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Asheville - Best of 2009

Best Lunch- Curras Dom
Best Dinner- Limones or Rezaz
Best Cocktails- Sazerac.... they nabbed Justin the bar man from Nova who just revamped their menu. amazing as his usual.
Best for Romantic/Special Occasion date- Cucina 24
Best deal, ie. best food for least price- Papas and Beer

Dec 17, 2009
chowchow55 in Southeast

Three New Restaurants In Asheville

Sazerac is supposed to be opening this month, I talked to the workers outside the other day.

Oct 08, 2009
chowchow55 in Southeast

update on 28806 in Asheville

I think a Mexican restaurant is going in the old 28806 space. Like West Asheville needs another Mexican joint...

Also I was in the other day and was told the last day they will be open for lunch is Saturday Nov. 15th. Get yer MBLT's while you still can!!

update on 28806 in Asheville

28806 is having a final 'goodbye' wine dinner on Nov. 11th (i think?), so i imagine the new place (3 story building next to Rosettas) won't be open until after that.

Asheville & area updates

S&W building is going to be called Steak&Wine

Asheville & area updates

Also 28806 has a new (and IMHO, excellent) chef as of a couple weeks ago.

Agave Azul in West Asheville

i went and had shrimp fajitas.. standard fare, shrimp still had the tails on them so it was a little awkward having to pick them apart to make a fajita... service was almost non-existant. we walked in and were seated, there was ONE other person in the whole place, and the woman walked off and forgot about us. literally 20 minutes went by with her standing behind the counter messing around, yelling at her rowdy kid behind the counter with ther, and she finally looked up and saw us, and said 'whoops! forgot you were there. let me get you some chips.' how is that even possible we wondered? the horrible service wrecked the whole experience.

Asheville - The Green Sage is open!

agreed, prices are ridiculous. a breakfast biscuit with bacon, egg, cheese was $6. SIX dollars??? with no sides, nothing, just one small/medium biscuit w/bacon egg and cheese? i will never eat there again personally. r-i-p o-f-f.