Try the macrobiotic section in a health food store. 100% barley malt syrup is available as an alternative sweetener. Rainbow or Other Avenues and of course Whole Foods.

affordable eats for foodies & Scot

I have two friends coming into the city from the East Bay, one is a local foodie and her husband is a traditional meat-and-potatoes fellow from Scotland. I am having a very hard time figuring out where to take them. I'm looking nearish the Mission. Places like Front Porch are a little too pricey, but Truly Mediterranean is too cheap. Oh, and comida latina is out. Can anyone help me brainstorm? Thanks a million - I'm drawing a blank!

Disappointing recommedation for Abalonetti's in Monterey

Several people recommended Abalonetti's on the wharf in Monterey for some reason. I was very skeptical, but enough people claimed it was good that I thought I would try it.
I ordered a simple Tuscan salad that I didn't think they could screw up, but the dressing was way too sweet and I couldn't finish it. My friends ordered two different styles of calamari, their specialty, which was oily, but otherwise cooked well, not too chewy, but it looked very unimpressive.
The worst part was the service...absolutely depressing.
I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. Two local women even asked us if we were sure we wanted to eat there. I guess people have very different definitions of "chowhound".

Beware, Magnaghi

Jul 13, 2006
magnaghi in California