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Cafe de la Presse and Nob Hill Grille [San Francisco]

I don't think Nob Hill Grille is open for breakfast any more, at least on weekdays. Breakfast choices downtown are woefully deficient.

SF Union Square Table for one

Scala's Bistro at the Sir Francis Drake hotel is reliably decent and has a comfortable bar area for single dining (you could eat at the bar itself, or one of the tall bar tables). Also, Farallon is a stone's throw away. Although, I think others are right to point you to Canteen.

Joe's Special

I've had Joe's Specials at various places other than OJ's -- its a pretty common menu item. I think I even had it at Golden Coffee Shop once...

Golden Coffee Shop
901 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109


I just receive a Magnalite roaster from American Culinary them today. It took a little while (I ordered on 4/28), but was worth the wait. This thing is a beauty -- lightweight but substantial, and it has the look and feel of something that has been machined by hand. Customer service is a bit spotty -- the sense I get is that American Cullinary is a very small and dedicated company, and is being outflanked by the conglomerate (World Kitchen) that has bought up and cheapened a number of proven brands (corning, pyrex, revere etc...). I'm glad I did the research to determine with one was the real thing. At any rate, I've also ordered a Wagner skillet from AC, which did not arrive with the roaster. Hopefully tomorrow...

May 12, 2011
Zach Georgopoulos in Cookware

Joe Johnson of Johnson's BBQ passed away

I was just there this past Saturday afternoon and they mentioned they were closing early due to an illness in the family. I guess that's what it was about. RIP.

Red Sauce Italian with Booths?

I can't recall if the latest location of Little Joe's (5th & Mission in the Pickwick Hotel) has booths, but it is most certainly a red sauce joint. Also Tomasso's, though known more for pizza, has booths and classic red sauce dishes.

Little Joe's
1106 Market St, San Francisco, CA

Macellato - The Sandwich

I just finished up the first half of my chicken sandwich, which I also brought to the office a few blocks away. Chicken stayed crisp and tasty, but the vinegar based slaw tended to seep through the bottom bun, making it soggy. In all, though, I like the balance of spices in the slaw and chicken -- maybe they just need to toast that bottom bun.

where to buy honeycomb?

There's a honey store right on the corner of 20th & Lexington in the Mission, but I can't remember the name and I've never been inside...

Status of AU?

Having the steak salad now at my desk -- seriously spicy, with slices of jalapeno mixed with the cabbage. The steak is very thinly sliced and varies from blood rare to medium. Probably the most interesting food I've had at my desk in awhile, and there was oddly no line...

Pizza insanity

Not sure about the coal oven being there for generations -- it wasn't there for La Spiaggia or Palermo delis, and the place was a Chinese herb shop for years before either of those. Nonetheless, I'm a fan...

What's missing in SF?

The new Tony's annex in North Beach is claiming to have a coal oven.

New Hope for Italian Beef in SF -- Tony's

Just went to the soft opening of Tony's Coal Fired Pizza and Slice House in North Beach (next to Tony's Pizza, sort of their annex I guess) and had the Italian Beef. In the past there have been a few threads about where to get this Chicago favorite in SF, and I think the favorite was somewhere in Vallejo. I'm no expert, but so far this is the best one I've had -- nice rare, very thin cut beef with the au jus type of sauce and slightly spicy giardinera, on a very soft roll, served to go in one of those foil lined paper bags. They ask if you want it dipped, wet or soaked (I think those were the choices). Lots of other good looking stuff on their meu, aside from the whole pizzas, slices and calzones, there are some NY style sandwiches. Looks to be an interesting addition to North Beach. I believe the actual opening is some time this coming week.

Canned Chili That's Great for Dogs

Just picked up some Chef-Mate at a restaurant supply store and made chili dogs. Didn't care for it -- it is not a pure meat sauce (it contains ground beans), and it tastes too much like those burritos they used to serve in high school cafeterias...

Jul 24, 2010
Zach Georgopoulos in Features

Anyone been to Pete's Barbeque in the Mission?

I posted about it years ago, but it hasn't changed -- which is one of the things I love about Pete's.

Also, Georges' BBQ, a few blocks away on 24th, is an offshoot of Pete's started by one of the owners -- very much the same food, with a few more salad choices -- and beer.

Hot Dog places in SF or Peninsula

A big part of the problem is that everybody out here seems to insist on grilling hot dogs rather than steaming them. One place that has steamed dogs (and buns) is Moishe's Pipic, on Hayes. It's a Chicago-style Jewish deli. Their hours probably area what you'd qualify as lousy, though, as they are only open through lunch I think. Anyhow, they make a pretty good Chicago style dog, among others.

machine shop that will refinish an old, large cast iron pan?

I've found that a dishwasher will blast off the old seasoning pretty well if you use a powder detergent. You need to re-season quickly, before it starts rusting. That said, most automotive machine shops will have a bead-blaster, and most machinists would be amused enough to blast your pan for free. Drive around SOMA and keep an eye on the automotive shop signs for machinists -- that's where most of them are, but I can't think of any specific shops off hand. Or do it the old school way and look in the yellow pages...

Best Gyro in San Francisco?

You know, it's odd, but now I can't remember what they called them in Athens in the early '70s! There was a great hole-in-the-wall grill/rotisserie/gyro joint down the street from our apartment and that is where I had my first Gyro, but I don't really remember if we actually called them that. They also served the kabob/souvlaki in the same way, so that you had chunks of meat in the pita rather than slices. I still remember those flavors and have been searching for them in the U.S. ever since! There was something just fundamentally more greasy and salty about these concoctions than what you get here.

Best Gyro in San Francisco?

I sent my lackey -- errr, administrative assistant -- yesterday, and he came back with a somewhat sloppy thing made with the pre-sliced strips that they fry up. And it had lettuce. It was OK, but Ayola is probably still a bit better (which isn't saying much)...

327 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Best Gyro in San Francisco?

Got it. I always get those two places confused. The Gyro is not showing up on the menu on their web-site though.

Happy 100th! Roberts Corned Meats (San Francisco)

Count me in.

Chocolatiers of SF

Wow, until I went through this thread I didn't realize how many chocolatiers there now are in SF! Since I don't see it mentioned here, I'll weight in that my favorite for truffles is Coco-Luxe, at Haight & Cole.

Best Gyro in San Francisco?

This is good to know. about Red's. I haven't been there in years, and have only had their breakfasts. The place in the Marina was called Wilbur's, and, yes, it probably was the best in SF. Do you know if Red's makes their own gyro meat melange, or do they just use Kronos?

Kokkari has indeed gone down hill

I agree -- Kokkaris' style is actually closer to "down home" cooking in Greece than what might be considered "down home" Greek in the U.S. Growing up, my grandmother (on the island) cooked with extremely fresh, seasonal ingredients, and the flavors at Kokkari remind me of her cooking. In Athens, we'd eat all sorts of stuff year-round, and that is what I'm reminded of when I have "down home" Greek cooking in the U.S. Mind you, this was back in the '70s. During my most recent trips to Greece, I've found that restaurants in Athens are now harking back to the fresh cooking of the islands from some years ago, partly because of a pathological nostalgia that Greeks are experiencing under the tyranny of the EU (long story). But the reality is that the trend in Athens is not towards emulating international cuisine, but rather getting back to actual Greek roots, and Kokarri is in keeping with that trend.

Kokkari has indeed gone down hill

I was last there in November, a mere 4 months ago.

Kokkari has indeed gone down hill

Actually, the food at Kokkari is closer in flavor to "real" Greek cuisine than the sort of "Greek Town" places you find in Chicago or NY. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are what make the difference. While the "Greek Town" style is good, it's the Greek equivalent of the Spaghetti and Meatballs approach to Italian cooking. I agree that Kokkari is not particularly traditional in its approach, but the dishes are far more reminiscent of the meals I've had in Greece than anything else I've tried here (or NY, or Chicago. Can't say as I've been to Detroit...).

Crab feed urgency!

If you know any members of the City Club, they could host you at theirs on March 4th, which is a Thursday.

Best Gyro in San Francisco?

Ayola gets points for decent Pita and for the lack of non-Greek condiments like tahini (I am getting really tired of finding tahini in gyros!) If you tell them no lettuce, you get yourself a pretty good approximation of an east coast gyro, however it is just the plain old Kronos processed meat. I was in Greece this Summer for the first time in years and it's been hard to deal with Kronos meat since having several late night gyros in the homeland...

Pizza delivery to SF Civic Center

Village Pizzeria, on Van Ness, is nearby. They do a nice thin crust NY style pie.

Flying Fish Grill, Half Moon Bay

I occasionally hop in the car and drive down to HMB just for their fish tacos. Very good, lightly batter fried.

Recomendations for Best Crab Feeds

Sorry -- meant to say January 29th, this coming Friday.