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[Manchester/Lancs] Asian/Chinese markets/shops

Heard this a bit ago, and can't quite remember where.

It was about a big asian/chinese market that was held at different places, a bit like the computer fairs or a carboot sale sorta thing?

Does anyone know if this sorta thing still goes on in the area?

Jan 08, 2009
StuR328 in U.K./Ireland

Spicy Cinnamon-Sugar Popcorn

This sounds very good, deff gonna try it. Im going to try using the oil that Iv skimmed off of a spicy dish iv done. Fingers crossed

Jan 07, 2009
StuR328 in Recipes

Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream

I was gonna make a pistachio ice cream a while back, but the shop had hazelnuts on offer so I used them instead.

I didn't use almond extract because I always make a vanilla ice cream as my base ice cream.

@Asherallen - I freeze my ice creams in a metal bowl for around an hour and then whisk them up with an electric beater, and then repeat this twice more. After the 3rd whisking I put the ice cream into the container I'm gonna store it in.

Sep 15, 2008
StuR328 in Recipes

Need an items name link

Cheers for the book look up offer if needed MMRuth, hopefully I won't need to bother you though. That list should keep me sorted for a while i think.
Thanks to PamelaD for that link

Apr 21, 2008
StuR328 in General Topics

Need an items name link

Sorry if I'm repeat posting, i'm sure this may get posted alot.

What I'm looking for is a link or a point in the right direction for a US to UK product name list. I've recently purchased a few american cook books but i'm struggling with a few names of ingredients lol.

Thankyou in advance to whoever can sort me out

Apr 21, 2008
StuR328 in General Topics