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Hello, I'm Your Annoying Server

I cannot bear a server telling me their name. I don't want to have a personal relationship with you, I just want you to bring my meal in as unobtrusive a manner as possible. Besides, it's awkward, am I supposed to introduce myself? my dinner companions? how much information should I give? it's a restaurant, not a dating service.

Jan 27, 2011
OntarioPie in Features

Ancient but good - what's your long standing favourite?

Duckworths, still the best fish & chips in Toronto for my money, it's almost as old as me :)

2638 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1L7, CA

buying chestnuts in Toronto

thanks so much... it's a fair ways away, if I can't find them locally, I will try them
thanks again

buying chestnuts in Toronto

I am looking to buy vacuum packed chestnuts. I know I've seen them around Toronto but can't remember where... anyone know of a place?
thanks in advance...

ISO: Yorkshire Pudding pan

I've seen these at Ashton Greene and other specialty stores. I know they have them in Ottawa at the kitchen supply place in the market. The other place they are EASY to get is in Scotland, I see them all over Edinburgh, perhaps you could mail order from one of the many, many supply places there?

What happened to Bear Claws?

for sure.... they make GREAT bearclaws at the st. lawrence market, the dessert guy at the bottom of the stairs - I think only available on Saturdays but I could be wrong

Help me understand this chorizo

no idea what you bought, but no... perhaps the mistake was to buy it at the grocery store... I buy mine from the chorizo guys at the st lawrence market

Jul 01, 2010
OntarioPie in General Topics

Culinary lavender

We use a LOT of it... culinary Lavendar is dried in a different way than cosmetic lavendar..... be very careful as the stuff they use to keep moths away has a preservative to retain the colour etc. which can be poisonous, make sure it is culinary or you grew it yourself

Best authentic British food in Toronto?

Actually, the Spotted Dick at the Spotted Dick is pretty good, but the rest of the fare is North American and so so....