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Wedding Planning - Calamigos Ranch

In total, I think our costs work out to about $80/head for food--this includes all staffing, tax and tips, but not necessarily rental costs or drinks (we're providing those separately, though Auntie Ems will mix them for us). I find that many wedding caterers come in around $60-70/head when you factor in tax and tip, BUT that will often only get you a generic buffet or three-course seated meal. We're getting a pretty extensive station menu (5-6 dishes per station), plus a dessert buffet for that price.

Apr 25, 2008
KatieM in Los Angeles Area

Wedding Planning - Calamigos Ranch

We're using Auntie Em's for our wedding in June. So far they have been great to work with, came up with an awesome French/Spanish/Moroccan station menu (those are the three places we're visiting on our honeymoon) just for us. They're slightly more expensive than some of the more "typical" wedding caterers, but seem to be a far better value for the money.

Apr 23, 2008
KatieM in Los Angeles Area

A Beach Question and a Valley Plug

I'm getting married in June in Pacific Palisades (sidenote: thanks to chowhounders for suggesting Auntie Em's as a caterer), and would like to do a really casual brunch on the beach the Sunday after.

We want a place where people can come in/out on their own schedule, get some food, hang out at the beach, and see us one last time before they leave. I had originally planned to do this at Back on the Beach, but as they're closed for construction can anyone suggest a similar alternative in the Pacific Palisades/Santa Monica area?

On an unrelated note, want to put a quick plug in for Curry Up Cafe in Woodland Hills. We need more restaurants like this in my neighborhood, with good food, a nice owner/chef/waiter--yes, he does it all--and a pleasant atmostphere. They've come up with an interesting menu of cold noodle dishes for our hot summers, so if you're in the Valley stop by and support them!

Apr 22, 2008
KatieM in Los Angeles Area