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Po Boy- Crafts Street in Newton? Does anyone know anything about this?

Anyone checked this out yet??

Farmer seeking ideas for a CIDER DONUT SUNDAE

I was makeshifting cider donut sundaes this summer by ordering pumpkin ice cream and cider donuts at one of the orchards in Stow and combining them. I will be there every weekend if your friend works pumpkin ice cream into this sundae of his! :)

Apple cider donuts?

My favorite are the Honeypot Hill also.
Had Russell's yesterday, and they are really good too, but Honeypot is still my favorite orchard and donut.

the Hungry I, charles st

I'd pick Scampo over The Hungry I also. I've had a couple of good meals at Clink in the hotel as well.

215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114

Clink - The Liberty Hotel
215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114

Looking for a Restaurant with Way Too Many Caveats... and oh yeah, for Tomorrow

On Facebook they just said they won't be open until the 13th.

Looking for a Restaurant with Way Too Many Caveats... and oh yeah, for Tomorrow

Fiorella's has been closed for 2 weeks for construction. I think they are not back open until tomorrow.

Where to get Eggs Neptune for Brunch in Boston?

They definitely have a crab benedict at Captain Marden's in Wellesley.

Captain Marden
279 Linden St, Wellesley, MA 02482

Briaded Portuguese Easter bread

I saw the sweet bread with eggs, both individual sizes and the big multi-egg ones, at the Hannaford in Waltham this weekend. They were on 2 different display racks in the bread section. I too was shocked and excited to see them. :)

Irish Potatoes in Boston

The only place I have seen them is in Philly.

Best food and value on Moody Street?

Gemelli has been closed for at least 2 years, and Franca's is as well I believe.

315 Broadway, Arlington, MA 02474

Todd English opening Beacon Hill Cupcake Shop in early 2010

I tried the chocolate peanut butter cup one and the pumpkin pie one this week. The chocolate cupcake on the peanut butter one was really dry. The frosting was okay., but not great. I wouldn't get it again. The pumpkin pie one was *really* good though. Very moist and pumpkiny, and the cream cheese frosting was good too. I would recommend that one!

Pizzeria Regina vs. Pizzeria Regina

I ate there last week, and have to agree with this 100%.

Prepared Pizza Dough Boston

I'm pretty much obsessed with the Beer pizza dough from Portland Pie Co that they sell in the refrigerated case at Hannaford. It is chewy, really rises, and gets a crisp bottom. Love the stuff.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer color choices

Got mine in the very sexy non-shiny black color. I think they call it Imperial black.
I would second giving Williams Sonoma a try. I think they have a few colors in the store. I bought my mixer at a Lowes a few years ago... don't remember if they had multiple colors there though. It was a special order discount thing at the time.

Bruegger's Bagels

I went to a Brueggers recently after having not to been to one for a few years and was heartbroken when I couldn't get a salt bagel. I thought maybe it was just that location, but I checked the Brueggers website and supposedly they are available in select markets, although not ours it seems.

Best fries around???

The fries at Clink at the Liberty hotel are ridiculously good. Shoestring, crispy but still potatoey, with awesome harissa aioli. You get a giant plate for, I think, $4 in the lobby bar area on Friday afternoons too.

Clink - The Liberty Hotel
215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114

Pizza in Waltham?

Fiorella's is my favorite, but the pizza we get most often is from Franco's.

Good/cheap/casual dinner in Waltham?

Another suggestion would be Mi Tierra.

Vegan soul food???

Closed in '08 according to this:

Is all the Pepsi Throwback gone?

Saw a bunch of both the Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwbacks at the Hannaford in Waltham this weekend.

Another Delicious Meal at Fiorella's

Glad to see more fans of the pizza there. I like it quite a bit. And they always are very friendly. Those bread sticks, a caesar salad, and a pizza with eggplant and ricotta is close to a perfect meal for me. :)

alta strada or scampo? first time visiting boston

I'm a huge fan of Scampo. As others have said, not a "hotel" restaurant, and sounds like what you are looking for.
If you are only in Boston for 2 nights, I wouldn't bother trekking out to Wellesley for Alta Strada.

Where can I get a great brownie?

Actually, if you peel the ganache off, the brownie is still awesome! But ganache makes everything better. ;) And oddly enough, the plain brownies they sell are not the same recipe at all. Not good.

Where can I get a great brownie?

I have to second this. The plain ganache ones are pretty much the best brownies out there besides making them yourself.

I scream you scream....

Pumpkin ice cream at White Farms... like my favorite thing in the world! In a hot fudge good. Can't wait for fall.

Limited Edition Coconut M&Ms

I *think* they were in the candy aisle. But now I am second guessing myself and wondering if they were on a register end cap! I'm pretty sure they were in the candy aisle though, on the very end of a shelf, so you could see them without really going in the aisle. (They were really yummy! My coworkers polished them off in no time.)

Limited Edition Coconut M&Ms

I bought a bag of the coconut at the Target in Watertown today, if anyone is still looking for these.

portuguese festival

ditto what has already been said The first weekend in August is the big one in New Bedford.

Tango Mango Waltham

I agree with this. Went once and was very disappointed. A lot of tasteless rice and almost zero of the sour cream and guac we paid for, and over priced. This was only the first week they were open, and it is very nearby, so I might give it another chance, but it is doubtful.

Ice Cream Soda --boston and north

I tried to get one there at the beginning of last summer.... not sure if it was just too early in the season and the kids didn't know what they were doing yet, but none of them knew how to make one. I think they looked it up in a book, but whatever I got was not exactly an ice cream soda, and not very good!

I have no recommendations really, besides giving it a shot at various ice cream places like I do, but here is another ice cream soda lover anyhow! :)