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CHOW Root Beer

Thank God that someone else brought up the sassafras illegality. Anybody who does the slighest research on root beer recipes will come across this warning and every article about root beer that i've ever read will give a warning about sassafras.

What's next? Chocolate frosting with the tobacco from a pack of cigarettes?

May 25, 2008
1toddlintown in Recipes

Diet Craft Beer for the Oxymoron

" In general, “lite” beers are comparatively lower in calories..."

"Lite" is a brand name, added to the Miller line when it purchased the label and formula from the Meister Brau Brewing Company in Chicago, back in the early 1970s.

"Light" is the category of beer that is a lower-calorie version of a full-bodied equivalent.

"Lite" is not a style of beer. It is a brand. It would be like calling cola "Coke." There's Coke (the brand) and there's cola (the soda style).

Apr 23, 2008
1toddlintown in Features