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Hartford Fun?

We are traveling to Hartford tonight and staying in the city,. Would love a fun restaurant-Italian? Mexican? Funky?


Just stopped in to to Pigs Fly a couple of weeks ago. Great place, very friendly and honestly the breads are fantastic. The good news is that they freeze well. I think the one we bought had cranberries in it, really full of nut meats and berries and I don't think we paid more than $4 for the loaf.

55 Degrees, Concord NH, Anyone been?

really an unfair remark about St. Pauls and the clientele at the Centennial. The Granite Restaurant is a fabulous out of the way to tuck in for the evening with good friends, good wine and good food.

Scampo..yes it's in Boston but DRIVE

Wow, just ate, by chance at Scampo at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. One of Lydia Shire's new places and it is outstanding. Presentation perfect, flavors burst, service first class but not snooty) try anything on the menu, we shared several items and just thoroughly enjoyed the 'experience.' Draws locals from Beacon Hill and MGH medical community. Thankfully, not trendy or touristy. Truly fabulous and, yes, worth the drive, at least from Concord, NH.

Good escape. Perfect location... for easy on/off to I93.

Dec 03, 2008
nhgator in Greater Boston Area

Concord NH Help

I'm all about sending people to Granite Restaurant in Centennial Inn. Very boutique and professional older crowd. Hillary Clinton stayed at Centennial during the NH Primary.
Try the Lollipop lamb chops. Yumm. Great Service. Quiet.

One night in North Conway

I would get some yummy soft cheese, artisan bread and a bottle of wine and picnic on the grounds or, in my room. Why would you want to leave the facility? There is really no reason, the Mount Washington isn't in North Conway, which honestly, should be avoided if at all possible. However, the 1785 Inn is lovely.

What good to eat in Portsmouth, NH these days.

No longer is it Lindbergs. It is Black Trumpet. Chef owned and operated. Over-rated if you ask me.

Camden/Rockport/Rockland area dining

Rockland cafe is super casual. Great full belly clams and good hot chowda. No frills. We hit it before taking the ferry over to Vinalhaven.

Bennington, Vermont Eats?

We are going to Bennington, Vermont the second week in June. Any good places to eat? We are more interested in a nice dinner with a nice view. Thanks. Gator chow hound

Memorial Day Road Trip- First Time to Maine (HELP!)

If you really want to get away go to Rockland Maine and take the ferry over to Vinalhaven. You will find absolutely NOTHING to do, which is why we go there and are going on Memorial Day weekend. We don't like crowds, only fresh air and real Mainers. Before heading on the ferry eat at the Rockland Cafe, it is on Main St. and they have fried clams with belly..No frills though, no frills on Vinalhaven. Just pure Maine fresh air and 'do nothing' time. We love it.

Cold Beer after White Mtn. Hike? Help!!

Love the story!

Dinner in or near Rindge, NH?

I Acqua Bistro open on Tuesdays? I just heard they aren't. Also.. who has the better desserts, Acqua or Pearl Oyster? Thanks

Brew with a View

would like to kick off hiking boots and sip a wicked cold one.. hike will depend on apres hike location. N. Conway.. to Franconia.. Any suggestions?

Cold Beer after White Mtn. Hike? Help!!

Good suggestion. You are so right, load up on cheese and crackers and head on up to the deck...But, hoping to do maybe Zealand falls with my 9-year old, so need to get to a place quick after the hike. Mt. Washington Hotel may be an idea, since I think they still put cookies out in the afternoon for anyone walking through the lobby.

Cold Beer after White Mtn. Hike? Help!!

I've always liked Horsefeathers, especially for Bloody's. Still, I want to get off that main drag, which, on a nice weekend, is a DRAG.

Cold Beer after White Mtn. Hike? Help!!

Any word on White Mountain Cider?

Maine adventures

Urggg. Lewiston. I am really sorry for you. Get in that car and drive out of town. Seriously. If all else fails there used to be a place called Roys-Sports bar in Auburn (Just across the bridge). They had great hamburgers, but can't vouch if they are still there, because once you are able to escape Lewiston, you never want to go back. (Which I haven't)..
Portland is your better bet, even Freeport.

Cold Beer after White Mtn. Hike? Help!!

Would love to find a good place to go and take off my hiking boots and sip a good cold and I mean cold beer. The place has to have scenery, and perhaps even a spot outside. The beer really needs to be cold, and I'm not talking draft. I'm a long neck kinda gal. Anywhere from Conway to Plymouth.. anywhere else, well, I might as well be in my backyard. Oh, I wouldn't mind a decent appetizer with that beer.Thanks.

New Hampshire Restaurants

Hey.. any after hike ideas in the White Mountains? Looking for the coldest beer possible.

New Hampshire Restaurants

Near enough to Manchester. Ate at 900 degrees last week, was amazed at how busy it was.

Good Sunday eats? (PVD)

We enjoyed FLARE in Warwick (Or just outside of Warwick).. the place is new, and the location-in a very small strip mall-is so deceiving, we almost drove by. Obviously, only the locals know about this place and it was packed, so much so, the staff seemed a bit slammed. Atmosphere is nice, low lights and a lovely wall sculpture with running water is intriguing, the down side? Flat screens in the dining area.. one has to ask, Why?

New Hampshire Restaurants

Greetings all,
I am new to the site and fascinated with all of your postings. I will contribute once I get the hang of it!