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What's Your Favorite Seafood Dish?!

Hello Zool! Your post came up during a CHOW search and I noticed you were a seafood lover from Los Angeles! I've been trying to locate a restaurant or seafood outlet in L.A. that serves Garfish. There used to be several in the South Bay (Inglewood - Hawthorne) that specialized in deep fried Southern Style dishes served with Mojo potatoes, but they have gone out of business. Would you happen to know of any that might still be serving this delicious combo?

Apr 24, 2008
Mister_Fugu in General Topics

Southern Style Garfish

Can someone tell me where to find a restaurant that serves Southern Style (Louisiana) Garfish? There used to be several in Los Angeles, but they have gone out of business!
If you have not tried this delicious fish, you are missing a true southern delicacy!

Apr 22, 2008
Mister_Fugu in Los Angeles Area