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best bakery for a birthday cake?

Where is the best place to get a birthday cake? I am fairly new to town and the boyfriend's birthday is coming up. We live on the north side but will be going downtown on the day.

Sep 13, 2010
hungry girl33 in Austin

A review of 2 in Asheville.

I liked Curras alot, but have quit dining out often. I forget about it because I'm rarely in north Asheville. I haven't been since November....but they have a buy one get one free coupon in the Mountain Express this week.

Asheville Recommendations?

The Corner Kitchen added a full bar sometime before christmas.

Any dog friendly places in chattanooga or knoxville?

I am visiting chattanooga and have my dog with me. I live in Asheville and will be returning home through Knoxville. I would love to find a place to stop and eat outside on the way home. I would prefer a place not too far from the interstate.

Dog friendly in Asheville?

Usual Suspects, and the Asheville Pizza Company (both on Merrimon) allow dogs. Miss Piggy was right about the Mellow Mushroom not being dog friendly, but the Pizza Co. is better anyways. The Corner Kitchen in the Biltmore Village also allows dogs.

Chattanooga Brunch Suggestions

Thanks for the recommendations. I looked at Bluewater online and see that they have a brewery too. How are their beers?


I've never been to Gabrielle's, but the new S&W is another good choice. I tried it last weekend and was impressed. The interior is beautiful art deco. It is a traditional upscale steakhouse where you order your entree and sides are ala carte (family style.) It is downtown and the bar is upstairs with big windows which are great for people watching. But as far as hotels go, I am at a loss.

Chattanooga Brunch Suggestions

My dad just moved to Chattanooga. I am visiting for Father's Day and would love to find a good brunch spot (preferably one that takes reservations.)

Stovetrotter Bistro, Asheville

I went to Stovetrotters last night and was not impressed. I had been for lunch and loved it. We sat at the bar or chef's table. I thougt it would be fun because you can watch them cook. The staff was stuffy, moved at a turtle's pace, and I felt like they were listening to our conversation. They cheese plate and seared tuna were awesome, but they entrees were not. I ordered the mustard airline? chicken breast. It was very sweet, mabey I should have asked what they meant by airline. My friend ordered the veggie special which was orzo covered in butter with some veggies. She hated it. If I go back, it will be for lunch and not at the bar.