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OMG- Eat at Jumbo's in Somerville, very vegan friendly!!!

Last night the BF and I went to try a place that I had read about- one that has vegan pizza. I've really missed pizza with the closing of Peace o' Pie, but this place is a marvel and worthy successer
The food is fantasticly, wonderful- they even make their own faux meats, for the pizza's and subs
Everything is so fresh and fabulous- I plan to be a frequent visiter!!!

Unsweetened plain soy yogurt

I don't know if that one carries unsweetened plain
I know for a fact that Central Square does, since I buy it there!

Unsweetened plain soy yogurt

Take the red line to the CENTRAL stop- the stop right before HARVARD
Go upstairs, it's right there

Harvest Co-Op Markets
580 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 661-1580

Unsweetened plain soy yogurt

The Central Square- Cambridge, Harvest Co-op sells WholeSoy & Company Unsweetened Plain Soy Yogurt
I worked very hard to get them to carry it- and they do!!!

Unsweetened Plain Soy Yogurt by WholeSoy & Co.

I've found it in Whole Foods- Central Sq. Cambridge,
and Harvest Co-op- Central Sq. Cambridge

Anyone know what happenned to Peace O Pie?

I know all that, but there is nothing posted- or even a sign on the door with information
I REALLY hope that they didn't go out of business!!

Anyone know what happenned to Peace O Pie?

I really LOVE this place, but it's been closed FOREVER!
ANY news would be appreciated!!

Unsweetened plain soy yogurt

I found it at Harvest Co-op, in Central Square Cambridge

Unsweetened plain soy yogurt

I just spoke to Harvest Co-op in Central Square, and they now have UNSWEETENED Soy Yogurt- wanted to share that!!!!

Brookline Farmer's Market- Now on Mondays

Does that mean it's no longer on Sundays?

Unsweetened plain soy yogurt

Yes, it's quite disheartening
I can find regular plain soy- but it's way too sweet!!
Anyplace in Quincy maybe?

Unsweetened plain soy yogurt

Happy New Year!

I am now searching for unsweetened plain soy yogurt.
My go-to brand- Wildwood has discontinued the product, and I'm trying to find a replacement.
I live in Downtown Boston, and if you know of any place that carries it- and is bus or T accessable, please let me know,
Heck, even if it's NOT accessable please TELL ME!!!
Thank U

Fine Dining for a Vegetarian?

I recommend True Bistro in Teele Square- I think that's Somerville, but I could be wrong about that.
True Bistro is an elegant vegan restaurant!!

NoMu or FoMu, it's still fantastic!!

Earlier today, I had the BEST, most FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS, ice cream sundae, at the grand opening of FoMu- the marvelous new non-dairy ice cream shop in Allston!!
My birthday's not until October, and I already told them that I want my cake from them-
The place is truly wonderful!!!!!!!!!

481 Cambridge St
Allston MA

ISO Thanksgiving Restaurants that are non-dairy

I need to find places that have dairy free options on the menu!
I'm not talking about salad-I know THAT 'S non-dairy
I'm talking about non-dairy soups- and other non-dairy options
I'm with 'normal' eaters, and I don't want to 'cramp THEIR style'

Thank you SO much!

What happened to Common Ground?

What are "yellow" deli's?

What happened to Common Ground?

I recently discovered that Common Ground in Dorchester has closed.
Does anyone have any idea why?
I always enjoyed eating that wonderful Hobbit Hole of a restaurant!
That was not an insult to the place, the whole restaurant looked like it was carved in a tree!
As a side question, anyone know what happened to that wonderful furniture?

What was it?

I also meant to say seitan- not tempeh.
I made a BIG goof!

What was it?

I hope you can help me- since I'm having no luck getting through to Cloverlab.
This evening I got the barbeque Tempeh sandwich- which I was led to believe, was vegan.
I was eating-
I think I taste cheese.
Cheese in vegan?
I quickly threw it away
I am allergic to cheese- cow cheese,
WAS it cheese?
PLEASE let me know
If it was, I only hope I didn't eat enough for it to bother my insides TOO much.


The Stanhope Grille-now?

I haven't been to the restaurant since it was a part of Jury's.
Has anyone been lately?
I have such delicious memories of it!
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, my family is considering dining here.
Any helpful feedback?


New England Dessert Showcase

I just registered- just because!!
headbroad, are you working it in some way?
RU in the biz?

South Station CSA

What new South Station farmer's market? I know the Sculley Square one was cancelled.
There is a new one on Thursday's? Where exactly? I'm intrigued!


Went by Chinatown last night. The place is bigger and it looks great! The candy store side isn't open, but the bakery is!
Coconut buns, here I come!!!


Poppa B

The Silver Line bus stops close to Poppa B's going both ways. I wouldn't want to walk around alone LATE at night, but I imagine early evening Is Okay.

Tonight's Chocolate Madness at the Cyclorama

I'm going tonight also, it's my first time too. I imagine it will be like going to a smaller chocolate buffet- only for a good cause! I feel better about the calories that way!!

My Thai Vegetarian Cafe, Brookline

This place is FANTASTIC!! The food is delicious, and they even has terrific vegan desserts- you simply MUST try the cheesecake!! It's to die for!!!

Has anyone been to Grezzo yet??

I was there last night. It was FABULOUS!!! I had;
Candy beet ravioli for my appetizer- quite tasty, very unique
Red papaya and bitter endive salad- extreme opposite flavors that complemented each other well
Gnocchi carbonara- a stand out. Totally delicious- I had to restrain myself from liking the plate, the sauce was that good!
Since I couldn't decide between the 2 desserts, they gave me half and half,
The sinfully delicious cheesecake lived up to its name, while the Decadent deep dark chocolate fudge cake was very yummy.
They had wine and these creative specialty drinks- non alcoholic, however it was too cold outside for me to have one.
As I rolled out the door stuffed to the gills, I could only quote Arnold;
I'll be back!

Boston-area knife store that carries Tojiro brand knives?

Have you tried Kitchen Etc. on Newbury Street?

Delicious, Affordable Meal with Good Vegetarian Options

How about East Cost Grill?

Downtown Lunch

Where is Stix? What is faux Mongolian BBQ? Is it vegetarian? For a great lunch, I love having a falafel wrap at Falafel King on Winter St.