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Oregon Grille -- taking the "host" out of hospitality

I am also not sure why you are upset or think it's silly that they don't have peanuts to go with drinks.

Oregon Grille -- taking the "host" out of hospitality

Speaking with the manager could've avoided all this drama. When I am enjoying peanuts, pretzels, and an overpriced drink, I am on an airplane, and not at a fine dining restaurant.

Baltimore-Where to Stay?Where to Eat?

Stay at the Inn at 2920 on Elliott St. It's a bed and breakfast cheaper and nicer than the downtown hotels in the quaint Canton neighborhood with lots of food and drink options nearby.

e bars in Baltimore

Second Elliot's Pourhouse! Somewhere between a dive bar and indie cool. Good guys running the place, Decent beer selection, and a fun spot with a pool table and popcorn machine located in brewer's hill. Get a black and tan with Dale's and Murphy's. Prices are a steal!

Top Chef Finale Pt. 2(spoilers)

No one is Blais.

Top Chef Finale Pt. 2(spoilers)

Sous vide wasn't wrong they just chose the WRONG temperature to cook it at. Sous vide is precise. Casey just isn't skilled in that department!!

Top Chef Finale Pt. 2(spoilers)

I think NONE of this had to do with sous vide problems. More with confidence and personality problems. Casey is very type "A". Carla followed suit.

Top Chef Finale Pt. 2(spoilers)

Rocco? Have you SEEN the restaurant? Eek. If I were Rocco I'd be humbled to appear on ANY t.v show,

Top Chef Finale Pt. 2(spoilers)

Sous vide beef done well is devine. Have you ever had it?

Top Chef Finale Pt. 2(spoilers)

bottom line: Hosea didn't win. Richard Blaise finally won.

Baltimore - Unique food tour of best item at each restaurant??

Jill from Top Chef no longer works at Red Maple, and hasn't since the show started.

Need a rec for oysters in Baltimore

Cooked or raw?

Best wings in Baltimore?

Kislings. Hands down!

Birthday Rec's needed: Chameleon Cafe vs. Clementine

You are probably right! Go somewhere FUN!!

Clementine - Hamilton

I wanted to love this place, but after 3 strikes, you're out. Bland mac & cheese, stale breads, missing ingredients, slow service, and a long list of things they seem to run out of on a regular basis make it hard to stay in the neighborhood when so many little places get it together downtown.

Need Vegetarian or non-red meat options in Baltimore

I have heard the exact opposite but willing to give it another try. What's good?


Yeah. I didn't realize that babies and play areas were so much the forefront of restaurants these days.

Birthday Rec's needed: Chameleon Cafe vs. Clementine

Hands down, Chameleon.

Baltimore: Pre-opera dinner?

Sotto Sopra has a romantic atmosphere. Abacrombie is close by and would not disappoint. If on a budget, tho, both can be expensive. Brewers is mostly respected as a beer bar, and I have not been since they've gotten ANOTHER new chef.

Need Vegetarian or non-red meat options in Baltimore

My friend had a veggie plate at Yellow Dog, and it was a "pick three sides and we'll plate it for you." Not much thought or passion involved.

Happy and Sad-Brasserie Tatin

Chef Rigato's daughter has been the active chef for years.

Morning Edition (Patterson Park) -- recently?

Last I heard- slow service, great complimentary banana bread.

Update on former Taste location in Belvedere Square

We had dinner at Crush recently and I did not feel compelled to comment. The food was hit and miss. The name of the place sounds like a dance club. Waiting for food was an issue for us as well, but my steak was cooked perfectly. I like the lobster mac and cheese, but everyone seems to be doing that these days. Meli in Fells has my fav. version.

Cork dress code?

I would call and ask to make sure.

Food and Football - Fells Point

Slainte in Fells


I was also a bit traumatized with the children's play area, and we only had drinks.

What seasonals are you drinking this winter?

Scaldis Noel, N'ice Chouffe, St. Bernardus Christmas

Nov 08, 2008
hawaiigrl2003 in Beer

Brick Oven Pizza on Canton Square

RobertG35, Care to comment on anything else? My personal fav in Fells is Hot Tomato

What seasonals are you drinking this winter?

Hacker Pshorr Octoberfest and Southern Tier Pumpkin so far have been my favs this month. Leines summer reminded me of fruity pebbles cereal. I am looking forward to the winter beers: the stouts made by Youngs, Rogue, and North Coast, the revitalization of all the trappist beers, and the Scaldis Noel is one of my fav. all time seasonals. Hope I can find it somewhere around town.

Oct 26, 2008
hawaiigrl2003 in Beer

Single best Chowhound find in Baltimore