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Grapevine's Main Street Days Festival

Thanks! Didn't know this was going on but will take the family tonight.

10 best things to eat in Dallas

I'm afraid our Chinese is nowhere close to LA's San Gabriel Valley in quality or diversity. Nothing here comes close to a Sea Harbour, Elite or Newport Seafood, not to mention the multitudes of noodles shops and other regional Chinese cuisine. Our Vietnamese also pales in comparison to what can be found in Orange County, but then again in the entire US only Houston can even claim to maybe come a little bit close to little Saigon.

Irving Four Seasons - Where to eat?

The brisket and most else at Dickey's is awful. You would be better off ordering brisket at Red Hot n Blue.

BEST Indian Food [Dallas]

Apparently the cook in the partnership went to Mumtaz because the food there is identical to howTaj Majal's used to be and the much better of the two.

Babe's Chicken Dinner House (again), This Time Frisco. vs. Garland

Ouch. That's a bad experience, but IMO Babe's is way overrated on these boards.

Restauraunts serving Balut (Hot vit lon or Hot Ga lon)

As OP indicated, it can be bought at virtually any VN grocer in the metroplex.

Vietnamese Cajun

You are thinking of The Boiling Crab - Walnut and Plano in Garland. The first one opened in Little Saigon in the OC in 2004.


You must never use self-checkout lanes in Kroger, WalMart, Tom Thumb etc. then.

Best places to eat in Dallas

Better to order bo luc lac and request the dipping sauce on the side as you did. If you order bo luc lac muoi they may add salt (only) directly to the beef during cooking as they do with the other 'muoi' type dishes such as frog (ech) and squid (muc) where salt is more appropriate.

Dallas - Best chicken/vegetarian dishes?

I live in Las Colinas and have yet to find a good Thai place. I found Blue Ginger to be overly sweet and slightly overpriced, but maybe I need to give it another shot.

inexpensive Sunday brunch?

Blue Mesa Grill has brunch buffet that includes mimosas and poinsettas for 16.95.

D Magazine's Top 10 Restaurants in Dallas???

The one thing DFW has in abundance is conveniently-located Tex Mex with average-to-above food for average-to-below prices. Mi Cocina serves below average food for above average prices.

DFW: sushi awaji

Same owners, different concept. $15 for lunch, twenty-something for dinner.

DFW: sushi awaji

It's a buffet similar to Tokyo One. Good place to go if you are craving a bunch of sushi, but not comparable to made to order as one would imagine. They have a very large selection of rolls, a sizable selection of other hot items, and a hibachi grill. Try it for lunch and save some $$ off the dinner price.

[DAL] Steakhouse other than Salt Grass?

Agree, Saltgrass offers the best combination of value and quality. You can get better for more $$, but not in the same price range. Pays to listen to your parents on this one.

Moving to New Braunfels from SEATTLE - Need PHO and a good farmers market

Because the pho in Houston is made by fake vietnamese "pplz" that speak English? Puhleeze.

Also, don't know what you mean by chicken noodle pho, but pho ga can be a quick and simple alternative to the hours of preparation that go into the beef pho. Create your own broth by simmering a whole chicken with ginger and a whole onion. Tear off dark and white meat and put into a bowl of pho noodles with chopped chives, cilantro and onion. Bring the broth to a boil and pour. Flavor as needed with nuoc mam, siriachi and black pepper. Delicious!

Jul 17, 2008
Azn Gorger in Texas

Dallas on 6 Meals

You are wise to avoid Mi Cocina. My experiences there have ranged from mediocre (Highland Park, Galleria) to downright awful (Los Colinas). I've never understood the love it gets when there is so much other Tex Mex around - and at much better prices.

Indian for lunch in Dallas area

Taj Majal at 75 and Royal has an excellent lunch buffet for $8.95. It far surpasses the multitude of Indian places in North Irving.

Banh Mi in Dallas

The Banh Mi at Lee's Sandwiches are below average, much like in Houston. They scrimp on the pickled carrots and pate that are key to the overall flavor. La Me in Garland and Ba Hue (not Ba Lee) in Carrollton are still tops for Dallas area.

On the other hand, Lee's has excellent cafe sua da (iced coffee), and their chicken and pork pate chauds looked very appealing. Too full though to try them.

Dallas: Brazilian - which one & how much?

Group of six tried Rafain for the first time this past Friday evening and must say it was quite a disappointment. The service was shockingly poor. We had to request them bring sides of fried bananas and potatoes after the meat had already been served. Speaking of, most of the cuts were over-seasoned and too salty. The restaurant was strangely empty for 8pm on a Friday night, which made the poor service even more perplexing. It's been a while but my memories of Fogo are much more positive, and I won't hesitate to spend the extra 10 bucks the next time the churrascaria mood strikes.

Ocean Palace Houston Quick report

I suggest keeping an open mind and focusing on the food itself as opposed to attempts at categorization. Houston has some of the best Chinese/Vietnamese/Asian cuisine in the world, and contrary to popular belief most of the Vietnamese restaurants are owned by Chinese who are smart enough to cater to the large Vietnamese population. Dorothy we're a long way from Tulsa.

May 06, 2008
Azn Gorger in Texas