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Strip T's is going Izakaya

$26 for katsu-don seems a bit steep as well.

I'm curious - several people in this thread have suggested that both last fall's strip-down of the menu and this new "izakaya" menu were Tim Maslow's doing. Is Tim still involved in running Strip T's? I was under the impression that since Ribelle opened he had pretty much shifted his focus to his own restaurant.

about 6 hours ago
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Babbo Pizzeria. Enoteca

Thank you for the pointer to the Ascheri Pelaverga - Jenny Ondioline and I are novices when it comes to Italian wines and that list is huge and intimidating, but the Pelaverga was a fine accompaniment to our anniversary dinner last night.

We ordered five items in all - to those who have complained about the policy of making you order everything at once, we got no push-back when we said that we were thinking of following the initial order with a shared pasta, and our waiter recommended that we start with the three cold dishes and follow them with the two hot items, which worked perfectly.

We started with the cauliflower alla Siciliana, a sampling of all the charcuterie (prosciutto, coppa, an absolutely amazing salami, testa, and lonza) and a simple salad of romaine with red onions that made a perfect balance against the giant meat platter. Only after we'd polished off that generous first course did we get the second round, a lovely pizza margherita and the gnocco fritto. Amusingly enough given the recent discussion of sopaipillas on another thread here, this usually refers to a very similar item, usually served with cold cuts and sometimes a cheese spread of some sort. Babbo's version, however, is deep-fried batons of pizza dough dressed with red pepper flakes, coarse grated cheese, and a fine chiffonade of basil. Tasty for sure, but I'm not sure I would order them again.

We passed up the fancy composed desserts with a certain reluctance, since the items we saw going to neighboring tables looked amazing. Instead, we stuck with dishes of gelato - pistachio and olive oil for me, hazelnut stracciatella and strawberry for Jenny Ondioline, and were very happy with those choices, especially the strawberry and the olive oil.

We don't usually do the Hot New Restaurants, but we had a great meal, enjoyed our servers, and were struck by the very reasonable pricing - the tab, including that very modestly priced bottle of wine, came to a little over $100. Plus, on our walk back to the Silver Line, we enjoyed waterfront views of the amazing new aerial sculpture being installed on the Greenway. All in all, a lovely anniversary outing, and it was a treat to find someplace that was actually open on Monday for our festive dinner. (We had to rule out several old favorites because they are closed on Mondays.)

April 2015 Openings and Closings

Specifically this incident:

April 2015 Openings and Closings

Vlora lasted for 7.5 years in spite of a disastrous misstep in their first few months. That's not a bad run.

A little fancy, feels like a good value, veggie friendly?

Or Baraka Cafe in Central Square Cambridge.

Babbo Pizzeria. Enoteca

Or the place known in my family as "House of Ay-Yi-Yi," La Dolce Vita.

May 2015 Openings and Closings

Inaka, on Brighton Ave in Allston, closed at some point in the difficult past few months. In its place we'll be getting something called Dolphin Bay, which appears to be a Chinese restaurant with major nautical decor including a back counter in the shape of a yacht.

April 2015 Openings and Closings

Where to buy lard- Waltham

I get my lard from Savenor's in Cambridge, but I have a nagging memory that I've seen it at Moody's as well.

Italian Bakery

It would probably help folks to make suggestions if you could explain why Iggy's doesn't work for you.

Botulism outbreak linked to Ohio Church potluck

Did you look at the article? It didn't say that the heirloom varieties had a lower pH - in fact, it said the opposite, and it said in plain English that the heirloom varieties were LESS acidic: "the heirloom tomatoes had a higher pH (so they were less acidic) than the hybrid variety."

Apr 24, 2015
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April 2015 Openings and Closings

They've renovated the stall to a surprising extent - it actually looks pretty nice! Oddly enough, I was just thinking as we walked over to the food court last night that I missed there being a Japanese option there (besides the ramen shop.) So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Besito Chestnut Hill April 2015

"We were seated right near the bar and could overhear the bartender..."

Yelp for Pure Entertainment: Erbaluce

I sort by date as well. It's not even a matter of fighting the algorithms - what matters most to me are people's most recent experiences.

Apr 17, 2015
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Take out lunch in West Newton

Guiseppe's is indeed still there and still makes delicious subs. I like the Italian cold cut or meatball subs, myself.

Italian Pork Sandwich?

Yes, it's either/or - pork & rabe OR pork & fennel:

What should I do with tons of chanterelles?

Interesting - whereabouts were you in Germany?

Before I commented, I googled "Pfeffinger" to see if it was maybe a dialect version of Pfifferling, because Pfifferling was the word I grew up with, and I was intrigued by the variation. All I got was people and businesses named Pfeffinger, but nothing about mushrooms, so now I'm puzzled.

Apr 15, 2015
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What should I do with tons of chanterelles?

Small nitpick: the German for chanterelles is Pfifferlinge.

Apr 13, 2015
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Moving to Andover / Salem area, need guidance from locals please!

Yes, Ro-Tel is easy to find in pretty much any Boston supermarket.

Go To Thai?

I've read this through several times but am still not entirely certain which restaurant you're referring to. Is this Thai Place?

Best place for seafood dinner

15, actually. August 2000.

Frozen Four at the Garden

Or possibly Asta?

ISO: Thick-shelled white eggs for pysanky (Ukrainian dyed Easter eggs)

We picked up a dozen Lally Farm eggs at Lambert's in Norwood a couple of weeks ago, and were somewhat surprised to find that they were white. I'm afraid I don't remember how sturdy the shells were, but the eggs were superb.

Turkish bread (pide)

You might try Turkuaz Market in Allston, right across Brighton Avenue from the Hong Kong Market. I have had only sporadic luck finding things I needed there, but old reports on Yelp suggest that they do have pide.

Another possibility would be one of the Watertown markets, particularly Sevan - I have a nagging feeling that I've seen Turkish breads (among other Turkish goods) there, unlikely as that seems.

Great Meal at Bronwyn

Thanks for the great write-up, and for reminding me that it's time to make another visit myself. You absolutely nailed my favorite thing about Bronwyn right here: "Given the dearth of German/Central European food in the area, I'm so happy to have an option that offers a slightly more refined version rather than the Disneyland/Cafeteria style German restaurants one often sees that serve giant beers and mediocre food."

Best ice cream in Boston is..

Website for Ron's is here:


Correct - a spa, as I grew up knowing the term, was the predecessor of the modern-day convenience store, but also had a small soda fountain/lunch counter, perhaps 3 to 6 stools at a counter. They served soft drinks, ice cream, and perhaps a small range of cold sandwiches. No grill, no hot food, no tables.

The last one I visited was in Watertown Square, although the history function in Google Streetview shows me that it closed some time before 2007.

And yes, the boundaries of that nebulous zone known as "greater Boston" are a hotly debated topic on this board, as one might guess from its name, but it's generally agreed that Boston doesn't extend outside of Massachusetts.

Maine shrimp season cancelled.

Locally farmed shrimp (Stoughton, MA.) Buy them at Kam Man in Quincy, or eat them at several local restaurants.

Best Easter candy?

I like the Easter candy at Serenade Chocolatier in Brookline Village.

Fenway/Kenmore: Good, cheap restaurants?

I spent too long editing, and teezeetoo beat me to it! This is a great rundown. The only $4 sandwiches I know of are the banh mi at Pho Viet in Packard's Corner. It's a straight shot on the 57 bus from Kenmore Square, with a bus stop right in front of the Hong Kong Market where Pho Viet is located. There are a bunch of other good places in the food court there, besides Pho Viet.

A few blocks farther out Brighton Avenue (still on the 57 bus route) is Boston Kabob, which has phenomenal falafel. I like Garlic 'n' Lemons a lot as well, but their shawarma is much better than their falafel. (BTW, is "the (mediocre) new falafel place" Amsterdam Falafelshop? If so, I'm very sorry to hear that they're only mediocre, because I've quite liked the sandwiches I've had at the Davis Square branch and had looked forward to having a branch much closer to home.)