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Cheap eats in Stockholm


I'm off to Stockholm with my friend on the 12 sept 08 for a long wkend to stockholm and I was wondering if there are any unmissbale mid-range restaurants I should head for??

I have been looking at guides on the internet and while there are loads of wonderful expensive places to eat I was wondering if there was any great places which are a bit cheaper. By cheap I mean £60/700sk/76euro or 110$ for two including a few drinks.

If there is anywhere cheaper than that then let me know as well!


Lilly x

p.s. Any tips for a good lunch place too would be welcomed!

Aug 18, 2008
Lilly08 in International Archive

College student visiting London

‘Ecco pizza joints [Ecco Holborn, 186 Drury Lane, WC2; Ecco Victoria, 40 Strutton Ground, SW1 are great for cheap pizza but they are lovely, really worth £5 ($9) esp if your a bit drunk. Also check out Stockpot on Old Compton St or on 40 Panton St. Good British food and great prices (£4-£6 mains) they even have Jello and ice cream!! You can also eat cheaply in a Weatherspoons pub, these are a chain of pubs and there loads in in london. The food isn't that bad depending on what you pick! Although the clientle might not be to your liking if its cheap food you want its not a bad choice

For lunch its beat to stick the a sandwich unless you want hot food...there is a great noodle place called Ned Noodles in Waterloo...It would be good for late lunch and then you could have a light bite later...

Happy eating!

Apr 23, 2008
Lilly08 in U.K./Ireland

Help! Suggestions for birthday meal restaurant in Rome and a good bakery!


I’m going to Rome with my boyfriend this weekend for 4 days.

I have two requests for help!!

First, I wonder if someone could suggest an inexpensive or good value restaurant for his birthday meal on the Tuesday of our trip.
Some place which is traditionally Italian with a relaxed atmosphere. I have read lots of post with loads of different restaurants with everyone’s recommendations but I’m not sure about the prices for them all.
My boyfriend loves antipasto so somewhere with good antipasto would be great. I am sure he would be quite happy just eating that! I speak a little Italian so I’m not worried if the waiters don’t speak English. If you do recommend one please let me know if I would I need to book.

As it is his birthday could anyone suggest a bakery to get a little cake from?
I don’t think I would take this to the restaurant as he is quite shy. Even sparklers in the gelato may be to embarrassing for him!! Do Romans even have birthday cakes?


Apr 22, 2008
Lilly08 in Italy