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Great Brazilian Bakery Recs

Whereabouts? Does she have a car?

Dumpling cafe, Chinatown

Maybe no lines out the door, but they were full when we arrived on Friday around 8 PM - we snagged the last open table - and I don't think there were any empty tables when we left.

Dumpling cafe, Chinatown

Oh,man. It turns out that both Jenny Ondioline and I glanced at those chicken meatballs on the menu but decided we had enough items already. Next time!

All-time best dessert?

I understand the part about the menu changing frequently, but it would still be helpful if you could describe the desserts you had that you loved so much. You've got us all tantalized!

Breakfast near the Park Plaza

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they have reopened yet. Too bad, as it would have been ideal for ChinaCat. The Clarendon Street Flour is closer to 10 minutes walk than 2, but is certainly a good option.

Restaurant/bar for deep conversation over dinner

That thread is a hoot, but contained very few useful suggestions. This thread (mentioned in the "mistress" thread) may actually have some pointers you can use:

Relative Chinatown novice - need dinner recs

Just because Shojo doesn't fit the "authentic Chinese" category (whatever that means) doesn't mean that it isn't a real chow destination! Those who have actually been there (MC Slim JB, Taralli, among others) have raved about the food. I'd love to get there myself, and from all reports it's absolutely ideal for your current purposes.

I think that part of the confusion in this thread has been that you couched your initial question in wording that suggested that you were looking for general recommendations for good Chinatown restaurants. Among that lot are China King, Peach Garden, Best Little Restaurant, Dumpling Cafe, Taiwan Cafe, Shanghai, etc. - if and when you have a chance, you should definitely try out some of those places for some great Chinese food from various regions. However, in most cases those restaurants only offer beer and wine.

The tricky part is that some responders to your request seem to have missed the fact that that wasn't actually the question you were asking. (Perhaps you weren't aware of that yourself at first!) As MC Slim JB noted, there are few restaurants in Chinatown with full licenses. For the very specific event you are actually asking about - a small group dinner after a concert at the Orpheum, with a fun energy in the room and quality cocktails - it seems as though Shojo is the perfect fit, and there should be no shame in that choice.

Russo's vs. Whole Foods

So confused. Which cashiers are Whole Foods suppliers? What kinds of items?

Broasted Chicken Anywhere?

Do they have broasted chicken? I didn't see it on the menu on their website.

All-time best dessert?

Aujourd'hui at the Four Seasons, I'm betting.

Speaking of memorable desserts from hotel restaurants, I still vividly recall an apricot mousse with three or four fresh raspberries at the bottom of the dish, at Apley's at the Back Bay Sheraton, a good 30 years ago. It was one of the loveliest desserts I've ever tasted.'12 absolutely delicious apples you’ve probably never tasted'

I get Russet apples (not sure if they are specifically Roxbury Russets, though) from Honey Pot Hill every year.

For an amazing number of heirloom varieties, you could try Scott Farm in Dummerston, VT: (One caveat - my apple-mad friend recommended them enthusiastically, but I haven't been there yet myself.)

Sep 15, 2014
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Note that this thread is from December 2006.

Sep 14, 2014
Allstonian in Site Talk

Easy question: Any good *dinner* buffets in Boston area?

Arirang House closed in 2011.

Relative Chinatown novice - need dinner recs

From the original post: "...more lately have taken my nieces and their friends to Q. Alas, this is where my Chinatown experience begins and ends."

Boston Itinerary in October? Help for our researched trip appreciated!

I noticed in the thread you linked, from this past June, you said you'd never been to Scratch. Have you had a chance to try it yet? What did you like?

Relative Chinatown novice - need dinner recs

I think I've only been to East Ocean City once - I didn't love it, to be honest - but my memory is that the lighting there is somewhat...clinical.

I haven't been there yet myself, but from what I've read it seems that Shojo would fit the bill nicely.

September 2014 Openings and Closings

Much more damning in my mind: the proprietors are aware of the negative connotations of their name, and appear to have been pretty much from the get-go (see rememberme's post in the second link), and they don't care.

New Mexican in Allston/Brighton?

This ancient thread got bumped, and once again I found myself fooled into thinking that someone was asking about a restaurant with food in the style of New Mexico...

September 2014 Openings and Closings

Here you go - the owners reportedly named it in reference to its street address, 11 Bow. However, why they picked "Bloc 11" rather than "11 Bow" or "Number 11" or the like, is beyond me. I like Diesel fine, but like Bob Dobalina, I will never set foot in Bloc 11.

September 2014 Openings and Closings

I'm rarely in Union Square Somerville during the daytime, so I've only been to Sherman Cafe a handful of times, but I did like it. However, this little tidbit made me chuckle: "God bless you, but you don’t have seem to have time to hang out in the afternoons anymore..." Ironically, I tried to do exactly that just this past Sunday, only to learn that they close at 3.

Buy a Chicken Pot pie or 8

I'm not the world's biggest turkey fan either, although I don't dislike it. We used to buy 3 or 4 of the Bob's pies (mixed light & dark meat with peas & carrots) to stash in the deep freeze every fall, because they were tasty enough and made an excellent quick and easy dinner in the winter time. Then a couple of years ago we hit a really bad batch - the gravy seemed to be completely devoid of salt, and you can't really repair that after the fact - and we have not tried them again.

yogurt in glass or ceramic?

Of course, but there's a difference between pasteurized and ultrapasteurized.

Apple picking?

Goats for sure - the centerpiece of the animal area is a large goat pen with a tower for them to climb, and an awesome set of buckets on pulleys that you can put feed into and then crank up to the platforms on the tower.

Apple picking?

We went to Smolak Farms last fall, based on recommendations from CH, and were terribly disappointed. The antique varieties orchard wasn't open on the day we went, and all they had available for PYO was Macs and Cortlands. Also, much to my surprise (since I'm used to the farm stands at Honey Pot Hill and Red Apple Farm, which offer full selections of their apples in the stores), they had almost no apples for sale in the shop - just a few bags of Cortlands. The farmstand focus was clearly on the bakery and gift shop.

Ad taking up screen

Same problem here with the Morningstar Farms ad on Android phone. Refreshing doesn't help and the ad covers the menu bar so I can't access the page controls.

Sep 04, 2014
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Thai Place - Northeastern/Isaan cuisine in Allston

S&I Thai To Go - another Thai restaurant in Allston, a block away from Thai Place (as stated above.)

CH search is being uncooperative, but there are a whole bunch of threads - here are some Google results:

Chicken like Boston Chicken used to make

Whatever it may have been at various points in between, the Penzey's was originally a Long John Silver. The building design is as distinctive in its own way as Moody's Falafel in Central Square, which used to be a White Tower.

September 2014 Openings and Closings

"There is a honey shop that was in the press a while back."
That would be Follow the Honey, which is about a half a block away from Salt and Olive.

I know of one olive oil shop on Newbury that had been there for quite a long time - hadn't realized there were two for a while!

Best banh mi in Chinatown 2014

*Canned* jalpenos? Really? I'm not into the "tiny hot hot peppers," but Pho Viet at least uses fresh jalapenos. The idea of canned seems gross to me.

Searching for Raw Olives

Russo's usually has them in season. As Ora Moose says, it may be a bit early yet.