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Does anyone else use an iced tea maker?

I received my "Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Pot" as a housewarming gift, 22 years ago. I only use it during the summer months. I fill the filter with 7 Red Rose tea bags (removing the tags) and less then a 1/4 cup of sugar. I put 1/2 can of frozen lemonade into the pitcher with the ice. Perfect every time.

Aug 06, 2011
Peridot in Cookware

What is your favorite home-cooked meal, that you make yourself? (started 3/25/2011)

I'm pretty famous for my chicken pot pie. It's the dish that makes my kids feel like "they're home". All their friends know about it, too. I started with a basic recipe, which evolved into my family's personal likes. I've never written it down, it's in my head and it's always the same. Using a bread/onion/parmesan stuffing for the base, and slow roasting a balsamic glazed chicken off the bone, makes an interesting blend of tastes.

Apr 21, 2011
Peridot in Home Cooking

What does your Thanksgiving menu look like?

Cider brined turkey
plain stuffing in the turkey
sausage stuffing in casserole
buttermilk mashed potatoes
pan gravy
orange juice yams recipe from the very old red Betty Crocker book
roasted carrots
brussels sprouts
creamed onions
buttermilk biscuits, cranberry bread
canned jellied cranberry sauce (a must)
a nice Pinot Noir
apple, pumpkin pies, leaf shaped shortbread cookies, chocolate cupcakes with fallish sprinkles
Have had guests ranging from 2 - 22 over the years, this is the menu, always the same amount.

Nov 20, 2010
Peridot in Home Cooking

Food-Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Sexy Michael Pollan and More!

The Mast Brothers Chocolatiers ? or... The Smith Brothers (as in the cough drops)

Oct 19, 2010
Peridot in Features