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Fire at MuLan, Beauty's Pizza

Per Universal Hub, there was a major fire overnight at MuLan and Beauty's Pizza in Cambridge:

about 21 hours ago
Allstonian in Greater Boston Area

Babka in Boston?

This other thread about babka has been going off and on for several years:

As noted both here and on that other thread, Wegman's carries Green's babka, so no need to mail order.

In the spirit of the season... hidden chow tips

I just looked on Google Maps - it's no distance at all! And I knew they had all kinds of French imports, but for some reason I hadn't realized they had any patisserie. Thanks so much for sharing this tip!

Sibling dinner in lieu of Christmas presents

What about Bronwyn in Union Square Somerville? It's got a good beer menu (as well as great cocktails), wonderful food, and plenty of other places in the vicinity for drinks afterwards.

In the spirit of the season... hidden chow tips

Oh, my. Paris-Brest is one of my favorite French pastries! Too bad Lexington is completely out of my way, but if I ever find myself out that way on a weekend, I will have to check them out. (Maybe if we trek out to Penzey's we'll trek a bit farther...)

January 2015 Openings and Closings

When things go wonky, it always pays to check out the Site Talk board.

A Faster Chowhound: Pagination for Longer Threads

Yep, done already and things seem to be more or less stable. Still, this is one more half-assed implementation of a fairly drastic change, and the fix was explained by fellow Chowhounds before admins offered help.

A Faster Chowhound: Pagination for Longer Threads

Yep - threads are acting like those bumped old threads were - the only collapsed post in this thread is my own, above, even though there are several other posts I've already read. (This is AFTER I went to my settings and selected "collapse read posts.")

Dec 17, 2014
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A Faster Chowhound: Pagination for Longer Threads

"Please leave any questions, or note any issues, here and we’ll be sure to address them ASAP."

Unfortunately at the moment all posts in all threads are expanded, and even when I open a thread I was just in, the posts I've already read are not collapsed.

all discussions show as unread

Yep - apparently somebody's tinkering. Long threads also are split into multiple pages, something I've never seen here before (i.e., at the bottom of the first page there are links to p. 2, p. 3, and a thing you can click on to "read all.")

Dec 17, 2014
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New posts not highlighted?

Yep - basically all threads are currently showing as unread, whether I'm up to date with them or not.

Dec 17, 2014
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Where can I buy Pheasant?

Savenor's and Mayflower Poultry both list pheasant on their websites. Best to call and pre-order, I expect.

Looking to Buy Snail Salad for Christmas Eve

You may need to fetch it up from RI - it looks like it's a specialty from there rather than a Boston thing.

Local meats/eggs w/o breaking the bank...recommendations?

Chip-In supplies at Russo's have been better recently, although last Saturday I was somewhat frustrated to find that they had plenty of all sizes (including tons of Jumbo) *except* for Large, which is our preferred size.

Local meats/eggs w/o breaking the bank...recommendations?

The mention of "their base in NH" suggests that kobuta is thinking of Pete & *Gerry's* rather than Pete & Jen's Backyard Birds.

ISO Tortellini to Cook at Home

Second Capone's. They have a good variety of filled pastas, both tortellini and ravioli, and I've always been happy with them.

Bizarre experience in former Volle Nolle- Long

I'm guessing that Posenose is using the abbreviation "DC" for "dining companion," and that said dining companion was, in fact, Posenose's friend.

Also guessing that the problem was that Posenose was expecting the tapas-style menu with cocktails and other drinks that's described here:
rather than a run-of-the-mill North End Italian menu.

Chinatown up and coming?

There are so many points in this post that I can't agree with that I don't even know where to begin. For starters:

"Boston has 1 of each [local go to places for dim sum, won ton noodles and now the Shanghai Xiao Long Bao.]"
I can think of at least seven places to get dim sum in Chinatown, and quite a few for xiao long bao. I rarely eat won ton noodles so I don't know about options on them, but I sincerely doubt that there is only one place in Chinatown. There are several places in my own neighborhood of Allston, for that matter.

"Gourmet Dumpling House (which is too trendy and weird for me seeing lines out the door when in fact its about as good as a normal shanghai place in NYC Chinatown)."
Gourmet Dumpling House is trendy??? I don't understand its relentless popularity when there are better restaurants of its ilk in Chinatown, but lines out the door don't necessarily signify "trendy" to me. And to the best of my understanding it's not a Shanghai restaurant.

"[If] Boston is this foodie city I would think the young asians would open up some humble but cool and new food joints." As mentioned below, there's Shojo, which falls within this description. Outside of Chinatown, how about Mei Mei in Brookline, or WOW Barbecue in Malden?

what is a good restaurant near Mass General hospital

King of Siam = King & I?

Night Market in harvard square

This is a teeny tiny bone to pick, but it keeps coming up and is routinely misstated: Gerald Chan made the $350 million gift to HSPS, but it's been renamed in honor of his father, not himself.

Also, the owners of Grendel's have said that they have a lease through 2020.

"Real" Eggnog

Assuming you both mean Crescent Ridge Dairy, erfer007 said above that they bought a quart of their eggnog at Whole Foods last week. I've got 2 quarts coming in my delivery order today.

Polar Seltzer Limited Winter Edition 2014

The University of California Riverside College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (among others) begs to differ:

real sheppards pie

I haven't had it at either place, but both Matt Murphy's in Brookline Village and the Druid in Inman Square have a lamb-based shepherd's pie on their menus. In both cases, they describe the filling as a lamb stew, so presumably chunks of lamb rather than ground lamb.

cooking class recs

Ha! Well, you can't blame them for that. Here I was trying to figure out whether you were really old enough to remember them under the name they ditched 75+ years ago...

The Thanksgiving Recipes Googled in Every State

I dunno - I'm oddly chagrined that the top "recipe" for MA is mashed butternut squash. People need to google how to do that?

cooking class recs

Not sure what you mean by "whatever they call it these days" - it's been the Cambridge Center for Adult Education since 1938.

I've done a couple of the one-session cooking classes, which were good. I agree that the thing to do might be to see if you can arrange a private session.

Broasted Chicken Anywhere?

Yes, I do know that "broasting" is a trademarked process. But "Family style baked chicken" does not sound anything like a similar prep.

Pre Pornographers dinner/drinks

Good to know! Many MANY thanks to you and hotoynoodle for this useful information. We still kind of hate to give HoB our money at all, but this does mean we might reconsider occasionally.

Rye bread?

For the record, it's Vollkornbrot. It means whole-grain bread (Clear Flour's is loaded with chopped rye berries and sunflower seeds), and I do tend to think of it as more of a "health bread" than a regular rye bread.

Looking to buy inexpensive quince paste

Saw it at Russo's today - $5 for 6 oz.