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Best Scallion Pancake?

I'm actually pretty content with Ollie's scallion pancake, right in the middle of Times Square, enjoy

Jan 27, 2007
jlean22 in Manhattan

Best Thai Food?


Oct 07, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan

Best Singapore Chili Crab?

how bout Sanur?

Aug 02, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan

Best Empanada

too bad you're not venturing to queens, if you do, try Empanadas Del Parque on 108th st in Corona

Jul 20, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan

best grits??

amen to Virgil's cheese grits!!

Jul 20, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan

Best Buffalo Wings

Atomic Wings on 3rd ave? pretty close to what they served in buffalo

Jul 20, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan

Do people really like bitter melon?

LOL, i could totally remember me and my brother doing the same thing, hold our nose and just suck it up, with our mom standing next to us. how i miss those soups, sighs..

Jul 20, 2006
jlean22 in General Topics

Best BBQ Ribs in NYC

gotta love Virgil!!

Jul 20, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan

Overlooked Sumatra

Im terribly jealous of your Sumatra trip,
home sweet home

Sripraphai vs Khao Homm

Never been to Khao Homm before, but sriphraphai's definitely a gem.
Almost all of my Thai friends love Shri, guess if it comes from the locals, you can't really
go wrong.

And their snacks and dessert section (by the cashier) are heavenly


Jul 14, 2006
jlean22 in Outer Boroughs

Real Indonesian ?

Upi Jaya vs Minang Asli
This is a tough one, love both, Upi Jaya being the pioneer has a more authentic Padang style taste (although i have to agree w/ Kittyslair that Upi's rendang's a lil bit tough), I've found myself to venture out more to Whitney Ave, where Minang Asli is, why?

1. MA's more accessible
2. a wider selection (MA serves some other non Padang style food in their appetizer's section
note: make sure to check out their specials, it's usually posted by cashier; also, try
to check out their snacks and desserts, also by the cashier
3. much better service

One con's about MA, is that a few times I was there, food gets a lil bit salty, which can be easily counterbalance with more rice.

Now, Mie Jakarta serves an entirely different type of foods, they're known for
Jakarta's style chicken noodle (re: not your average flu fighting chicken noodle, this is much much more delicious). their chicken noodle comes with sides of soup, steamed greens, fried wontons.

Besides noodle AND if you think you can handle spicy food, try their Ayam Rica Rica
, this is Manado style (another part of Indonesia, where majority of their foods are spicy enough to make you shed tears and runny nose, yet exquisite) Ayam Rica is fried chicken (Ayam = chicken), topped with Manado style fresh cooked chillies, oil, and garlic, if you can take it, this is a really good dish to have.


Jul 14, 2006
jlean22 in Outer Boroughs

Indonesian cuisine?

Hey Pan,
I'll just reply in the later thread (see Peter's link)

Jul 14, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan

New York City restaurants serving top notch dim sum.

pings@ mott st's awesome, heard a lot of good things about golden unicorn

Jul 13, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan

'wichcraft Bryant Park

their sandwich's awesome!!
wait line during lunch hour especially on summer?
try to go after lunch hour (1 or 2 ish) or else be prepared to wait at least 20 minutes

Jul 13, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan

Indonesian cuisine?

i've been to both bali nusa indah, and borobudur, both places serves mediocre foods,
if you're willing to travel bit further to Queens, try Minang Asli, take the R train,
stop at Elmhurst Avenue, it's on Broadway and Whitney. or Upi Jaya (also in Queens,
7 at 74th St.-Broadway; E, F, G, R, V at Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Ave). Both places
are reasonably priced, friendly staffs & wider selections


Jul 13, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan


how to pick ripe durian?
my mom usually have to smell them, or you can go by what simon mentioned, check with the sellers. Best durian, in my humble opinion are from indonesia, specially, from north sumatra. unlike thais and spore's, overthere, durian flavors and textures comes in a large varieties,
from ice cream like sweet tasting to bitter, slimy to thick textures

other exotic fruits? i saw some rambutan on canal street (skin of rambutan is red but the inner part of the rambutan (the meat) is white. The skin of the rambutan has lots of "hair.


Jul 13, 2006
jlean22 in Manhattan