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Frozen Four at the Garden

Or possibly Asta?

about 14 hours ago
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ISO: Thick-shelled white eggs for pysanky (Ukrainian dyed Easter eggs)

We picked up a dozen Lally Farm eggs at Lambert's in Norwood a couple of weeks ago, and were somewhat surprised to find that they were white. I'm afraid I don't remember how sturdy the shells were, but the eggs were superb.

Turkish bread (pide)

You might try Turkuaz Market in Allston, right across Brighton Avenue from the Hong Kong Market. I have had only sporadic luck finding things I needed there, but old reports on Yelp suggest that they do have pide.

Another possibility would be one of the Watertown markets, particularly Sevan - I have a nagging feeling that I've seen Turkish breads (among other Turkish goods) there, unlikely as that seems.

Great Meal at Bronwyn

Thanks for the great write-up, and for reminding me that it's time to make another visit myself. You absolutely nailed my favorite thing about Bronwyn right here: "Given the dearth of German/Central European food in the area, I'm so happy to have an option that offers a slightly more refined version rather than the Disneyland/Cafeteria style German restaurants one often sees that serve giant beers and mediocre food."

Best ice cream in Boston is..

Website for Ron's is here:


Correct - a spa, as I grew up knowing the term, was the predecessor of the modern-day convenience store, but also had a small soda fountain/lunch counter, perhaps 3 to 6 stools at a counter. They served soft drinks, ice cream, and perhaps a small range of cold sandwiches. No grill, no hot food, no tables.

The last one I visited was in Watertown Square, although the history function in Google Streetview shows me that it closed some time before 2007.

And yes, the boundaries of that nebulous zone known as "greater Boston" are a hotly debated topic on this board, as one might guess from its name, but it's generally agreed that Boston doesn't extend outside of Massachusetts.

Maine shrimp season cancelled.

Locally farmed shrimp (Stoughton, MA.) Buy them at Kam Man in Quincy, or eat them at several local restaurants.

Best Easter candy?

I like the Easter candy at Serenade Chocolatier in Brookline Village.

Fenway/Kenmore: Good, cheap restaurants?

I spent too long editing, and teezeetoo beat me to it! This is a great rundown. The only $4 sandwiches I know of are the banh mi at Pho Viet in Packard's Corner. It's a straight shot on the 57 bus from Kenmore Square, with a bus stop right in front of the Hong Kong Market where Pho Viet is located. There are a bunch of other good places in the food court there, besides Pho Viet.

A few blocks farther out Brighton Avenue (still on the 57 bus route) is Boston Kabob, which has phenomenal falafel. I like Garlic 'n' Lemons a lot as well, but their shawarma is much better than their falafel. (BTW, is "the (mediocre) new falafel place" Amsterdam Falafelshop? If so, I'm very sorry to hear that they're only mediocre, because I've quite liked the sandwiches I've had at the Davis Square branch and had looked forward to having a branch much closer to home.)

ISO Loose Teas in Boston Area

I've had MEM teas at various restaurants that serve them, and agree that they are good. I remain an Upton loyalist for my own home use, with this exception: MEM's chai blend is FAR superior to Upton's, spicy and strong with a nice black pepper bite.

A wine bar focused on US and (and non old world in general) production?

Does not have to be...nice enough for a date? Or something else?

Boston Globe's Munch Madness about to begin

Shojo is in Chinatown.


Makes me think of Ron Swanson, for some reason.

Do You Bother With Q&A Posts?

Here's an excellent example of a thread that should NOT have been started as a Q&A...

Where to get chihuahua cheese?

Waltham, the one near Russo's.

Ribelle Outstanding

Gochugaru is Korean sun-dried red pepper flake:

It sounds like it would be awesome with sweet potato.

coconut cake

Magnolia's closed in 2008. Perhaps you're thinking of Tupelo? Their desserts come from Petsi's, and Petsi's doesn't list coconut cake on their menu, so that seems unlikely. (Although Petsi's website does list a coconut cupcake with cream cheese icing among their cupcake offerings.)

ECG's online menu lists three kinds of pie (warm chocolate pecan, chocolate peanut butter, or key lime) plus a grilled banana split or ice cream from Christina's.

I've eaten at Hungry Mother a number of times, but I've never seen a traditional layer cake on their dessert menu. The current offerings on their online menu are angel food cake, white chocolate custard, or a cheese plate. Their menu changes frequently, however, and they warn folks not to get their hearts too set on any particular item.

Hotels with decent food?

I haven't stayed at the Colonnade Hotel, but it appears to fit the bill for you and I will strongly vouch for their restaurant, Brasserie Jo.

Turkish Delight

Since freshness is key for lokoum (AKA Turkish delight) I would be very cautious about getting it at Cardullo's - they are great for many things, but turnover of stock can be an issue there, especially for less-popular items.

Galangatron's recommendations above are spot-on. For a somewhat different take on Turkish delight, there's also Aplets and Cotlets, from Liberty Orchards in Washington - these fruit-based candies are based on Turkish delight, and in fact they now offer a couple of assortments in traditional flavors.

Great Boston restaurants with my kids

I have to agree - "second-rate dim sum in a depressing space" describes my own experiences at Hei La Moon, and China Pearl has improved after a kind of a "meh" stretch.

Neapolitan style pizza in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/...

Pappabuona said that 80% of the pizzerias in Italy offer Neapolitan style pizzas, above:

March 2015 Openings and Closings

Correction: the Inman Square shop has closed. The Chestnut Hill shop and the South Station stand are still open.

Cafe ArtScience - Kendall Square

Glad you like it. What are the dishes in the photos?

canneles in boston

Well, this thread originated in 2006, at which time they had them sporadically at Clear Flour and fairly regularly at Burdick's. I do like the ones at Crema quite a lot.

Restaurant Week Winter 2015

"A very small chain" indeed: a chain of one. The only other Brasserie Jo (the one in Chicago) closed in 2010.

Why doesn't Daikanyama in Lexington get more love here?

Mountain yam is also readily available at Russo's, in the back room where they have the markdown racks and the broccoli. It's in a big cardboard box, packed in sawdust, on the side facing the broccoli, with other Asian veggies.

The roots are about 18+ inches long, but there is usually at least one smaller piece in the box, and you can break off a length that suits your needs if not.

New Falafel Joint in Somerville/Medford

Looks like it opened in January (seems so long ago...)

Salty lox?

True, but if you follow the link you will see that they do have belly lox.

Salty lox?

It's salt-cured (brined) rather than smoked.

Getaways For Gourmets: Northeast

Presumably the ones on the list that aren't "failed restaurants." Although in that case L'Espalier should also get an asterisk, and Hamersley's, while closed, is hardly a failed business.

Not sure what SOBoston means about pointing fingers, or about the authors knowing something that we didn't, though.