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info for kouign amann fans

Yes, I saw them at Clear Flour a couple of weekends ago as well, but I've hesitated to mention because availability is so irregular.

about 23 hours ago
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Northern Italian early dinner with toddler/baby

You don't say when this will be, but it might be worth mentioning that Erbaluce is closed for vacation until next Friday, 7/10.

Vacation Closings

Erbaluce is closed for vacation, reopening Friday 7/10.

Fresh Gnocci where to buy?

Eating a batch literally right now, dressed in homemade garlic scape pesto, and I'm pretty pleased.

Gujarati food in Boston area?

They closed early in 2012, after a serious downhill slide.

July 2015 Openings and Closings

I think there had been some talk about a TJ's going into the space on Comm Ave (formerly Joshua Tree) that's now going to be a branch of Bee's Knees.

Gujarati food in Boston area?

Maybe these folks could point you in the right direction?

Sunny Boy does perfect eggs over easy

Isn't over medium different from over easy, though? Everyone else on this thread seems to have been talking about over easy, which I'll agree is a lovely thing, but like Slim I don't find all that difficult to get correctly done.

(Honestly the only exception I can think of is Zaftig's, where I don't go any more - I have been told more than once by servers there that the restaurant's official policy is that all eggs must be cooked hard.)

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Ha! I inherited a painting by David Omar White from the Sevens. It was the sign for the ladies' room.

Naco Taco

No, it's both - Russell House Tavern. The puzzler is the "J."

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Underdog! There's one that hasn't come up so far. On Bow Street just outside Harvard Square. They made much of the fact that they used Hebrew National dogs, and they had one called "The Blasphemy" that was topped with cheese and crumbled bacon.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

All hail the power of The Google - I only vaguely remembered Rowinsky's as a brand, so I did some searching.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Nope, Rowinsky's and Baby Watson were different, competing cheesecake bakeries. (BTW, Baby Watson was in The Garage, but I think Rowinsky's might have actually been in the basement level at 99 Mount Auburn.)

The deli on Mass Ave was the Mustard Cup.

Shucked Island Creek Oysters at Wegmans Burlington MA.

Heh - you could do that! They've got a seating area right up front, for folks who get meals from their hot bars.

Favorites from Watertown Markets?

Not getting a clarification regarding the cumin from opinionatedchef, I tried googling "bazergahn." Google corrected that spelling to "bazergan" and then to "bazargan," and when I added the word "recipe" I got a ton of useful hits. It looks like it's not actually Armenian, but a Sephardic Jewish recipe from Syria, and can be made with tamarind paste, pomegranate molasses, or a combination of the two. It sounds delicious, and I've got pomegranate molasses on the shelf and a ton of bulgur in my freezer - time to experiment!

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Yes, B&C was directly across Harvard from Naples, right next to Kehillath Israel, in the space that is now the kosher caterer (Catering by Andrew/Creative Pastries.)

Favorites from Watertown Markets?

That is a LOT of cumin, even for those of us who really love cumin. My suspicion is that it should be 2 teaspoons/4 teaspoons, but that's exactly why I wanted to clarify. It's impossible to guess which is the correct amount.

Favorites from Watertown Markets?

One question: the amount of cumin is the same in both versions above (1X/2X) - 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon = 4 teaspoons. Is that correct?

Ramen in Chinatown (with the kids!)??

Didn't O Sushi discontinue that Wednesday-only ramen several months ago?

First trip to Boston

The dumpling restaurant near Symphony is Dumpling Palace (reportedly related to Dumpling Cafe in Chinatown, whence the confusion.) Where is the Korean coffee house near Symphony? That doesn't ring a bell but sounds like a useful place to know about.

BTW, for history buffs the downtown Boston cemeteries are worth a visit: the Granary and King's Chapel, quite near to each other on Tremont Street, and Copp's Hill, not far from the Old North Church in the North End. And if you're exploring historical sights in the North End, don't miss the Paul Revere House - I think it's sadly under-appreciated, but it's the oldest building in downtown Boston (dating back to 1680!) and a very rare example of architecture from that period.

June 2015 Openings and Closings

Here's one report on it from the May Openings & Closings thread:

Haven't been in yet myself, but I clearly need to remedy that.

New Boston-based private equity group to fund chefs seeking to open restaurants

Story #1: Here's one article about it:

Story #2: That was Akimenko Meats, which raised $16,000+ on Kickstarter but the shop never got off the ground.

Pasta with squid ink in the sauce, not the dough?

(I'm glad to see I'm not the only one thinking that squid ink pasta with Alfredo sauce seems...not quite right.)

Pasta with squid ink in the sauce, not the dough?

You'd think so, wouldn't you? That was my first thought as well. But I looked up their menu online and it looks like they offer a choice of 3 sauces with the black pasta: puttanesca, aglio e olio with ground calamari (but no ink), or Alfredo. I looked at their calamari preparations as well, but unless they feature it as an off-menu special, they don't have it.

Lunch near Ikea??

Pho So 1 in Randolph has outstanding Vietnamese food. And while we've had mixed experiences at various locations, we've had consistently good luck at that particular Not Your Average Joe's.

Revisiting the Great Boston Pastry Hunt

There's also one downtown, at One Boston Place (near Government Center.) I haven't been to either one yet, so have no opinion to offer on their pastries.

Revisiting the Great Boston Pastry Hunt

The only Athan's location I've ever been to is the original, in Washington Square in Brookline. In any case, I've found the food quality to be consistently poor (except for the cookies, as I said above).

Revisiting the Great Boston Pastry Hunt

Yep. I've also had problems with staleness. That said, I used to really love their bags of assorted cookies - all were good. But the fancy pastries were invariably disappointing.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

The chocolate buffet started around 1989 or so, and they still do it - I went a few times, but got too old for that much chocolate. I know it's still going strong, though, because I've known a couple of pastry chefs who have worked there. One of them described rather vividly how the flames at the crepe station ensured that her forearms were completely devoid of hair.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Having never been to Oleana (I know, I know) I hadn't put two and two together until just now - is that the same space that was Modern Times way back when?