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May 2015 Openings and Closings

Brighton Avenue in Allston, in the space that was formerly Ariane (the Afghani restaurant.) As stated above, a couple of doors down from Bon Chon.

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bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

That was Seigle d'Or. Unfortunately they didn't last very long at all - they closed some time ago.

Sunday Brunch near Logan-accessible T line

Agreed, but there are licensed restaurants in Chinatown.

Sunday Brunch near Logan-accessible T line

Gene's isn't open on Sundays, but otherwise a good suggestion.

Annarosa's Bakery in Newburyport!

Did they move back to Newburyport? This thread is from 2009; there's another thread from the following year about them moving to Salisbury.

Mexican chorizo?

We get it at BJ's.

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

Again, I seem to have missed your review. What have you liked there?

We were invited to the Harvard Club over 20 years ago for a brunch before a red sox game.

First step should probably be to contact the Harvard Club and ask them for the recipe.

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

That sounds delicious.

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

That sounds pretty good! Although I'm surprised that the pain au chocolate has almond paste in it - that's a bit unusual.

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

"No one on this thread has mentioned the new French owned chocolates/pastry shop in Belmont, Praline. That fact will tell you alot [sic], right then and there."

Actually, I'm not certain what that tells anyone, except that very few on this board have had a chance to try their goods. I know that they are a bit out of the way for me.

I seem to have missed your own review - do you have a link?

Richie's Slush in Everett closing?

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

Yep, Paul at One Boston Place - see my post above. Opened today.

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

Flour may not claim to be French, but they offer a lot of Viennoiserie such as pain au raisin, so it would be nice if they did a better job at it.

Clear Flour does a nice version, but not on a regular schedule, unfortunately. However, the new branch of Paul just opened near Downtown Crossing - one would hope that they would satisfy slvrspoon1.

Birthday Dinner

Harvard commencement is 5/28, and MIT is 6/5. They are among the last of the season - most of the others fall in the next two weeks, especially a big cluster this coming weekend. Here's a very useful blog post from CH BostonZest:

Need graduation cake?

Wegman's cakes are pretty good, and the "ultimate" line of cakes are excellent.

Coppersmith- South Boston

From the linked article, "at the end of the the end of May."

Strip T's is going Izakaya

Honestly, same here - Scandinavian food is even worse represented in the Boston area than German food!

Uncrowded lunches in tourist areas on May weekend

Do they have anything suitable for that one non-fish-eater in the group? (Assuming, possibly incorrectly, I'll admit, that "no fish" equals "no seafood of any sort.")

Shanghai Jade yet again: Great Dim Sum in Brookline

I don't understand why you are obsessing over Dim Sum Chef - you are the only one in this thread talking about that place. There are plenty of other places that offer menu dim sum, and many of them are very good. If you don't like menu dim sum, so be it - there's a place in my world for both styles.

It's great that you love China Star in Lowell so much, but it's not in any way convenient for those of us who live in Boston (or, in teezeetoo's case, Brookline), especially those who don't own cars - in Boston, there are a lot of us. For US, it's good to know that there's someplace with decent dim sum that's closer than Chinatown, and I don't get why you feel a need to crap all over this recommendation when you've never even been to Shanghai Jade and are clearly unlikely to ever try them out. Please give it a rest.

Uncrowded lunches in tourist areas on May weekend

Saus is great and is actually open on weekends (although it's near Haymarket, not in the Financial District.) They specialize in Belgian street foods - frites and waffles with a wide variety of toppings, and wonderful sausage sandwiches called frikadells. Also an excellent range of beers. It's tiny and often crowded, but well worth a visit.

Sultan's Kitchen is open on Saturdays but not Sundays, and Sam LaGrassa's is only open M-F. (Many Financial District restaurants, catering mainly to office workers, are closed on weekends.)

City Landing closed altogether several months ago.

Instacure #1

Do you happen to know his name? It's probably easier to ask for him that way.

Strip T's is going Izakaya

$26 for katsu-don seems a bit steep as well.

I'm curious - several people in this thread have suggested that both last fall's strip-down of the menu and this new "izakaya" menu were Tim Maslow's doing. Is Tim still involved in running Strip T's? I was under the impression that since Ribelle opened he had pretty much shifted his focus to his own restaurant.

Babbo Pizzeria. Enoteca

Thank you for the pointer to the Ascheri Pelaverga - Jenny Ondioline and I are novices when it comes to Italian wines and that list is huge and intimidating, but the Pelaverga was a fine accompaniment to our anniversary dinner last night.

We ordered five items in all - to those who have complained about the policy of making you order everything at once, we got no push-back when we said that we were thinking of following the initial order with a shared pasta, and our waiter recommended that we start with the three cold dishes and follow them with the two hot items, which worked perfectly.

We started with the cauliflower alla Siciliana, a sampling of all the charcuterie (prosciutto, coppa, an absolutely amazing salami, testa, and lonza) and a simple salad of romaine with red onions that made a perfect balance against the giant meat platter. Only after we'd polished off that generous first course did we get the second round, a lovely pizza margherita and the gnocco fritto. Amusingly enough given the recent discussion of sopaipillas on another thread here, this usually refers to a very similar item, usually served with cold cuts and sometimes a cheese spread of some sort. Babbo's version, however, is deep-fried batons of pizza dough dressed with red pepper flakes, coarse grated cheese, and a fine chiffonade of basil. Tasty for sure, but I'm not sure I would order them again.

We passed up the fancy composed desserts with a certain reluctance, since the items we saw going to neighboring tables looked amazing. Instead, we stuck with dishes of gelato - pistachio and olive oil for me, hazelnut stracciatella and strawberry for Jenny Ondioline, and were very happy with those choices, especially the strawberry and the olive oil.

We don't usually do the Hot New Restaurants, but we had a great meal, enjoyed our servers, and were struck by the very reasonable pricing - the tab, including that very modestly priced bottle of wine, came to a little over $100. Plus, on our walk back to the Silver Line, we enjoyed waterfront views of the amazing new aerial sculpture being installed on the Greenway. All in all, a lovely anniversary outing, and it was a treat to find someplace that was actually open on Monday for our festive dinner. (We had to rule out several old favorites because they are closed on Mondays.)

April 2015 Openings and Closings

Specifically this incident:

April 2015 Openings and Closings

Vlora lasted for 7.5 years in spite of a disastrous misstep in their first few months. That's not a bad run.

A little fancy, feels like a good value, veggie friendly?

Or Baraka Cafe in Central Square Cambridge.

Babbo Pizzeria. Enoteca

Or the place known in my family as "House of Ay-Yi-Yi," La Dolce Vita.

May 2015 Openings and Closings

Inaka, on Brighton Ave in Allston, closed at some point in the difficult past few months. In its place we'll be getting something called Dolphin Bay, which appears to be a Chinese restaurant with major nautical decor including a back counter in the shape of a yacht.

April 2015 Openings and Closings