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Asian Green--what is this?

Funny you should ask. From the food section of yesterday's Globe:

about 12 hours ago
Allstonian in Greater Boston Area

New City Microcreamery - Hudson

Thanks for the report! We found ourselves in Hudson a couple of months ago and stopped at Hudson Creamery, which left us unimpressed. Later we passed New City Microcreamery downtown, and when I looked at their website I was really sorry we'd wasted our ice cream calories elsewhere. If we get out there again we'll definitely stop in.

Soft Serve - 2014 Edition

We drove past that Moe's just last night, on our way from a lovely dinner on the patio at Taqueria Mexico to the Waltham MB, and Jenny Ondioline looked at the folks inside and said "fools!"

Moe's is OK as far as chain fast-food Mexican goes. But with Taqueria Mexico only a few blocks away (not to mention Taqueria El Amigo not much farther off), I wouldn't bother.

September 2015 Openings and Closings

Yes, mentioned above, about a week ago:

Per a Craigslist post looking for kitchen staff, "Branch Line will focus on rotisserie cooking, alongside a wood burning grill."

Foodies Market - Belmont Center - what sort of draw?

Funny - I was thinking of the South End Foodies myself (not sure where other locations are.) When I worked in that neighborhood - 10 years ago now - it was a bit of a food desert, and Foodies was a handy resource. But I'm not sure how that translates to Belmont Center except for those who live very nearby.

Cold Press - Coolidge Corner

Since vegans don't use dairy products, I can't imagine that vegan "cheese" would use animal rennet.

La Victoria Taqueria - Arlington, MA

6 nights no kids, need opinions please

Salem and Plymouth are 60+ miles apart. That seems like a lot to tackle in one day's sightseeing, even for a Californian.

The Clam Box, Woodman's or Farnham's - which one to choose?

People aren't (or rather weren't) intentionally posting the address of the Quincy Clam Box. That's the remains of the automatic tagging that was going on at that time, which obviously had some serious flaws.

September 2015 Openings and Closings

They're definitely not open yet, and at the moment the website seems to mostly just be a placeholder. But if they had a sample menu, folks would be griping about their imaginary pricing, or the fact that the pictures of dishes are just stock photos, or that the descriptions are "lorem ipsum" text, or some other thing that folks gripe about. The way I see it, the current page is just a way of showing folks unfamiliar with the cuisine what Moldovan food is like.

They also have a Facebook page, which has a link to a July piece in the Improper, but there hasn't been any activity there in about a month. (I do wish that the website had a direct link to the FB page.)

August 2015 Openings and Closings

Oh, you're right. Sorry about that! I only started going to Bunratty's at some point after they started featuring more indie-type bands, in the early '90s - my memory is that they became kind of the Allston local venue after the closing of Johnny D's (the Allston one that is now Common Ground) and long before Great Scott became a music venue.

It was enough less sketchy during that period for me to feel okay going there alone, but the last time I went (for a lineup that I swear included both Concussion Ensemble and Powerman 5000) I got hit in the head by a randomly thrown beer bottle, which kind of spoiled my fun.

Bagels (Somerville Area)

(Correction to myself - it's a company called OMG! Bagels.)

August 2015 Openings and Closings

Before it was Bunratty's, that was part of the notoriously divey Fathers chain. I agree with you - Wonder Bar seemed like a BIG step up in classiness from its predecessors. (That said, I haven't been inside since the Bunratty's days myself.)


Thanks! Super useful info.


Did you phone in the order, or stop in and then pick it up? How ling did it take to turn the order around? I'm thinking about the fact that I could easily pick up a platter like that (well, half that size!) on my way home from work...


Dang! All that for under $100??? I count 60+ pieces of assorted nigiri, plus 4 sets of 6 maki. That is amazing!

Chow-heaven in East Boston

No more donuts from Betty Ann, I'm afraid. They have closed for good.

Where to buy Squirt?

Yes, the new Polar soda is great. We're also partial to the San Pellegrino grapefruit (Pampelmo) soda.

Where to buy Squirt?

Hmm - that is an issue. The 60 bus goes right out to Chestnut Hill, or there'll be a Fenway Wegman's opening in 2018...

More seriously, I will keep an eye out for it more locally.

Thai ice cream rolls in Boston?

I've seen a video of this being done, but I don't think there's anybody in Boston doing it. Would love to learn that I'm wrong, though!

Where to buy Squirt?

Wegman's has it - I know that I've seen it at the Northborough store, not 100% certain about Chestnut Hill.

If I Were A Fundamentalist Locavore in Boston...

Grow your own kaffir lime - can't get much more locavore than that! (And Logee's, who grow & sell them, are in northeast CT, not too far away themselves.)

Wild blueberries - at Star Market!

Must be a bumper crop this year - I didn't find any fresh wild blueberries at Star this weekend, but Russo's had plenty yesterday, $4 per pint and $7 per quart.

Unexpected night out tonight -- where to try?

Thanks for the input - I don't think I'd seen your comments on them elsewhere. Do you recall what you had?

Unexpected night out tonight -- where to try?

Re: Glenville Stops - here is the main thread which includes opinionatedchef's review. She found everything oddly sweet; other diners who tried the same dishes did not have that problem.

While Glenville Stops may not be worth the drive in from Winchester that opinionatedchef has to make, for those who actually live nearby it's a strong addition to the local options. I still need to get there myself - an officemate who lives on Glenville went out of her way to recommend it to me, and I've heard many other positive reports as well.

Seoul Soulongtang and Bottega Fiorentina any good?

Lots of quality Chinese, most of it already recommended in your other thread: Shanghai Gate, Jo Jo Taipei, Blue Asia, Kantin in the food court at Hong Kong Market. Up in Brighton Center, MDM Noodles.

Bagels (Somerville Area)

It's a company called OMG Bagels.

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

I have found that thorough washing, and brushing off as much of the peach fuzz as possible, helps to reduce or eliminate that. I went through a stretch where I was so hypersensitive to the fuzz that I could only eat fresh peaches peeled, which was a PITA.

disappearing posts?

Aug 19, 2015
Allstonian in Site Talk


Chinatown abounds with awesome food, even for a Torontonian, but is not really known as a place where one would take business clients. Also not known for wine lists, decent or otherwise.