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Slow Cooker Savory Oatmeal

Made this the other night because it seemed like a good alternative to the oatmeal I've been having every morning. It also reminded me of the juk (savory rice porridge) served in Korea.

The only alteration I made was swapping out the Italian sausage with cheap turkey sausage since it's all I had in the house. That was probably a mistake as the flavor from the sausage didn't really come out in the same way a plump Italian sausage might.

I'll probably give this one another go in a few weeks.

Aug 13, 2014
brianherbert in Features

Basil Digestif

@noalarms Thanks a lot for the tip!

Jan 12, 2010
brianherbert in Recipes

Basil Digestif

I just finished my first batch with two varieties, basil and mint. They both turned out a bright, almost neon green in color. I understand I'm not shooting for the photo above but what does it take to give the digestif that cloudy, rich appearance?

Sep 28, 2009
brianherbert in Recipes