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Broasted Chicken Anywhere?

Yes, I do know that "broasting" is a trademarked process. But "Family style baked chicken" does not sound anything like a similar prep.

about 3 hours ago
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Pre Pornographers dinner/drinks

Good to know! Many MANY thanks to you and hotoynoodle for this useful information. We still kind of hate to give HoB our money at all, but this does mean we might reconsider occasionally.

Rye bread?

For the record, it's Vollkornbrot. It means whole-grain bread (Clear Flour's is loaded with chopped rye berries and sunflower seeds), and I do tend to think of it as more of a "health bread" than a regular rye bread.

Looking to buy inexpensive quince paste

Saw it at Russo's today - $5 for 6 oz.

Rainbow carrots and Turnips

Yes, Russo's is a pretty reliable source for rainbow carrots. They often have both big ones (trimmed) loose in a box out front by the regular carrots, and baby ones with tops inside - I can't recall whether they're near the chard and such or way in the back near the leeks.

I've never seen rainbow turnips, though, either at Russo's or elsewhere.

Cookies are an ANYTIME FOOD

Yes, I like both the coconut and the almond macaroons at Clear Flour. I also quite like the shortbread cookies they occasionally have in small bags.

I (and even more so Jenny Ondioline) used to LOVE The Clear Flour oatmeal raisin cookies. Unfortunately, they phased those out in favor of the trail mix cookies, which we don't care for, so that's sad. (I also still mourn their discontinuing the Golden Fruit Tea Bread, but that's another thread...)

Cipollini onions, where to buy?

Yes, near the mushrooms there's a section with "specialty" veggies - a variety of hot peppers, haricots verts, different kinds of eggplant, etc. - and the cippolini are usually near there.

I know that farmer's markets are phasing out and being replaced by the winter markets, but Stillman's had cipollini the last few times I hit the Brookline market.

Pre Pornographers dinner/drinks

Is this what was showing on the ticket chart as "box seats"?

ISO fresh rice noodles in Boston

Bear, Parsnipity - you can't reply to answers in this thread because the original post was done in the "nifty" new Q&A format.

The idea is apparently that there are supposed to be only answers offered to the original "question" post, and then people are supposed to vote for good answers (in that oval on the left.) The original poster gets to vote for the answer they think is best.

Oh, and posts appear in random date/time order according to how many votes they have, so it's really hard to figure to out which responses are in "reply" to another response, because there is intentionally no chronological order.

Need a good restaurant for a book club in/near Back Bay

Good point - it is possible to put together a nice meal from appetizers there and come in around $20, and the Alsatian tarts are a great deal and delicious. But the big jump in entree prices definitely took me by surprise a year or two ago.

Need a good restaurant for a book club in/near Back Bay

As much as I love Brasserie JO, a $20 per person price point will be a sticking point there. The prices jumped significantly a while ago, and now almost all of the entrees are in the $20-30 range.

New Chinese duck menu at Fiskie's Cafe?

I'm unfamiliar with this restaurant. Where is it?

Heritage Turkey

Just got an email from Stillman's with this: "We still have a full selection of sizes, but the heritage birds and extra larges are almost all gone."

Have You Heard of Any Boston Based Kickstarter Food Projects?

Yep, that one jumped out at me as well.

Have You Heard of Any Boston Based Kickstarter Food Projects?

I notice that the much-loved Mike & Patty's hasn't even reached 10% of their goal and their campaign has only 6 more days to go.

Heritage Turkey

The Misty Knoll turkeys are raised free-range, but I don't believe they are heritage breeds. I have had heritage birds from Stillman's - they are very delicious, but VERY expensive and ran quite small at that time> (I believe that Stillman's has gotten much better at raising bigger heritage birds with some years of practice, but they are clearly a challenge to the farmer, which goes a long way to exlpain the price.)

My recollection is that we ordered heritage turkets a couple of times, and ended up with two birds one year because they were so small - about 6 pounds each. I bought a whole chicken at the same time that was bigger than either of the turkeys!

Potassium Carbonate

"Sodium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate are most definitely not the same thing..."

Please explain.

Sakura Bana

Well, it sounds like there were two different businesses both called Roka - one a restaurant in Cambridge (now reincarnated in the South End?) and one a little grocery store on Newbury Street. This is what has me confused.

Sakura Bana

How many Rokas were there? This is confusing!

Sakura Bana

Persistent googling shows that the previous incarnation was called Narutomi. I can't find any evidence of a move to Cambridge, though.

Sakura Bana

Wasn't Roka where Cafe Sushi now is, on Mass. Ave.?

Sakura Bana

The market was most recently Cherry Mart, but I don't remember the name of its previous incarnation.

Church Suppers?

Yep, it's the Saturday before Thanksgiving, i.e., this coming weekend. I was just going through some old effects of my mom's and found her letter to the organizers from the first time we went, 1985.

Church Suppers?

I go once a year. Like the supper that WilTipper is running, it's an annual event.

Church Suppers?

Depends on the supper. I've been going to the Bradford UCC game supper in VT for close to 30 years.

Private chef for Thanksgiving dinner?

Keep in mind that SamanthaJ13 bumped a 3-year-old thread - we can all hope that gansu girl is long since recovered from her 2011 surgery.

Anyone want to buy a restaurant?

Not two story, but two levels, and a brick building built around 1950 - I think it might be Osaka, on Green Street.

Anyone want to buy a restaurant?

Yasu - you nailed it. Same exact photos, even:

Anyone want to buy a restaurant?

The big difference is that the $4.5 million one includes the property, not just the business. That said, I'm not sure which of the Coolidge Corner sushi restaurants that second one is.

pumpkin leaves

I was wondering about exactly that. Leaves on my neighbor's bitter melon etc are long since withered and dead.