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three-course prix fixe at masa?

masa recently (may?) started a three-course prix fixe menu, but i don't see it on their website now. does anyone know if they discontinued it? thanks!

Masa's Restaurant
648 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

Jun 27, 2009
skuhnert in San Francisco Bay Area

A16 Recommendations?

i've been there 5 or 6 times, i always get the buratta and this week i had the maccaronara, which was great. pizzas are always good, and two more seasonal items on our visit this week really stood out -- a mushroom starter, and the corn on the cob side. they said they have a new pastry chef, but we didn't have time to try any desserts.

Jun 12, 2009
skuhnert in San Francisco Bay Area

Specialty cake in Bay Area

debbie does cake! we were very happy some cupcakes she did for us, but i think her specialty is sculpted cakes:

and check out her photostream for up to date examples:

the cupcakes she did for us looked great, and tasted even better.

Jun 12, 2009
skuhnert in San Francisco Bay Area

napa lunch/activity with toddler

if you go to the sonoma side, you should definitely check out train town:


Mar 26, 2009
skuhnert in San Francisco Bay Area

cyrus menu -- did the format change?

i just looked at the dinner menu pdf on the cyrus website (www.cyrusrestaurant.com/) and the format looks like it changed -- previously you could order any combination, in any order from the menu, but now it only lists two tasting menus w/ one or two choices per course. did it change or can you still order a la carte? i hope so, i love the restaurant and as a picky eater, it was perfect to mix and match. thanks!

Jan 29, 2009
skuhnert in San Francisco Bay Area

restaurants in the maremma region

hi -- my husband and i are going to be in the maremma region for 4 nights in september. looking for recommendations for places to eat, and if anyone has visited the vineyards there, input would be appreciated on that front too. restaurants we're thinking about going to:

-- Tirli the Tana del Cinghiale (mentioned in the nytimes article about a month ago)
-- the restaurant at L'Andana hotel
-- Gambero Rosso (but i'm not sure how far it is from our hotel, or how difficult it will be get a res)

suggestions for lunch or dinner would be appreciated. no limitations on price/cuisine, just looking for great food! thanks -- sheri

Aug 23, 2006
skuhnert in Italy