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Jacques Pepin's crispy kale

And I thought collard crack was my discovery. I've also used Japanese mustard greens. I'm growing both so they're just picked, putting them in my Cuisinart brick oven set on convection at 250 for about 5 minutes (or less). Also put salt and cayenne on - can't wait to try kale. I wonder what the nutritional value is compared to steamed greens.

May 15, 2009
vuvy in Home Cooking

Greens - how do you prepare them

Had a pizza recently with swiss chard topping that was crunchy and yummy and gave me an idea for a totally new way to enjoy leafy greens such as kale, swiss chard, collards, etc.. Wash, dry and cut into ribbons. Mix with a tiny bit of olive oil (just enough to slightly moisten), spread out on a baking sheet and sprinkle with a little salt and cayenne. Put into a warm oven (250) for 5 or 10 minutes (don't let them burn) and they will be crispy, slightly salty, with a slight heat and impossible to stop eating. A great snack or a topping for something like mashed potatoes or rice.

Apr 24, 2009
vuvy in Home Cooking

NYC vacation - high end restaurants plus other typical American?

You should definitely try to have a meal at Esca. David Pasternack is a genius and the place is a lot of fun. Not sure if they do lunch but get a reservation for any time they can seat you - it'll be memorable.

May 01, 2007
vuvy in Manhattan

Special occasion Brunch in Boston

We're booked into Aujourd'hui in the Four Seasons Hotel but I'm reading mixed reviews. Any suggestions for five of us (no kids) wanting to celebrate Mom's 87th birthday (she's a foodie)?

Mar 03, 2007
vuvy in Greater Boston Area

New pizza place in Glen Park

Went last night - it was busy but there were empty tables when we arrived. We were greeted immediately, very friendly and professional staff. The green salad was really beautiful, very fresh butternut lettuce with a creamy (buttermilk? I meant to ask but forgot) dressing I could become addicted to. We had two pizzas - clam and broccoli rabe w/sausage - both were excellent. The crust was perfect, the pizzas were beautifully spiced and not too salty. We had a great bottle of chianti very reasonably priced and the dessert pizza is worth every calorie. I can't wait to go back. A great, welcome addition to sleepy Glen Park.

Feb 06, 2007
vuvy in San Francisco Bay Area

Where to eat Dungeness Crab in SF?

Just ate fantastic dungeness crab at PPQ Dungeness Island Vietnamese Cuisine on Clement Street. Order the crab dinner for two which comes with a cabbage & chicken salad, imperial rolls, and garlic noodles. You have a choice of how you'd like the crab done. Everything was excellent and very good value ($46 for two). Or you could wait in line and go to Swans Oyster Depot, but it's counter service only and they close at 5 pm. Tadich's might be an idea - call and ask. Or maybe Yabbies is doing crab.

Dec 21, 2006
vuvy in San Francisco Bay Area

Italian Suggestions in West Village

You should definitely try to go to D'Andrea on Hudson Street between Perry and W. 11th. But be sure to call ahead since you're a large party. Great food, less expensive than the places you mentioned.

Dec 19, 2006
vuvy in Manhattan

Group Dinner for 12 on a Tuesday

How about Otto - Mario Batali's pizza place. They have some wonderful plates that are great for sharing and they have group dining menus that are prix fix so you know beforehand what you're spending (as opposed to getting a check that no one can 'check' which is always the case with a large group).

Dec 12, 2006
vuvy in Manhattan

Ann Arbor so far

Had my first visit to AA from San Francisco:

Thanksgiving dinner at Webers was delish - turkey with a choice of light or dark meat, good prime rib, excellent cocktails and a good bottle of wine. Pumpkin pie was respectable. The room had an inviting, comfy feel. And the service was fine.

Lunch Friday at The Witchery where they served excellent sandwiches, soup and beer.

Zingerman's Roadhouse was almost too much fun. Great cocktails. The BBQ oysters were out of this world and could become addictive, a ham and cheese plate that was unlike anything I've ever tasted - domestic procuitto maybe - but not salty - it was amazing. Served with a beautiful, creamy cows milk cheese. A beet salad that I salivate trying to describe. Four of us split two entrees - coffee rubbed wild boar that was beautifully cooked and the fried chicken - which was perfect. I'm going to stop here except to say that service was exceptionally friendly and professional.

Saturday's lunch at Cafe Zola did not disappoint - it was goood.

And then a late dinner on Sunday at Eve in Kerrytown made it a perfect foodie weekend - we had a great meal there - Moroccan chicken was sensational, lamb sirlion was beautiful, incredible starters and soup, beautiful desserts. Loved the atmosphere (even the music which rarely happens), great service.

Can't wait to be back in Ann Arbor and while I'd like to try some more places next time, I'll definitely have to revisit Zingerman's Roadhouse and Eve.

Dec 08, 2006
vuvy in General Midwest Archive

Party at OTTO

Has anyone done a party recently at OTTO? I'm thinking of going there with a group of about 14 people.

Jul 14, 2006
vuvy in Manhattan

Quick Chow tonight near Powell, Civ Center or Mission BART?

I'd go and sit in the bar section of Jardinierre - but then I'd go there any chance I can get.

Jul 14, 2006
vuvy in San Francisco Bay Area

Boston hounds coming to SF for special dinner

Before you decide where to go you should check the postings on YELP - I find the candid comments very helpful. Went to a talk by Ruth Reichl recently and she was all about Ame on Mission Street. But I personally would check out the dining room at the Ritz.

Jul 12, 2006
vuvy in San Francisco Bay Area

Where to go for very late lunch or very early dinner on a Sunday

We're arriving at CDG around noon, staying in an apt on Blvd Richard Lenior in the 11th. So we'll be too late for lunch time and don't want to wait for dinner and would like to eat a good, but not too heavy, meal. Somewhere near where we are staying would be ideal. Anybody? Also, does anyone know if there are any food stores in the area that stay open on Sunday (or Monday)?

Jul 12, 2006
vuvy in France