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Woodberry Kitchen

My wife and two kids went there recently and we had a good experience. We got a lot of little plates, all tasty food. The wine and beer selection was good, but over priced. My glass of Pinot was a strict pour, only a fraction of a glass at $10 a pop. (I just don't think that's allowed in Baltimore.)

I felt like many of the dishes could have had a little more pizzazz given the price tag. The beets were delicious, but plain and unadorned. The sizzling cheese plate was inventive, but very small and appeared thrown together. There was not enough toast for the cheese and I had to ask for more. The pizza was very dry. I had to ask for olive oil to drizzle over it.

The kids pizza had a fresh herb on it that a child's palate could not appreciate. We had to order another without the herb. It just seems like common sense to me to have a simple child's meal with plain tomato sauce and lots of cheese. Little obvious touches seem to be lacking in this restaurant, but those will be worked out as they continue.

The desserts were fantastic! We loved all of the ice cream and other creations we tried. I had an espresso with ice cream that was a tiny piece of paradise.

I love the sustainable local food focus. Our waiter Tony was also very attentive and pleasant. I hope they can keep a lot of their employees because they lend a lot of personality to the place. There is a family vibe there which really gives it a comfortable feeling.

One major complaint is that the crowd was very homogeneous, loud, and a little pretentious. Too many sort of typical socialite white people in one room for my taste. I feel like conversation was loud and aggressive, often bordering on offensive. I was very happy we were at a table in front and to the side, away from the madness.

Overall a great place. Bring your wallet, cause you are going to pay. My suggestion is to take full advantage and experience it all. Start at the bar with a few drinks and arrive early. Move to a table with friends and taste all kinds of foods. Definitely get the desserts and a lot of them! Kudos to Spike for creating such a beautiful space in Baltimore.