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Ottawa - where to buy salmon sashimi?

Try the Buchanerie/Chelsea Smoke House, if they don't they'll know where. Also, Pelican on Bank Street South

3 Dinners, 3 Lunches and Watering Holes

Boston Chows

A couple enroute Thursday through Sunday this week from Ottawa. Looking for recommends for oysters and seafood (that take reservations which I understand Neptune's does not); Gastopubs, food trucks for lunches as well as sit down. Staying in Back Bay.

Considering the following from posts, comments or rank orders welcome (have not yet researched locations of these spots):

Clam Box
Barking Crab
Island Creek Oyster bar

One of for either Friday or Saturday if we can get a reservations, thoughts? Bondir, T.W. Food, Rendezvous, Bergamot or other suggestions?

Gastropub: Russell House Tavern, The Gallows

Food Truck recommendations and usual locations please.

Many of these come from either treb or MC slim JB, would welcome hearing from you. Thanks chows.

The Barking Crab
88 Sleeper Street, Boston, MA 02210

T.W. Food
377A Walden St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Clam Box
789 Quincy Shore Dr, Quincy, MA 02170

Russell House Tavern
14 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Island Creek Oyster Bar
500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

279 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

SOBE Honeymoon and Birthday - 4 nights

Thanks Morganeats. Meat Market may be perfect for location and food following our Tuesday tour.

Any thoughts on Ola? Thanks.

Meat Market
915 Lincoln road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

SOBE Honeymoon and Birthday - 4 nights

Thank tpigeon. Zuma sounds like the contender for Japanese. We came across Ola in the Sanctuary Hotel, very close by our hotel also. Any comment on it? No prices posted

Emailed Sardinia, there is no online reservation, no word back, suspect closed Monday maybe.

Susabella, good suggestion on Spiga. So...Zuma and Spiga or Sardinia...anyone to offer up a pick for our 3 and 4 nights, one of each a higher end and a mid ground. Puerto Sagua is in the mix. By all accounts cabs seem really expensive, I'd rather eat, drink and tip than pay cabs. Thanks. RA

Puerto Sagua Restaurant
700 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

1228 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

SOBE Honeymoon and Birthday - 4 nights

Thanks very much for tips on taxis, those costs to cut into the dining. We booked into Sardinia for one of the dinners based on the two recommended. So, Red Light or Zuma...worth the trip from our location, if so which would you pick? Again, very helpful info.

Red Light
7700 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

SOBE Honeymoon and Birthday - 4 nights

We're visiting Miami from Ottawa April 3-7 staying at the Shelborne on Collins in SOBE.

Would like to make some reservations since it is a special trip for us. Seafood, interesting Mexican or Cuban, small plates, sushi, southern bbq, recs for lunches and dinners with some scene but interesting food and quality are main criteria.

We'd also like one rec near the New World Symphony Building as we're taking a tour on Tuesday evening and also willing to cab to destination restaurants if there is a must do not immediately nearby the hotel or too far to walk.

Here's the mix in no particular order or lunch vs dinner designation..

Would welcome suggestions to narrow down to get best selection and variety. Price not really an issues but we would like to get some good cheaper eats too and possibly hit a food truck, following them on twitter but not certain where to find them vis a vis our location or whether worth the effort.

Casa Tua
Cecconi (Soho House)
Joe’s Stone Crab
Quattro (Lincoln Road)
SRA Martinez, Sugarcane,Yakko San, NAOE, Hiros (sushi)
Red Light (for the bbq shrimp)
Beuna Vista Bistro
Rosinella, Spris, Ice Box, and Tiramesu.

Thanks, RuthAnne

Summer 09 in Prince Edward C

Heading down to PEC today, first timers.

Found the June 09 post of a top 10 list.

Wondering about Buddha Dog as a dinner place and a review on Blumen Bistro and Chesterfield's? We're interested in one higher end/priced dinner, otherwise late lunch spots in the area, Picton and environs.

Heading from Ottawa so if anyone has a suggestion for late lunch along the route, possibly Belleville, would welcome the suggestions.

Interested in opinions on which local vineyards/wines are value and quality purchases too.


Cafe des Architectes and one sixtyblue

An excellent review! Particularly for an out of towner about to visit for Chicago for the second time! Nsxtaxy, thanks for your response to a post of mine back in December on the best/worst Chicago 08 board -- before you ventured to Cafe des Architectes. Also, having had one of those best ever meal memories from a dinner at onesixtyblue, appreciate reading those reviews too.

My husband and I have two weekend nights in April over Easter, a Friday and a Saturday. I hope to reserve us at des Architectes for one of those, leaving the other night and also Thursday, though our flight does not arrive at O'Hare until 6:20pm (staying at Westin Michigan Avenue).

So, between Michael and Aigre Doux, which would you pick? Also, any suggestions nearby for the Thursday night given it will probably be later that we like, closer to 9, before we'll be eating?

You might remember last time in addition to onesixty we enjoyed Custom House and Blackbird, CH more (we found Blackbird cramped and noisey).

And, since it will be April 09, there may be some newer suggestions than in the December 08 post.

Would also welcome Sunday brunch recommendations since we have a full day and it is Easter Sunday and we want to book in advance.

Thanks nsxtasy and all on the great Chicago board, the recommends made or trip the last time and large part are the reason we are returning to the city.

Mar 08, 2009
racsanfran in Chicago Area

Best and Worst Places I ate at in Chicagoland in 2008

There are lots of great suggestions here which I'll consider carefully. My husband and I are visiting for our second time in April. Last time, thanks to chowhounds, enjoyed Blackbird, Custom House and onesixtyblue. We both agree we would like to revisit onesixtyblue. Would you be willing to rank order your top 3 of your "best of?" Downtown locations preferred, no specific ethnicity...curious about the following for dinner: Carlos, Between. Thanks

Jan 09, 2009
racsanfran in Chicago Area

Canadian visitors sampling Chicago chow

Visiting Chicago three nights over Easter.

Thursday night, debating between either Frontera Grill or Topolabompo -- other suggestions for first night, location not a consideration.

Friday night, tickets for an 8pm performance at the Symphony Centre and wondering about Custom House since it's near the hotel, Palmers Hilton and the Centre -- any other suggestions or is this a good choice?

Saturday, debating between Avec or Blackbird and One Sixty Blue.

First time visit Canadian Chowhounds looking for a selection of regional/American cuisine, not overly formal or not necessarily in the top 10 I've seen posted. Plan to make reservations on Opentable asap.

Quick lunch bites while out and about in the city to further get the flavour would be welcomed.


Mar 30, 2007
racsanfran in Chicago Area

Ottawa - dinner on a Sunday night

A suggestion across the river. Par-fyum (

Beckta's chef, Stephen Vardy is joining them but I think it's later in the month, there was a recent article in the local paper. It's a cheap cab from downtown and a nice, a little long, walk back after dinner.

I've been twice, the service is understatedly wonderful, a rare find in these parts. The website is very comprehensive. Enjoy.

I wouldn't bother with the Market, anywhere.

Chow Challenge -- Zuni, Chez Panisse and ...

Service does matter. Do not want to over on Cal-cuisine, though I'm sure it would be enjoyable regardless. Daring is perfect. Do A16, Koi Palace, Fish offer experience? Great fish, authentic/satisfying mexican, something surprising?

Chow Challenge -- Zuni, Chez Panisse and ...

Thanks, don't hold back if there are others. My mistake in the post, I'm looking for Saturday and Sunday and I'm seeing a few closed on Sundays mentioned on websites. Both of these looks great.

Chow Challenge -- Zuni, Chez Panisse and ...

Thanks to those who posted previously to first time SF visitors from Ottawa and Toronto, Canada. I have reservations, thanks to you, for Zuni next Thursday night and Chez Panisse on Friday night.

Would like to reserve for Saturday night and have a few options to consider for Wednesday where reservations aren't necessary.

The suggestions I'm following the recommendations for are:

Tadich Grill
Da Flora

With the reservations I have, would you care to rank those above or offer other suggestions -- wide open to bistro/brasserie, ethnic regional/ethnic cultural (Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Californian other) or just great reasonable eats for enjoyable, casual dining and get a flavour from the food and off the city.

Lunch suggestions would be appreciated too. Residing near Union Square but plan on getting around a fair bit. Rented a car for Saturday and Sunday.


First Time San Fran From Canada

Thanks waffle, live in Ottawa, previously Toronto, can you suggest a meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner, I may not find anything quite like here at home? I will of course visit the Ferry Building, I've read about the bakeries, Citizen Cake I think? Would love recs on these and ice cream/soda fountains?

lunch in Ottawa this Friday

For lunch, I'd leave the Market but the temp is forecast for 29 tomorrow so the patio option is temping. I'd try a couple of other places, Le Cafe is reliable food and service, indoors or out and is a great Ottawa dining treasure I think is overlooked. For lighter fare given the temp tomorrow, try Hot Peppers for Thai or Sushi 88 both on Somerset. Or, venture over to Wellington and go to the Nicastro restaurant, accurate name escapes me, between Holland and Island Park. Simple, Italian, solid good eats from salads to pasta and thin crust pizza. Of your list, Domus would be my choice. I'd like to know how the Black Cat is doing these days, just a couple of doors down.

lunch at George?

Can't rec lunch, had dinner twice, never been happier leaving a restaurant. Food exceptional in every way, complemented only by the outstanding service. Second visit was remembered by wait staff from first visit, and not seated in her area. Make it a long lunch or plan an apres pampering of some descript to extend the pleasure.

Help With A Nice Restaurant

I'd strongly rec George on Queen East. Best dining experience I've had in TO. An absolute must all around. Never felt so full and happy and appreciated patron.

First Time San Fran From Canada

Attending a conference August 2-6, staying near Union Station. Looking for recs for the following:

San Fran Mainstay Eats: casual, local fare, local clientele
Chinese with dish recs: Central/Eastern Canada doesn't have the Chinese offerings I've read about here
Mid Price Range night out/romantic dinner: value and ambiance for 30-50 $
Bars/Clubs for 40 and up crowd
Wine Tours: value for $
Vineyards if I rent a car
Off the beaten path suggestions for any of the following if you care to post.