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Driving from Boston to Albany

I am driving from Boston to Albany, NY and would love some suggestions of places to eat along the way. Ideas?

May 02, 2009
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DFW -- Grass-Fed Bison

Where can you buy grass-fed bison in the Dallas area? Central Market only has grain-fed bison.

Apr 14, 2009
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Hamantashen (DFW)

I need to buy some asap, hopefully near downtown DFW. Any suggestions on where to buy some?

Mar 09, 2009
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Who's Who burgers

I would not expect anything great from Who's Who. The burgers are just ok. I have never had a bad experience like TCUfilm did, but maybe it is because I don't expect much when I go there and I would never order a hamburger well done.

Jan 21, 2009
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Cibus at NorthPark Mall

Your post is timely -- as reported above, I was a big fan of Cibus. But, I ate there last week and it was awful. The bread was stale, the pasta dish was luke warm, the salmon was overcooked, and the service was below what one would expect at any Lombardi restaurant. Maybe it was because it was a Sunday night. Or, maybe it was becuase this was my first of 4 visits where someone from Lombardi's inner circle was not visible in the dining room. Regardless, I am hesistant to go back becuase although priced moderately, it is priced far too high for the type of food and service we recieved. Until next time, I retract my endorsement above and will not return until I hear from others that it has improved.

Jan 15, 2009
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Neighborhood Services

I ate there this week. Overall, I was very impressed. The biggest downside is the wait -- over 45 minutes for a weekday night. The placed was packed, but interestingly the crowd was much older than you find at most new restaurants.

The tortilla soup is great -- it has a strong tomato base, but it has enough spice to make it interesting. The lobster fritters were ok--it was hard for the lobster taste to compete with the fried outside (I would not order these again). The ribs were good, but not the best in town. I would put them below Jaspers and Houstons, but above most other places. The salmon dish was tasty and I would order that again.

The winner of the night was the mac and cheese and onion rings. Both were fantastic.

For dessert, the ding dong was good but not memorable. It is basically a cupcake with white filling. I have read reviews that the ding dong was dry, but mine was not. In my opinion, if you are going to re-invent a classic (eg, Pappa Bros Moon Pie), then you should do it great. The ding dong was a nice dessert, but I would have simply called it a cupcake with creamy filling.

The menu is very impressive and there are many things I still want to order. Top on my list is the burger -- from tables near us, it looked great.

Jan 08, 2009
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Cibus at NorthPark Mall

I have eaten there a few times. I wouldn't say that I felt like I was in Italy when I ate there, but I was generally impressed with both the food and service. It was good enough that it is now where I eat before a movie. La Duni, across the hall, was not as impressive (despite being a fan of the other 2 locations). It is good to see Lombardi spending lots of time at Cibus, perhaps he can now that PescaBar closed.

Jan 06, 2009
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Driving from Dallas to Houston -- where to eat?

I just drove down today. Stopped by Woodys and was pleased. We are driving back on Sunday. Is Mt. Zion open on Sunday?

Dec 12, 2008
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Driving from Dallas to Houston -- where to eat?

I am driving from Dallas to Houston. Where are some good places to eat along the drive? I don't want to stray too far from I-45. Thanks,

Dec 11, 2008
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Screen Door (dfw): great idea that falls down

I have read several negative reviews and assumed it was because of the high expectations surrounding the pre-opening buzz. I also assumed that the negative reviews were wrong because it is still hard to get a reservation.

My assumptions were wrong. I ate there this week and was very disappointed. Don't be mistaken, the food is good, but it is nowhere near where it should be for the price.

The shrimp and grits, a claimed specialty, was bland. The fried chicken was a notch above KFC. It is nowhere near as good as Fearing's Sunday Bruch fried chicken. The breads that came with dinner were also good, but not nearly as flavorful as the identical bread basket that you get at Pyles. I am a huge dessert fan and had the Moon Pie, a bad rip off of Pappas Bros Moon Pie. It was bad not only because it was a rip off, but also because it is poorly executed. The marshmellow tasted as if it came out of a jar.

I am generally a very lenient reviewer and have given positive reviews to restaurants like Screen Door that have so-so food. But, what turned my view of Screen Door from fair to poor was the service. The waitors were pushy (e.g., opening a second bottle of wine without requesting a second bottle) and the rush to take your plate before you were done became quickly annoying.

I hope it can turn itself around in a competitive market. For me, I won't be going back until I hear that the food and service have improved.

Nov 15, 2008
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Marshall, Texas

I am going to be spending some time in Marshall, Texas this weekend. Any ideas on where to eat in and around Marshall?

Sep 09, 2008
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Nice Restaurant with Infant [DFW]

I am reluctant to go to a nice resturant with a baby (9 months) because I have had a few meals disturbed by others' kids. Any advice on where it would be ok to take an infant (other than chains and Mexican restaurants)???

Aug 16, 2008
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[DAL] Nonna

I am going for the first time.

(1) Can I wear jeans?
(2) Anything on the menu I shouldn't miss?


Aug 12, 2008
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Dallas Dinner for 4 on Jul 26

I agree that Pappas Bros is better than Perrys. But, for me, it is a longer drive. I would go just for the Moon Pie, though. I am indifferent about Biernat's--had some great and not so great meals there.

Jul 28, 2008
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Dallas Dinner for 4 on Jul 26

Thanks. Went to Perrys. I used to eat there a lot, but stopped about a year ago because it was too dark and there was so much competition in the steak house area. Anyway, we had a good meal last night. The tuna tartar app was great. The ceasor was good, but had too much dressing. I had the filet, which was nice, but one side was cooked more than the other. The sides were better than I remembered. I found the desserts lacking for a steak house. Overall, though, nice meal.

Jul 27, 2008
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Dallas Dinner for 4 on Jul 26

I am late making reservations for tonight. Suggestions on where I should eat that may have an opening aroung 7:30? I am looking for a place with good steak and seafood. To give you a flavor of what I am looking for, I checked to following on Open Table, none of which had anything around 7 or 7:30.

Screen Door (wanted to try it, but nothing after 5:00)

Hibiscus (a favorite, but nothing before 8:30)

Pyles (nothing before 9)

Charlie Palmers (nothing before 9)

Fearings (nothing before 9)

Abacus (nothing at all)

Jul 26, 2008
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NW Arkansas Restaurants

Not sure why this is in the Texas board, but Doe's is great for steak.

Jul 21, 2008
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Dallas Desserts

Doughmonkey, as others have said, has great desserts. If you want restaurant desserts, then I think the best is the moon pie at Papas Bros. Honorable mention goes to Strong's EveryDay Tavern for their coconut pie.

Jul 14, 2008
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Best cookies in Dallas

I tried some when they were still testing them -- I visited on the right day, I guess. They were good, but whether I will buy them will depend on the price. From their website, it looks like they have rolled them out. I'd still go for a cookie over a truffle.

Jun 25, 2008
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Best cookies in Dallas

I am surprised this thread has recieved so much action considering the answer is quite clear: Doughmonkey makes the best cookie in Dallas.

Jun 24, 2008
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Pastelón in DFW

When I lived in Puerto Rico, I would often eat Pastelon. Does anyone know if there is a place in Dallas that serves it?

Jun 12, 2008
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Eating at DFW airport - anything good?

Go to the D terminal. There are good eats to be found there. I enjoy Cousins BBQ for a quick stop.

May 15, 2008
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Downtown Dallas Dinner - special place

Charlie Palmers, Fearings, or Pyles...in any order. All are good.

Apr 27, 2008
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DFW Cupcakes

Society Bakery on Greenville is very good. I haven't seen them at doughmonkey lately, but they make a great cupcake too.

Apr 23, 2008
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Javier's - will i die if i eat there?

I was very surprised to read this thread. I have eaten at Javiers about once every other month for the past few years and have had maybe one bad meal -- overall, it is a reliable place to get great food. So, I went back last week just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. As before, my food was great. The Filete Continflas is fantastic as was the service. I think it is a great place to eat and now that Ciudad is closed, I find myself going there more often.

Apr 21, 2008
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Natsumi - Frozen Deliciousness (Dallas)

Nothing wrong with it specifically, I just did not think it was as good as the Pink Guava and orginal flavor. More of a personal preference. I'm sure others may love it.

Apr 19, 2008
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Natsumi - Frozen Deliciousness (Dallas)

I have been going to Natsumi once or twice a week for the last month. While the decor is not my style, the frozen yogurt is fantastic. The original flavor is very similar to PinkBerry (as are the toppings). The Pink Guava swirled with the original makes it even better than Pinkberry. I have tried the Green Tea flavor and did not like it. The Gelato at Natsumi is very good, but I think the frozen yogurt is better.

Apr 19, 2008
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